My Husband Is Not A Man: My Husband Is Like Another Child

If you're married to someone who is immature, there are ups and downs which you're probably already dealing with. Immature individuals tend to be funnier and more exciting to be around, but when it comes to the important things - sometimes you can be left disappointed. Of course, he or she is your spouse and you love them - and there are many ways to make it work. This article discusses tips for dealing with an immature spouse.

Communicate with Your Spouse

It's important that you communicate with your spouse. Sometimes, dealing with someone who is immature is similar to dealing with a child. If you want them to remember something, you have to make sure you're getting through to them. Often times, saying something one time is not going to do the trick. Repeat the thing you're trying to make them understand - in different ways if you must.

Of course, try not to 'nag,' but make sure you're communicating. For instance, if you need a bill to be paid on a certain day, tell them, write it on the calendar, remind them a few days later and repeat it in other ways. "Honey, when you pay that bill on the 3rd, can you make sure you put the receipt in my folder?" This is a way that you can repeat it without nagging! This will help your immature spouse remember what he or she is supposed to do, and will keep you happy!

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A Place and a Time

There's a place and a time for seriousness and a place and time for joking. When you want your spouse to be serious, let him or her know. Explain how important it is that they take an issue seriously or that they 'behave' themselves at a certain event. Usually, if you stress how important it is, your spouse will realize that it's time to knock off with the jokes. However, make sure you recognize the time and place for kidding around as well.

Laugh and have a good time with your spouse. Immaturity has its qualities and usually they lie in the fact that your spouse is a lot of fun and makes you laugh. It's alright to be immature at times and when you make sure there is an outlet for the two of you to have fun together, it will help your spouse be more serious on those times when you really need him or her to pull through.

For instance, after your spouse has done something really great, like paid a bill on time, saved money or something else - reward them by doing something they enjoy. Avoid becoming too mature (like a stick in the mud) because you're overcompensating for your spouse. Have a great time and enjoy your spouse for who he or she is.

Although it can be difficult at times to deal with your immature spouse, it's also a blessing at times. Using these tips and tricks, you can effectively deal with your immature spouse and keep conflicts or disputes to a minimum.

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Your marriage is not the only one needing help, you ask how do I get my husband to fall in love with me again for the same reason other women do. Chances are your marriage has succumbed to a common ailment - laziness.

There are lots of things we can do to spice up our marriages and give our spouses what they want from us, we just do not do them. Maybe it is laziness, boredom or for some reason we do not feel comfortable doing the things that caused him or her to fall in love with us in the first place.

You ask me "how do I get my husband to fall in love with me again?" Let me ask you, "how did you get him to fall in love with you the first time?". Are you doing any of those things today?

I would wager a fair sum that he often saw you laughing, smiling and smiling at him. Do you still do that today?

Is saving your marriage worth stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit?

I know, I know. The house, the kids, the bills, the stinking job, maybe even health problems. But you know, marriage was designed to pair two people together to be better able to handle the frustrations in life.

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Lean on each other, help each other, bring him up when he is down.

Often that is now what happens, though. Instead we lash out at the person closest by. The one we should be reaching to for help.

Have you both given up the hobbies and other joys of life for one reason or another? Do you even set aside time to enjoy each other anymore?

Arrange some time with just the two of you when you can forget about the kids, the cares of life and just do something silly with each other. Make each other laugh, do the goofy things you did when you did not care what other people thought.

Just because you get older does not mean you have to turn into a bore. When was the last time you did something interesting in the bedroom instead of the same old thing?

Marriage is not just about sex, but a marriage without it is just a business partnership - running a household together. And most business partnerships end up failing, so what does that tell you about a marriage run that way?

Sure, your husband is part of the problem, too, I do not mean to imply otherwise. I am sure there are things that he could be doing to make you fall in love with him again that he is not doing. And maybe saving your marriage is not at the top of his list right now.

Take it from a man, though, that when a wife no longer laughs at a mans jokes or some silly antic that he did purely to put a smile on her face, but just rolls her eyes and makes a "hmmm" noise, before long he will no longer try.

If you take the lead and act a little silly to put a smile on his face, then he will know it is OK to try something silly to put a smile on your face again.

Once you start laughing together, having some fun and enjoying each others company, you will soon find yourself in the bedroom with the door closed and enjoying spending your lives together.

It will be like old times. Maybe better than old times.

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A sexless marriage may be causing great strain on the relationship, you may feel that the problem is irresolvable so looking around for a good divorce attorney is the only logical step, but stop, this is not always the case. Sexless marriages are a cause for immense marital unhappiness and finding a solution to the problem may not always be easy and may require a great deal of thought before venturing down the route of divorce.

The Sexless Marriage Can:

- Leave you feeling inconsolably lonely.

- Reduce your self-esteem and confidence to zero.

- Leave you feeling confused or not in control of the situation.

- Cause depression which may lead to suicidal tendencies.

You must try to detach yourself from the relationship (this may sound difficult but will help) to seek out the deep causes of why your marriage is now a sexless one. It wasn't always this way; you probably had a loving, tender and tactile marriage so something major has occurred to invoke this current situation. A marriage may survive without sex if there is a valid reason but a marriage without love or emotion is bound to fail.

Below are some causes for a sexless marriage:

One of you works long hours whilst the other spends most of their time "home alone"

Your partner can feel that being left at home for many hours at a time whilst you go out to work is unfair. To retaliate against this abandoned feeling they may decide that avoid sex, unfortunately this may become a difficult habit to break, especially if it goes on for some time.

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You may both work long and demanding hours

These days it is more common that both partners work long and demanding hours due to your career choices. You may find it difficult to synchronize your available spare time (if any) to spend it with each other, spare time should also mean quality time rather than just using the time to catch up on your favourite TV programs. If work commitments are the issue you must decide which is more important, your marriage or your career. Time can always be arranged for some you time, it just takes some planning.

More reasons for a sexless marriage

- You may no longer find your partner physically attractive to you or vice versa.

- Emotions may have changed and one of you seems less emotionally attached.

- There may be lies involved which have severed the trust involved in a marriage.

- One of you may have become lazy and begun to ignore your tasks around the house.

- Your partner may have become violent or abusive towards you.

- There is a lack of communication, being constantly ignored or overlooked.

These are just some of the reasons for a sexless marriage, which just one of them can place an enormous amount of strain on a marriage, but if there is more than one of these issues which are prevalent you may be in for a long haul before things get back to normal.

If you fail to address the issues which caused the sexless marriage in the first place then you are looking at a very long and lonely relationship which will inevitably lead to some serious counselling and most probably divorce. If you are willing to put aside some time to discuss the issues and work through it together you will be able to bring the love back and save your marriage. It may seem like a lot of work at times, but if you truly love each other then this will be well worth the effort.

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It's true, we get so busy and caught up in all the things we have to do to survive, that we allow the wrong thoughts to enter into our relationships. This is from not spending enough 'quality' time talking and listening to our mates to understand how we feel about things we tackle every day, and some we take for granted each day.

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By simply stopping where you are, sitting down with an open mind, and an open heart, you can get a better understanding of how things got to where they are in so short of a time.

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