My Husband Is Leaving Me: My Husband Isn't Happy Might Leave How Do I Get Him To Stay

Is there a way to save your marriage when your spouse says it's over? This is a question that has been asked over and over by people who are facing a divorce that they don't want. I was faced with this exact situation a few years ago in my own marriage. I made an important discovery that helped me to save my marriage, even though my wife had originally told me she wanted a divorce. It really works but it isn't anything that you will hear from a typical marriage counselor. I'd really encourage you to read this and think about it very carefully. Your actions over the next few days and weeks will be critical towards saving your marriage.

I was devastated when I first got the shocking news. I was caught completely off guard and didn't have a clue what to do. And so I did what most people in the same situation do: I acted on emotion and desperation. I made all the common mistakes that I should have avoided, if only I'd known better! I was reaching out to my wife, trying to convince her that the marriage could be saved, trying to show her how much I loved her. It was all backfiring on me!

The discovery I made after I had nearly given up hope changed everything for me. I learned about the common mistakes that will doom a troubled marriage every time. I learned to not let my negative emotional state guide my decisions, actions and responses. I learned how to act calmly & confidently. I learned what to do, what to say and how to act. The things that I learned and began doing actually started to create meaningful change in my marriage. Amazingly enough, it was working even though my wife was not an active participant at first!

The thing to remember if you are trying to save your marriage when your spouse says it's over is that you need a plan. The problem for most people is that they get desperate and clingy, or angry and jealous, or any other variety of negative emotions that cause them to screw things up even worse. Even though saving a marriage isn't an exact science, there IS a science to it, and it must be handled in a very specific way. This can be learned and applied, and YOU CAN SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE!

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Ah, you are looking for ways to improve your marriage in 7 days and I applaud you for trying to do so. Unfortunately, too many couples don't recognize the need to improve their marriage and before you know it it's too late. You can have a better marriage and be happier 7 days from now if that's what you desire.

So how can you improve your marriage in the next 7 days? The following steps can help you get to where you want to be. Your marriage is unique and each marriage has strengths and weaknesses. What I may need to improve my marriage is most likely different than what you need.

You may need to work harder on some days than others.

Day 1 - Time to be kind. We all think we are kind but sometimes what we think and how we act are two different things. Being kind to your spouse is a good step forward in improving your marriage. Showing your spouse kindness includes smiling around them, saying please and thank you and complimenting him or her on a consistent basis.

These are common courtesy behaviors but at times because we have been around our spouse so long we neglect the act of being kind. Sometimes we are more polite to strangers than to our spouse. Make it a point to be overly kind to your spouse.

Day 2 - Communicate more effectively. If you happen to be one of those spouses who uses foul or abusive language stop doing so immediately. Make it a practice to only say good helpful and encouraging words to your spouse. Be gentle in how you answer or address your spouse. Make sure you are clear in what you are saying and be open to advice from your spouse. Also, practice listening more and talking less.

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Day 3 - Practice being patient. You must be able to control your temper if you have one or at the very least control how you react to situations that come up. Don't let your pride get in the way of your patience. Watch what you say. Make sure you don't say words that you regret and wish you could take back. There will be plenty of opportunities to show your patience and over time you will grow closer to your spouse and without a doubt you will improve your marriage.

Day 4 - Practice unselfishness. Selfishness can destroy your marriage or at the very least stop any chance you have to improve it. Make it a priority of putting the needs of your spouse ahead of yours. Being unselfish will influence the how your spouse acts and help both of you desire to support one another. Unselfishness will also lead to more peace in your marriage and home.

Day 5 - Support your spouse. Supporting your spouse involves helping them and not hindering them. Your spouse should know and feel that you have their best interest at heart and are trustworthy and supportive. Your spouse should feel encouraged by you and know that you have their back.

Day 6 - Appreciate your spouse. Treat your spouse better than you would treat someone who gave you a winning $50 million lottery ticket. You would have a hard time containing your appreciation for that person. Let your spouse feel like they are valued, loved and respected and appreciated.

