My Husband Keeps Lying To Me: My Husband Lies To Me All The Time

"Your silence is half consent," shouted a wife distraught by the constant lies of her husband. "But it can be half denial as well," commented her friend who was listening to her. The wife was silenced at the logic in the comment.

"But then, how am I to know if my husband is telling lies, more so, when chooses not to speak and becomes stone silent?", lamented the hapless wife.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation? Don't be distraught. You can still find the truth. The truth is that a person does not tell lies with his mouth alone and, therefore, cannot hide the truth through silence. Most parts of his body also speak and some parts speak louder than the words uttered through the mouth. This is called body language and the beauty of this language is that it speaks even if you do not want it to.

Here are some tips on body language to tell if your husband is lying:

1. Voice

Check the tone of his voice. It may have some uncertainty, a tremor, a shakiness in it. It may be a bit subdued, demure.

2. Eyes

A person telling lies avoids direct eye contact with his interlocutor. He generally looks down or just nowhere. Or, he may start blinking and look side ways.

3. Face

You may discern stress on the face especially in his twitching of lips. Even the body of the person becomes tense especially when he is not a hardened liar and is telling lies for the first time. He may bite his lips or nails.

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4. Body movement

The person becomes fidgety and tends to move from side to side on his feet, which he also keeps shuffling. He feels itchy, tries to rub the nose, face and ears.

5. Sweating

If you are terribly afraid, you start sweating even during cold and wipe the drops of sweat from the forehead or face.

If you observe keenly, there may be several other perceptible changes in the body indicating that the person is telling lies.

How to stop your husband from telling lies?

Here is an actual example:

A husband told his wife he was working in his office, but the truth was that he was watching a movie in a theatre. This was in spite of the fact that he had promised to see the movie with her. His lie was caught by his wife when his colleague told her that they had seen the movie together.

There are two ways the wife could react to the lies of her husband.

One is the usual way. She could have exploded into fireworks and told him straight away he was a damned liar. This would possibly have provoked the husband to refute the allegation with more lies and even accusations which could aggravate the situation. Not even a blind man wishes to be called blind.

The man would make up his mind to be more careful in hiding his future escapades by inventing more ingenious lies. Her actual purpose to stop him from telling lies would be defeated.

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Here is what the wife did:

She did not start blasting her husband right away. She told him that she had just heard from some that he had seen the movie. She listened to his explanation patiently. She said ok, there might have been some misunderstanding somewhere. Of course, he never meant what he said or he never meant to go the movie alone without her. Maybe his colleague compelled him to go to the movie with him. Once she had made her point that she knew he had told the lie, she changed the subject as if nothing had happened.

She even offered him coffee after she had finished. She conveyed him the message that although she knew he had told the lie, she had forgiven him because she loved him.

According to her, her husband takes her along whenever he goes to movies.

Quite possibly he will tell the lie again. Old habits do not die easily. But he will think twice before doing that. A peaceful and persuasive approach is more likely to yield positive results than impatient accusations and rebuttals. Only you have to keep your ego within control. Don't say: how dare you tell lies to me, etc. unless you want to break up with him.

There are more ways to stop your husband from cheating you even if he is a hardened liar and manipulator. Often the marriages break up because of mendacious nature of the spouses. Your approach should depend upon the unique situation that causes the trouble.

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Some couples start getting bored after the fifth year of marriage and the lack of effort to save a marriage on both sides often result in divorce not as much as because of the failure to reconcile. Once you have been together long, your differences become more pronounced. Many would give up at this point, but the more successful ones understand that you and you spouse need to work around your differences to promote harmony and save your marriage.

Here are basic but often taken for granted tips that will surely help in saving your marriage. Most of them need to be made a habit, something you could achieve with determination and willingness to make your spouse happy.

1. Have sex regularly. A Newsweek study cited that up to 20% of married couples have sex for only about ten times or less every year. It is true that sex is not what defines a marriage but psychologists and marriage counselors would all agree that it helps keep intimacy in a marriage. Couples who keep on enjoying sex forge a bond strong enough to save a marriage. Do not allow fatigue or exhaustion to be excuses not to make love with your spouse.

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2. Exert effort to stay attractive. It is true that the body thickens over the years, for both the husband and the wife. Staying physically attractive is your way of telling your spouse that he or she matters. It is also good for your self confidence. Change your hair-do or wear something special when you go out. For women, wear lingerie once in a while to keep the fire burning.

3. Prioritize your spouse. It is not healthy to spend more time with your friends, co-workers, in-laws, or hobbies. Make your husband or wife your first priority to show him or her how important he or she is. This would prevent feelings of neglect, which could lead to affairs. Exercise loyalty by keeping private matters between yourselves.

4. Be financially transparent. Keep your spouse informed of your purchases especially the major ones, even if you do not think he or she will approve. A 2007 PayPal survey found out that 82% of respondents kept major purchases secret from their marriage partners. Always remember that marriage is a partnership in all aspects, including money matters. Have an extensive discussion of your investments and budgeting concerns, which is actually preferable even before tying the knot.

5. Appreciate the small things. Never take kisses, hugs, words of thanks, and simple compliments for granted. Your spouse will never tire of these small gestures, which will actually help keep the marriage intimate and sweet as the years go by. Stop nagging and finding fault. Instead, raise your concerns diplomatically in a friendly atmosphere. Differences are inevitable. Keep a cool head to resolve issues with your partner.

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Sometimes being in a marriage for a long time means that you have stopped doing the small things that make marriages work. It might be that your husband feels you have taken him for granted and as a result, he wants out. In this article I explain to you how you can have him back.

Step 1

You have to remember how the relationship was at the start. You have to bring that spark back again into the relationship. Maybe you could go on a holiday and just do the things you did before you got married. You will need to figure out what you can do together that you don't do everyday.

Step 2

You need to start being more intimate again. Being intimate will bring passion back into the relationship and help you save your marriage. You have to think about how he makes you feel and express that. You have to show him that you are still attracted to, and interested in him.

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Step 3

You have to bring the romance back into the relationship. You can do candlelight dinners, send silly texts during the day and all the small things that gave you butterflies in the beginning. You could woo your husband back into falling in love with you again. You have to think about things he likes to do and surprise him. You could send him clues during the how his night will be. You can be the woman in his dreams. You have to come out of the normal routine and everything you are now used to.

Start treating the marriage as if you just got started dating again. You will see positive changes in you husband. He will start to put in the same effort.

Step 4

Make time for each other and talk about your days. Share what your goals are? What is the hope for the future? Saving your marriage and having your husband fall back in love means you have to show him that you still have interest in him. You can find activities that you could do together as a couple. You could try a sport activity. There are a million things you could do and spice up your marriage. You can always save your marriage.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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A lot of marriages go through rough times, and simply because couples don't know how to resolve those problems, their marriages end up in divorce. When you want to know how to save your marriage, you have to think of solutions to your marital problems. Acting desperately will only make matters worse!

* Do you know what caused the marital problems? If not, you have to look deeper into the marriage and figure out what is happening. Try to look at it from your spouse's perspective. Sometimes knowing how the other person sees things can really open your eyes, and will help you to better figure out what the issues are.

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* You have to stay calm. Once you stop the desperation, you will be able to see things more clearly, and will be better able to stop a divorce.

* Sit down with your spouse and talk to them. Tell them that you really want to save your marriage. Ask them what they think the both of you should do, to rekindle the relationship.

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