My Husband Is Not Interested In Me Sexually: When Your Husband Doesn't Want To Sleep With You

Does it seem to be true that your husband doesn't want to have sex? How could you have reached such a point?

Every marriage goes through certain stages where there are varying excitement levels.

Marriages that maintain a passion avoid the situation where the husband doesn't want sex. Those marriages have discovered a secret.

That secret is that the couple will take time to evaluate problems in their marriage. Then, one or more of the partners will get, and act upon, new information that will help keep the fire burning in their marriage.

We will look at two causes of your finding out that your husband doesn't want to have sex, and then let us look at one thing you can do about it.

First of all, we will look at two possible causes:

1. Physical Sexual Problems

Maybe your husband has begun experiencing problems that are quite unfamiliar to him. It could be that he is experiencing physical sexual problems. He may be embarrassed to talk about it. He does not like feelings of failure, and he will avoid doing some things (like initiating sex) that may bring failure. Physical problems may be one reason why your husband doesn't want to have sex.

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2. Something Bothering Him on an Emotional Level

It may surprise you to learn that things do affect your husband upon an emotional level. Many times we think of wives especially having emotional things that can affect all areas of marriage.

Your husband may be good at compartmentalizing his life. Many times he is able to think in only one area at a time, but this is not a universal situation. So, things bothering him on an emotional level may sometimes spill over into other compartments in his thinking.

Try to discern if this emotional distraction is taking place in his life. Then, look for ways to help him to work through the emotional issues. Having emotional issues is a second reason whey your husband doesn't want to have sex.

Having looked at two causes of the situation where your husband doesn't want sex, let's look at one thing you can do about it.

3. You need to reignite passion

It may simply be that you need to reignite passion in your marriage. We often think the husband should be the initiator of sexual activity, but sometimes it is good for the wife to take the initiative. Of course, you may have tried this, and you felt rejected when he did not respond as you hoped.

Sometimes a marriage can get in a rut. Try to remember what it was like when you were dating. Maybe you need to set up a date night. That could be especially important if children seem to be demanding all of your time.

Look for new ways to reignite that passion.

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As a wife and mother, it is really quite understandable that, because you are so busy, that you unknowingly end up neglecting your husband. This could naturally make your husband feel that he is not as special to you anymore, and could cause him to become distant towards you.

If this has happened in your marriage, don't feel guilty, but read on, and learn how to get your husband back into your life again. The first thing you must do is to immediately start giving your husband more of your time. By this time, your children are more than likely big enough to not need your constant attention. Grab any opportunity you can to have them stay over at a family member or a friend.

Make sure to do this on a regular basis, so that you and your husband can have some really good, quality time alone. Use this time to go to your favorite restaurant and a show. You could also cook a great meal together at home, and just enjoy some quiet time together. This is how to get your husband back. He has your undivided attention, and love's it!

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Maybe there is a place you and your husband have always wanted to go to for a vacation. Make arrangements for a family member or a friend to stay at your house for a few days, and then go on that dream holiday. It could turn out to be a second honeymoon for the two of you.

If you demonstrate to your husband just how much you love him, then you will see that this is how to get your husband back. Don't just assume that, because you are married, that he knows these things. Tell him all the time that he is the most special person in your life.

In any case, running a home and looking after children is very hard work. The children are big enough now, and the house won't fall apart if you aren't cleaning constantly, so it's time to enjoy your life again, with your husband, and allow your marriage to grow the way it should

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Getting back your husband if he's fallen out of love with you may seem next to impossible. It's not. Any woman who has been in this position knows that it's devastating. If you still love your husband and he's made it clear to you that his feelings have shifted, you may believe that divorce is the only route to take. There are things you can do to win back his affection and devotion if you are determined and committed to making your relationship work.

The first step to getting back your husband if he's fallen out of love with you is accepting his feelings. It's normal to want to fight against it in the form of arguing with him or pleading with him to change his mind. Doing these things will only result in more distance between the two of you though. If you truly want to win back his love you have to accept that, for now, he feels differently about you. You also must let him know that you accept his change of heart and the best way to do that is to agree with him if he asks for a separation. Even though this may feel like the beginning of the end, it's not. You actually have a better chance of getting him back if you two are separated because it will create a void in his life.

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Men love competent, confident women so that is who you need to become if you are committed to getting back your husband. You have to show him that you are emotionally strong and that you are not dependent on him. Whenever a man feels that a woman is dependent on him she becomes less appealing to him. Even in marriage, a man wants to feel as though his wife chooses to be with him, not needs to be with him. Focus on yourself during this time and do everything in your power to make your own situation better. This may mean you need to take some upgrade classes at the local college or you need to re-energize with a weekend away with girlfriends. Whatever it takes to feel better about who you are, do it. Once you show your husband that you are fine without him, he'll be drawn to you again.

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Are you aware of how high the failure rate of marriages is? You may have guessed that it is more than 50% but I bet you didn't know that it can reach up to 87% in some areas! It may not be too surprising if you realize how much sacrifice and commitment it takes to keep one lasting a lifetime. With so many responsibilities to take care of, most people don't bother trying to save their marriage when it is failing.

Those that do actually try their best to save their marriages are few because it certainly is not easy to do so. Marriage counseling should only be sought after if both sides want to keep the marriage going otherwise it may be a waste of time and money. If you are alone in your quest to save your marriage you should be very cautious in what you do. Why you may ask?

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I have been in that situation before and I know of all the aches and pains of seeing your marriage break apart before you. I really loved my wife but I just could not do anything to persuade her to stay with me. It truly was a horrible situation for me; after all I would have sacrificed so much for this relationship with my life being built around it as well. Seeing it come to a close made me very desperate in my actions.

I said earlier that you need to be cautious in what you do because you may do things to hurt the marriage even further. I was in that position and I did the wrong thing by begging and crying for her to stop; which only made her more frustrated.

Let me share what you should do as it helped to save my marriage. Seek outside advice that is not biased. It really does help as the advice I sought saved my marriage in the end.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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