My Husband Is Mean To Me For No Reason: Why Is My Husband Rude To Me

If you feel like your relationship with your husband does not stand a chance anymore, then perhaps you will need to find the best guide that will tell you how to make your husband love you more. Make the most out of the tips and tricks that you will find enumerated in this article and you will surely be reunited with your husband one more time.

Find below some of the things that you might want to know about to once and for all save the marriage and successfully make your husband love you more the second time around:

1. Let Him Breathe Outside The Marriage

If you are asking about how to make your husband love you more, first of all; it would be good to give him the space he needs to breathe out while outside the relationship. Too many times, husbands get choked with the same old things especially if you have been together for a long time. In other words, bring variety to your marriage. Allowing him to have some space every now and then will allow him to reserve his sense of 'old self'.

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2. Give Him Surprises In His Return

Still on how to make your husband love you more, make it a point that you do unique things that you have not done before and that you know will truly surprise him. Take his being away as a great opportunity for you to give your home a face lift. Or better yet, you may also grab this as a chance to change your looks and your manner of dressing in such short time that he is gone. In doing so, you will deliver a message to him that anything can change with you or the relationship even in just a short time. There is no doubt that this will make him realize that his wife can always change - with or without him. This should keep him up on his toes from now on.

3. Always Make Him Feel Extra Special

Another effective way of how to make your husband love you more is that of doing everything you can to make him feel extra special. Keep in mind that there should always be an effort to attend to all his needs. Appreciating your husband naturally without trying hard is one of the things that can no doubt bring him back to you. After all; every man alive always longs to be appreciated by their wives. Give it to your man, after it will not cost you anything.

4. Be Understanding

Another tip on how to make your husband love you more is to be understanding. Remember that a husband will always be more than willing to trade his wife if she were a nagging and distressing better half. In other words, a man would never want to keep a wife who nags and does not understand her man. For this, the more you will need to be compassionate and understanding about your husband. You might just get surprised what impact doing so can bring to your marriage! You will find yourself sleeping and living with the sweetest man you have ever known.

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Your marriage isn't what it used to be, right? Well, it wouldn't be so wrong to think that no marriage can sustain its magic all the time. Eventually you are going to have problems, and will go out looking for advice on troubled marriage.

So, how troubled is your marriage? Did your spouse ever utter the divorce-word? Or is he/she merely not talking to you? Or maybe you're talking but quarreling all the time? But before offering any words of advice, let me tell you who I am.

I am Juliette Christian and I am 41 years old. Yes, I had a very troubled marriage. Yes, my husband wasn't interested in me at all, and when I cried, he looked like he didn't care about me. I was so desperate to fix my troubled marriage, but whatever I tried (begging, crying, looking like I don't care, treating him overly good, treating him overly bad etc...) didn't work. It looked desperate.

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But now, only a few months later, here I am writing some relationship advice. So what is it? Was my marriage saved?

The answer is a big, joyful YES... I found the way to save my marriage from divorce, and after only what - two weeks? things were a hundred times better, and after another two weeks our marriage was better than ever before.

What I learned is, that you can save your marriage whatever the problem is. Infidelity? Or plain old "loss of love" ? Doesn't matter.

The key advice for troubled marriages is that you stop begging or crying to your spouse. It is the most fundamental law of the universe - people want what they don't have, or can't have. In marriages or relationships, this translates into "the more your spouse / partner wants you and begs to you, the less you want him/her". This is so cruel, but for saving a marriage, you couldn't be closer to the truth.

So the first thing you have to do to stop your divorce and go on with your marriage - is to stop begging and crying. This was my opening move, and it should be your opening move!

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When you feel that your marriage is failing, and is headed for divorce, know that there are other things to consider. Divorce is a long, legal, devastating process. Some couples actually go through all of that just to wind up getting back together again. If you are considering divorce, also consider separation for a troubled marriage.

Marital troubles come and go. But when your troubles seem unfixable, and you think that divorce is your only option, don't. You don't want to go through a divorce only to find out that you really wanted to stay married, and wished you could've worked things out. While couples do get back together after divorce, it would be easier on all those involved to try separation for a troubled marriage before doing something more drastic.

While a marital separation can be legal or not, most of the time they are not. The couple agrees to live separately for a while, to see whether or not they can work things out. When your marriage is full of extreme stress and tension, it is almost impossible to think clear enough to solve anything. Separation lets you both have time and space to clear your minds and really think about what you both want.

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While you are separated, you can choose to talk to each other often, or you could choose to keep a fair distance from each other for a while. If seeing each other right now only brings anger and confusion, then stay away for a little while more. When you can be with each other and not be overwhelmed with bad emotions is the time to get together and talk about where to go next.

While you are separated, look deep into your marriage. Look at the problems you are having, as well as the good times you've had. Are the problems so severe that there is no way you can fix them? It may seem like they are, but often you will find that, after spending some time away from your spouse, that those problems aren't so big after all. The love you two share can get you through this.

