My Husband Is Openly Attracted To Other Women: When Your Husband Looks At Another Woman What Is He Thinking

Flirting is natural and automatic for many sexual beings. Sometimes whether men and women are married or not they still flirt with other people. Being married and flirting is on the rise and many people have no apologies to make whatsoever. Some married people do it with no bad intentions. They do not count flirting as cheating on their spouses. Some of the most valued flirting advice is that the flirting words should be with a light touch just incase they fall in to deaf ears. If the targeted person receives the word with contempt, you can always save your face from shame. One of the flirting secrets is that people who explain their words or apologize after flirting produce less successful flirting results.

What are the implications of married and flirting men or women? Some people view this behavior as harmless. After all, is it a crime to find a girl beautiful and tell her so? Or is it wrong for a woman to dress attractively and use her God given feminine wiles? So is it a big deal if the person happens to be married? The flirting secrets reveal that, people who are married and flirting actually have stronger marriages. A good flirting advice is, flirt while you can. Do not be limited by your being married. A man is flirtatious towards a woman to make her notice him, to attract her and may be to ask her out for a date. My flirting advice for ladies is that, flirt to attract his attention and enjoy a good time but not for long term relationship.

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My flirting advice is, do not be affected by your flirting spouse. Look at the positive side of the behavior. For instance, if a guy happens to flirt with your endeared wife and she flirts back, you should be proud that your wife is attractive enough to attract another guy. This will make you realize that you had better pull up your socks. If you are married and flirting you most definitely know your worth. This helps you not to let people take you for granted. Among the flirting secrets is that, the people who flirt most are the best lovers to their partners. This is because in their process of flirting they learn a lot about appreciation and they observe first hand reaction of flirting. A man who is flirtatious will always admire and appreciate his wife because he knows that if he fails some else will.

There are some situations where people who are married and flirting forgiven. This is a category of people who are born to flirt. Flirting does not stop even after marriage and flirting is considered to be their second nature. Whatever they say is laughed off and is actually taken with a pinch of salt. Flirting advice is, do not hide it from your spouse if you do not mean any harm. If your husband flirts with a close friend or a relative in your full view, you will not have much problem since you will understand it is in jest. When people flirt when they are in an extravagant mood after taking a drink it is perfectly acceptable. One of the best flirting secrets is that, the best time you are allowed to flirt is when you are drunk. Take advantage of the drink and flirt exhaustively.

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Having marriage problems? Perhaps it is because you have lost something. Finding the love that is lost from your marriage can be the first step in saving your marriage.

Courtship + Love = Marriage

That formula worked before marriage and it does not change after marriage. It still takes courtship and love for marriage to work.

Too many times people get married and the courtship stops. Overtime this will begin to affect the love in the relationship and then the marriage is in trouble.

It sounds rather simple and to some point it is but there is a little more to it. Courtship should not and must not stop when the wedding vows have been said at the altar.

For many marriages that have failed the couple never heard or got a grasp on the real meaning of courtship after marriage.

At the beginning of your marriage both of you felt you were married to the most loving, most caring, most adoring person in the world. You can reclaim that feeling again if you really want your marriage to work.
How to reclaim love in your marriage

• Put past differences and problems behind you
• Remember the good things about your marriage
• Lay aside your fears of today

If you continually or even dwell at all upon past problems and shortcomings in your marriage you will not be able to move forward. You will stay lost among the "stuff". You will not be able to replace the hurt with love. You have to leave the past difficulties and walk beyond them in order to recover what has been lost.

It is equally important to think of the wonderful memories of your marriage. These things to remember could be big things such as a romantic trip you took or little things like when you spouse did said something very dear to you.

Laying aside the fear you may have today is also very important and may be one of the hardest things to do. You will find these fears are easier to lay aside when you let go of the past hurts. Fear will immobilize you and prevent you from moving forward to the beautiful marriage relationship that is waiting for you. Another way to lay aside fear is to replace it with love. Finding the love that has been lost in your marriage really can be the first step in saving your marriage.

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Pride and Ego are the main culprit in marriage failures.

Marriages usually end because couples never spend any effort trying to restore the sweetness in their relationships. Pride sometimes plays a major role among failed marriages. Couples do not think of mending marriage at first sign of trouble but instead try to keep on raising scores and continue hurting each other. They just do not realize the gravity of sending each other more darts and arrows to attempt to win over something that nobody really wins.

