My Husband Is Shutting Me Out: What To Do When Your Husband Shuts You Out

What do you do when your partner shuts you out?

Do you know that being shut out and stonewalled is even more hurtful than being yelled at? Children would rather get yelled at or even hit than ignored. This is why the worst punishment for prisoners is solitary confinement.

Yet, along with overt anger, withdrawal is the most common form of controlling behavior in relationships. Just as the fear of anger keeps partners from addressing issues, so does the fear of a partner's withdrawal.

Loretta is struggling with this issue.

"I'm in a two year relationship. My main problem is how can I raise an issue without him turning his back on me and walking away? I have to follow him to get my feeling across only to have him ignore me. He says I am never happy with what he does and feels frustrated that he can't make me happy. The ignoring makes me feel unloved and rejected. I have told him how it makes me feel but he still does it."

There are a number of issues here that need to be addressed. Loretta is using her feelings to make her partner responsible for her. She wants to tell him her feeling rather than open to learning with him about herself and about him. Her partner feels responsible for her happiness, and since he can't take responsibility for her happiness - we have to take responsibility for our own happiness - he feels frustrated and walks away. Loretta follows him, trying to have control over him listening to her, believing that if only he would listen and understand, he would change. It's easy for her to believe that the only reason she feels unloved and rejected is because he shuts her out, but she also feels unloved and rejected because she is abandoning herself by making him responsible for her feelings.

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This is a very typical relationship system: Loretta is telling her feelings as a form of control and her partner is walking away as a form of control. Neither is open to learning.

What Loretta needs to do is practice inner work and learn to love herself so that she stops trying to control and instead is able to open to learning with her partner.

Linda has the same issue with her husband:

"When something happens where I get upset as a result of an action my husband did, my husband shuts down. He distances. This can go on for days. So it's as if he gets shut down because I got upset at him. But it continues even after I calm down and even apologize for getting upset or explaining what it was like for me. When I ask if there is something he wants to discuss he says no. Is anything bothering you? No. What can I do? I know I need to give him time but I can't tolerate the coldness and wall between us."

Again, Linda is abandoning herself rather than loving herself. She isn't accepting that getting upset with her husband hurts him as much as his distance hurts her, and he doesn't know how to compassionately manage his pain any more than she does. Linda can shift their dysfunctional system by learning to love herself and take responsibility for her own upset - and then approach her husband with an intent to learn. Her husband could also learn to lovingly manage his pain rather than shut down. But since Linda is the one who wrote to me, she is the one I would address.

Loving yourself when your partner shuts down means:

1. Practice the inner work healing process, learning to take responsibility for your upsetting feelings so that you don't approach your partner with blame for your feelings.

2. Love yourself by being very compassionate with your pain when your partner withdraws.

3. Approach the issue only after you are no longer upset, so that you can be open to learning about yourself and your partner.

4. If you partner isn't open to exploring the issue, then love yourself by deciding for yourself how to take loving care of yourself regarding the conflict issue.

You may be very pleased with what happens in your relationship if you learn to love yourself and heal your end of this common relationship system!

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Marriage is one of those things like many relationships that need constant work. A marriage left neglected can end up on skid row if you're not careful. To improve marriage bond and closeness we need to be effective communicators.

One of the main ingredients in a successful marriage is communication. Communication is what we do all day everyday. It can be conscious, unconscious, verbal, non verbal, physical or non physical but all day we communicate on various levels.

Each of us has a need to feel validated and heard. Yet so many of us never learn the skills needed to meet these needs in the most important people in our lives. We neglect people's feelings, we talk at people, we don't see the hidden signs, we let our emotions go unchecked, we let off steam, we name call, we don't acknowledge the other person, we give solutions instead of really listening, we take on the other person's problem.

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Acceptance, listening skills, non judgmental, empathy, compassion and problem solving are just several of the skills involved in learning to be a good communicator in a marriage.

One of the most important skills you can learn is to really listening. In conversation many people often speak at the other person and never really listening to the underlying message or the feelings that the person is trying to convey to them.

Since 70% of communication is visual we can go along way to be able to read the body language of our partner. Being able to sense when your partner needs to talk, or is sad and lonely can mean the difference to your marriage. It may even lead to a more fulfilling relationship with your partner.

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For a marriage to stay together, both parties must want to stay together. It only takes one of you to not want this, and it almost guarantees not only an unhappy marriage in the present, but possibly no marriage at all in the future. If the thought of this makes you anxious, you need to know what to look for in your partner's behavior that might signify that they are thinking about divorce. I've listed them below for you:-

1. They don't want to spend any time with you. If you regularly try to enjoy their company, and they are having none of it, this could be a warning sign. Of course, it could be for other reasons, but one partner not wanting to spend time with the other is never a good sign, unfortunately.

2. They have lost interest in sex. Again, there can be other reasons behind this, but it's quite often a sign that you just aren't clicking as a couple anymore. For a lot of people(women especially), physical intimacy is like the icing on the cake - a celebration of the relationship as a whole. When this is gone, it's a tell tale sign that something isn't right, particularly if they still display an otherwise healthy sex drive.

3. When you talk about the future, they don't want to be drawn on it. Maybe you try and discuss plans for a new house or a new child, and they refuse to engage in the discussion. It might be that they are currently going through the motions and don't necessarily see you as a part of their future.

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4. They are irritable and argumentative. It could be that rather than face up to the possibility that they feel they no longer want to be with you, they instead bottle up their frustration and unleash it when you are in regular day to day conversation. Maybe they think it's easier this way and in actual fact their behavior will eventually push you away, meaning they can't take full responsibility for wanting the marriage to end in divorce.

5. They are spending more and more time with other people, and making lots of new friends and contacts. Having a social life is normal and healthy, but if you notice they are spending a lot more time than usual with friends, and particularly making new ones, it could possibly be a cause for concern. In some cases, they might be(even subconsciously) creating a new network of people that they will spend time with after you two are no longer together.

This article is pretty bleak, and I'm really sorry for that. The bottom line is though - you need to look out for all these things. That's not to say you should be constantly paranoid and accuse your spouse of things, but just to be aware and keep an eye out. Even if some, or all of these things are the case - it doesn't mean all is lost. Even if they are thinking about divorce, it could just be because they don't know how to go about making things better in your marriage.

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