Day 7 - Rest and reflection. Take time to reflect on the past 6 days and decide if there are things you can do differently or better. Then take a little time and treat yourself to some quiet, fun or whatever you like to do to recharge your batteries.

The next step is to start over again with day 1. The key to building a better marriage is to work daily on trying to improve your marriage. There is no magic formula to building a great marriage.

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The first thing we will talk about is being too critical of one another. This can push anyone away very quickly. When you have been in a relationship for a while you get comfortable. And as you get comfortable it becomes easier and easier for you to criticize and critique one another. And when you spend a lot of time criticizing one another, things can and will take a turn for the worse.

It's okay to be supportive and offer advice when it is solicited. But if that advice is more like criticism, that's not a good thing. Most people don't even realize they are being critical of their spouse, so try to pay close attention to what you are saying. Does it come off as critical? If so change the way you are saying it or don't say it at all.

Sometimes when you mean well it can come off wrong. It can seem overly negative and your spouse will therefore take it the wrong way. So instead of being so critical try being more positive. Focus on what you like about your spouse and not on what you don't like. Magnify the good!

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The second thing that can lead to the demise of a marriage is the silent treatment. You get upset with your spouse and you decide you aren't speaking to them for the next two days. This can wreak havoc on your relationship. The problem with the silent treatment is most people will use it as a way to avoid confrontation and dealing with the tough situations.

To have a successful marriage you have to address the tough issues. You have to be willing to sit down and listen. You can't get offended because you don't like what your spouse has to say. You have to be willing to listen and you have to be willing to remain open. Using the silent treatment is a weapon you don't want to use because it can backfire on you big time. If there are serious issues you need to discuss, do it in a healthy manner.

Stay calm and listen to what each other has to say. If you need to step away for a minute, let that be known. And if your spouse tells you he or she needs a moment to cool down, you need to be open to that. When silence becomes your main way to communicate with each other, that's a sure sign your marriage is headed to divorce court. But it doesn't have to. If you learn how to be less critical and more open and willing to communicate, you would be surprised how quickly you can turn your marriage around.

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Marriage experts have concluded that it is possible that you may want to break your marriage as many later see it as a problem that they ought to escape from. If you are tired of your marriage, then find below the eight catechisms of wrecking a marriage.

1. Take your marriage for granted. Yes, just pretend that your spouse loves you and vice versa. Furthermore, pretend you are very beautiful or handsome, and that your spouse can't find anyone like you.

2. The Trust-Relationship Phenomenon. Remove the building block of marriage i.e the trust-relationship phenomenon. Decide not to trust your spouse. Do these by monitoring movements, phone messages, letter, e-mail, chest drawers, answering his/her calls, smelling dresses/ suit.

3. Concentrate on little things. Please decide to concentrate on little things at home or in your spouse's life. Make sure to complain about everything. Once you keep complaining on little things, your marriage will hit the rocks.

4. Keep Record of Offences. Be consistent in keeping record of all offences, insults and the mistakes of your spouse. Reel them out at the slightest provocations.

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5. Get busy, spare no time. Become too busy with your work or children or friends or other activities apart from your spouse.

6. Say No Always to Sex. Be prepared to always say No to sex. Always find an excuse not to have sexual relationship with your spouse.

7. Take Instructions from Outsiders. Take directives from your extended family. Ensure that their word is a bond or law in your home.

8. Be the Chief Commander. As husband, always insists that your word or command in the home must be obeyed or else, there will be trouble.

To keep your Home and make it Heaven on Earth, You should do the exact opposites. Yes, if you do the opposite of the things you read above, then your marriage will be solid, a reminiscence of heaven on earth, and no storm will be able to wreck it.

The road to marriage success/marital happiness starts from the time when young people decide that they are ready for marriage. It is at this point that they need to know a lot about what they are getting into.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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