Win or lose, both of you suffer the pain that comes during the race to win scoring. Failing marriages occur because nobody wants to attempt to ease each other's doubts, pains, and misunderstanding. The first thing people do is respond by insulting and hurting more their partners' feelings. Mending marriage comes with the realization that each of you played a part to the break up, not just your partner, not just you but actually both of you. Trying to deny the fact that you do not have any participation or fault at all about the breaking marriage only makes restoring the relationship longer and maybe grow apart until it naturally ends.

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Here are some thoughts to help you find your way back to being romantically sweet lovers again:

Spend quality time with your spouse.

Send some flowers, send a note, send a mobile message, call, or even ask your partner to dinner for a change. Spending some time with your partner makes your partner feel important. Sweet notes and messages will bring back sweet thoughts. You are trying to be the sweet person she felt in love before. Mending marriage does not care for the past and the ego. Mending marriage only care to restore the relationship and bring back the love, trust, and respect you once have.

Forget your pride or ego - especially for the man.

Forget about being the first to break the ongoing war. Forget about the past. Forget about the pain. Talk about what created the misunderstanding and reach an agreement. Humility and honesty are important if you want to keep your partner and the marriage.

Shower your other half with attention.

Try to make your partner happy by taking care of his needs and showing your love. Men sometimes just want your attention, love, and care. Spend some time hugging your partners and whispering sweet words. Feel whatever feelings or love you have for him then let him feel you still love and care for him. No man could remain cold if you tenderly show him your love.

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Marriage is very sweet. It is very good if you know how to fill it with all it takes to make it delightful. Getting married is something we desire to do and enjoy. This article shows the things that make the foundation of a marriage strong.

Pillar #1
For any marriage to succeed, the issue of trust is a fundamental part. If you want things to be the way you want it, always trust your spouse, by first showing that you are trustworthy. Don't do things that bring in doubt and fear. The perfect way to trust your spouse is by showing that you can be trusted. Know that trust grows daily through the things you do, say, where you go and even the very silent things in you. There is no automatic way to trust someone. To avoid bringing up questions that are not necessary, make sure you explain yourself very well to the last.

Pillar #2
Many a times couples have the problem with understanding each other. Anyone who desires to be able to understand the partner must show a level of understanding by learning to accept the other person. For example, if your spouse is the out - going type, don't try to stop him from going out, but try to suggest to him, so that you will not assume anything. Know that every individual is unique. If you understand this, the solution to lack of understanding is already in place. We all have our strength and weakness, the two makes us who we are. To learn someone, makes understanding the person easier.

Pillar #3
Every marriage that is not defined in the beginning will have a lot of problems. The best way to do so is through respect to show every beat of respect to your spouse. This can be done through the way you talk, react, respond and treat your spouse. Knowing that the man is the head and the woman the support, their positions in the marriage will not be abused or disregarded. Learn to pick your words when talking and politely respond to any question.

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Pillar #4
When the word love is mentioned, people think it is a doing thing, forgetting that it is a being thing. Love is not only an act, it is also a life one lives. For any marriage to be strong, love must be there. Don't expect your spouse to show you love, live it out. When a man shows love and the woman does the same nobody will complain. Know that love is not selfish, so don't show love to your spouse for what you want to get in return, make it a selfless thing you do. Make it a part of your and you will kill the consciousness of it.

Pillar #5
If a partner says yes today and no tomorrow, there is a lack of sincerity. If you want your spouse to be sincere with you, always make your ways clear and straight. Knowing that one learn by association. Always be true to your words every day, anytime not being a doubled edged person. The best way to show sincerity is when your spouse is not seeing you.

Pillar #6
Every human being will always put his need first before another person's. If you want to have a blissful marriage show that you care! To care for your spouse, put his or her needs before your own. Selfishness is as a result of lack of care. Form it as a habit to care for your spouse. This is part of what establishes a marriage. When you care for your spouse it makes your problems easier. Learn to show concern even to the most insignificant things. Put yourself behind your spouse, not before. You can show that you care both in the good and bad times. It can be that tiny text messages, a call, moral support and even an encouragement.

Pillar #7
If you want to enjoy your marriage, you must be humble. Being humble is something one learns, it is not in our human nature. If you are the Chief Executive Officer of your company, it ends in the office, show humility to your spouse. If both spouses are humble to each other, they individual's personality will not be abused. Humility is not foolishness! If you are influential in the society, don't enforce that on your spouse. It kills the persons worth. Treat your spouse with regard and make they personality very important by being humble. I wish you superlative satisfaction in your marriage.

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