My Husband Is Always Tired and Sleepy: Why Is My Husband So Tired All the Time

You ponder this to yourself, "Why does my husband ignore me?" The feeling is very cold because he does not call you during the day time and he does not ask you about your things. He is also not listening to you anymore. How are you going to make him love and cuddle you like before?

A lot of problems will accumulate when you would rather keep quiet about how you feel. This often will lead to more misunderstandings because sometimes the husband may not even aware that he is ignoring the wife. The fact is some people when they are together in a relationship for too long, they may overlook certain issues and pay lesser attention to the person beside them. So, if you intend not to bring up this issue to your husband, the problem will still be there. However, when you try to discuss the issue to your husband, you have to make sure that the discussion will not end up in arguments or else the misunderstandings may just grow bigger.

There are many possibilities why your husband ignores you. Another common reason could be infidelity issue. Again, this will need proof to say that he is having an affair. As this is a trust issue, it is best that you bring it up in a tactful manner when you have evidence to prove that he is having an affair.

Sometimes, when a husband ignores the wife, the problem may just lie with himself. It could due to work, financial issue, etc. Whatever the problems that you are facing, the most important thing that you have to do now is to find out and understand the real reason.

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Now and then during marriage, we can find ourselves in some little tiffs. If this happens enough, this can actually lead to bigger problems or even separation. Marriage is by no means an easy task to take. Couples that got along fine during dating soon find that being married brings on a whole new array of problems.

Those who never fought can soon find themselves fighting over petty problems. Things that weren't a big deal suddenly become huge. If these problems are not dealt with the right way then you could find yourself facing huge marital problems. This is not a good thing because you were supposed to marry this person to enjoy life together with them.

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There are certain things that can be done to help repair a broken relationship, or one that has resulted in a separation. You do not have time to be waiting out your problems. Problems do not get solved on their own as most will find out. Sure it is nice to pretend that everything is okay and delay confrontation, but this is not a solution to your problems.

The first thing that needs to be done is for you to realize that is there is a problem, and that you need help. Couples therapy is always there, but often these types of situations can actually make the situations worse. The marriage counselor may not be very good at his job, and you may just bring out even more anger in these sessions.

For help with marriage it is much better for your relationship if you show that you are trying to improve in order to save your relationship. One of the best things you can do is to take a look at what others have done for solid marriage advice on things you can do right now to improve your marriage.

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The worlds greatest marriage secrets to making marriage work is and always has been Communication. An older married couple told me that despite appearances, they actually have had many problems throughout the years. The difference was they were willing to stick with it through thick and thin. I admired the man for his honesty and charisma.

He said to me that a true secret cannot be told, it has to be learned by experience, then demonstrated through our actions. " When you're married you can't be all dandy all the time. It takes work and compromise, a whole lot of compromise. Understanding, forgiveness, and a whole lot more." His words not mine.

It can be so hard to see what is needed when you are so close to the problem. Passion is the enemy of precision. All the really difficult problems tend to have very simple solutions. In theory these solutions seem too easy. Yet in practice can be extremely difficult to apply.

I know when only one person is doing everything they can while the other is not it can sometimes feel like clapping with one hand. The thing is people communicate in very different ways. In particular Men & Women. Essentially though the difference is surprisingly small. People are people.

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Yes, some women can be more assertive with regards to talking about problems but communication is just as much about listening as it is about response. If not more so. Also, times are changing and more men are being struck with the sensitivity bell more than ever.

As we become more comfortable with our marriage, slowly, over time our communication begin to dissolve. Sex is the highest form of communication. Eventually, when we grow older it loses its importance. Marriage secrets to making marriage work are finding new ways to communicate and have fun.

This allows us to grow older with grace and love. We all are ultimately looking for the same things deep down, Understanding. One of the huge disappointments in life is getting older but when we have someone there with us who understands us we tend not to notice it near as much.

I think that the marriage secrets mostly unknown to us are the fact that they do have problems and nothing in life is perfect. How you choose to handle it can mean the difference between divorce, and or getting a little older and far wiser for the ware. "That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger."

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Marriages can drag on for years and years without either spouse realizing that there is just nothing there any longer. He develops his diversions, and she has her own activities. They seldom talk, and if they do, they don't really talk about issues in their lives. There is no intimacy left between them, the loving feelings have vanished, and both of them are miserable without realizing they are. At this point, many marriages take a turn for the worse. They can become abusive in the absence of love, and they may find other lovers to fill the void left by their spouse. So what are the signs your marriage is over, and when can a relationship be saved?

One sign that a marriage is over is when you stop having romantic interludes together. Intimacy is essential in order to keep the love within the marriage fresh and alive. If you lose interest in enjoying time together in this manner, there's something seriously wrong with your relationship. Can't you remember a time when you could hardly keep your hands off of each other? You have to admit that your physical relationship had a lot to do with your attraction to each other, and desire should never end, no matter what age you get to be. Even elderly couples who can't have sex as such enjoy loving each other, and the fact that you don't says your problems are major.

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Another sign that your marriage is probably over is when your spouse starts thinking of reasons not to come home. If he or she is always having to work late without having extra hours on his paycheck, or if he's also going out with the boys or playing pool or golf instead of spending time with you, this could be a sign that he is not interested in his marriage any more and is trying to avoid you. Of course, it's often the case that if this person is not interested in his marriage, he could well be having an affair. While an affair doesn't have to be the beginning of the end of a relationship, it often is. And if your spouse seems to drift from affair to affair while telling you he still loves you, it's time for you to get out of the marriage and cut your losses.

If you're seeing the signs that your marriage is over and still don't want to give up, you can try visiting with a marriage coach to ask him, "Is my marriage over?" If the coach believes there is no hope, he will be able to guide you on the easiest path to divorce, helping you get over the negative feelings and feel good about yourself again.

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