Everyone needs time alone sometimes. Time to really sit down and honestly think about what they really want. Time to look closely at your marriage and consider everything that should happen if you stay together, or if you do divorce. You may come to the conclusion that divorce would be best for your situation, but if you don't try, you'll never know. Never look back and wish you did things differently.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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History, the Torah, the Bible and common sense shows that children are a precious gift. Even though we may not feel like they're precious, especially in times of crisis, they still are. Some couples take this idea of precious gifts and turn it into children becoming trophies to fight over. Like Tim Allen of Home Improvement, they take something good and attempt to modify and beef it up.

In the aftermath of an affair, it is important for you to consider that the choices made affect not only yourself, but also your children. This issue is especially critical concerning whether you want to work things out in the relationship and solve the problems, or whether you want to find a way to pull out of this whole thing and go down the route of a divorce situation.

Before assuming that divorce will solve your problems, related to the affair, there are several things to consider.

1. The court will look at how well your spouse raises the children, not their proclivities. The court will not reject custody of the person having the affair, just because they had an affair. The affair will color their reputation yet it does not mean they are a bad parent.

2. It will not reject custody if they are gay. The court will look at the parenting ability. People may not like your spouse's sexual proclivities, but they are not legal grounds that give you automatic custody.

3. What may be grounds for divorce is not automatic grounds for gaining custody.

The common fantasy in many societies is to treat an affair as a legitimate cause to file for divorce. It is assumed that when your spouse has an affair, you have a theological "get out of marriage free card". This assumption allows you will file for divorce without any guilt. Although such thinking is popular, it does not consider the traumatic effects of the 'post-affair divorce' on children.

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Consider the divorce situation for a moment. Bear in mind that when you involve the court in trying to solve the dispute, You are no longer deciding things; it is not your spouse deciding things; all the power goes to the judge. When you take matters to the court, the moment you turn it over, you loose control over the situation. Not only does the judge decide, the judge may look at you and your spouse very differently than you do. They will consider who has the financial ability to raise the child along with who is the better parent. In making those choices they will not consider who loves the child the most, or who makes the best moral choices. They will consider who has the assets and liabilities to raise the child best.

You may love your child, but can you afford proving that you are the best choice for raising your child in court? Will you be able to provide documentation that your cheating spouse is not capable of raising your child?

There is an old joke about how when two sheep go to court with the wolves, the winner of the case is the wolf.

If you feel powerless now in the aftermath of an affair, the situation is going to get worse by involving the legal system, because things will be taken out of your hands. Your spouse's cheating may have made you feel helpless and out of control. When the court takes over you are out of control and helpless. When you file for divorce, you are no longer in control of your life or your children's. You are not the one who decides where they live, what they have to eat or how they dress. Many things that before were solely decided by you, are either shared or taken from you.

1. You will not solely decide who your children can associate with.

2. You will not solely decide which holidays are yours.

3. You will not solely decide which doctors or dentists your children go to.

4. You will not solely decide where your children will go to school.

5. You will not solely decide where your children will live.

6. You will not solely decide when and where you child's hair is cut.

It the thought of losing control of such decisions bothers you, then you may wish to reconsider the divorce option. When you pursue the divorce option, then you are throwing the dice and gambling that the court will rule in your favor.

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You need to realize that courts do not settle emotional and relationship issues. They were never designed to settle such issues. They only deal with legal matters. The legal system is based adversarial problem solving. If you hated the fights in the home, you will really hate the fights in the court room. The fights that you had before will become more adversarial in the courtroom. The conflicts will also become nastier and filled with 'low blows'. Each side is put into a position of winner takes all rather than fighting for what is fair or right. When you love each other, having to fight in front of people makes the situation worse. The lawyers stand to benefit from the adversity and the competition. They know that when you are emotionally involved, you will use more of their services. So when you take things personally, they stand to benefit. They are used to legal moves that are designed to incite emotional reactions and make people take things personally, all while sounding professional and keeping their demeanor. They may say that they are on your side, while standing on the side line coaching you through the drama.

.It is a mistake to assume that the court room can be used as a hammer to force your spouse to change. Courts have the power to force things, but even then they may force things that you do not like or force it in a way that does not benefit you. Taking your issues to court (litigation) does not solve marriage problems. With divorce and child custody cases, the court room often becomes another weapon used either by you or your spouse.

Using the court for revenge may make you feel better, but it will not make your spouse more honest, make them a better parent or make you a better parent. It will also not make you children love you. You may win custody, but that does not mean that you have won their hearts. You may win the divorce, and win child custody but end up losing your family. The loss of family through court action often leaves scars that continue longer than any cheating would have. The resentments stirred up through court action do not end when the judge rules on the case. Every holiday and visitation, you will find yourself reminded of the resentments and the hurt all over again. The fights drug out in court will be replayed with each visitation.

You may find yourself saying that "It was supposed to end with the judge's decision". Yes, the legal issues can be settled by courts, the emotional and relationship issues are NEVER settled in the court room.

Now Listen Carefully-

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