My Husband Keeps Waking Me Up: My Husband Wakes Me Up For Sex

Sex and marriage go together. When couples first start dating, cuddling is usually a part of their everyday existence. However, as the relationship progresses or after children enter the picture, the cuddling stops. Take some time just to cuddle. If your mate is sitting on the couch watching a movie, or laying in bed reading, scoot close and say that you just want to cuddle. This makes both people feel secure and loved.

Intimacy, passion love and romance in relationships are not only important but also healthy. Couples need to enjoy being together in an intimate way. When relationships are troubled, the last thing wanted is to be sexual or passionate with the other. However, this is a part of the healing and rebuilding of the relationship and although it might be awkward in the beginning, it is crucial. Make your intimate time together special. Surprise your mate with a warm bubble bath, lit candles, soft music, and a bottle of wine, or arrange a nice romantic evening at a nice hotel with a wonderful candlelight dinner, fine wine, and flowers waiting in a beautiful, cozy room. Intimacy is a huge part of a successful relationship. Choose a book from the bookstore or go to the internet and load down a couple of online e-books and try to bring a little excitement into your relationship. Do not be afraid to experiment and learn new and exciting ways to please each other. Keeping intimacy alive is healthy and not a bad thing whatsoever!

As couples become comfortable with each other, kisses can become lame. Get rid of the pecks and get serious with the kisses. The next time the two of you greet each other, enjoy your kiss and do not be so quick to stop. While there are appropriate times for serious kissing, they should be loving, sincere, and passionate regardless of how long they last. You will find that as you pay attention to your kissing and let your mate know that you enjoy kissing them, you will both feel better about your relationship.

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Are you looking for ways to have better sex in marriage? Wondering what are proven ways to achieve it? While the orgasm is only a portion of what happens when two people make love, couples always want to know what they can do to make the sex experience better.

They want to know if there are better sexual positions, what the effective lubricants are what the better lovemaking techniques are and if there are any sex toys that can help bring both couples to amazing climaxes and better sex experiences for their marriage.

In actuality, you can create an intense orgasm with nothing but what you carry with you: your mind, your heart and your body. Having better sex for your marriage is more than putting two bodies together to create heat, as any sexual therapist will tell you.

The sexual experience is more about trust and a willingness to be open with your partner, allowing you to be both aroused and relaxed if you want a better sex in marriage.

Here are The Top Five Methods to Achieve a Mind Blowing Orgasm:

1. Do the love experience in slow motion. There is to always something to be said about the fast sex you see in films, good sex takes time and is something done slowly and with passion to heighten the excitement and fun. The human body has an opportunity to experience the wonderful things your lover is doing to you. In addition, you should start with the nonsexual parts of the body first, gradually moving on to the sexual parts.

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2. Just linger on a single area of the body, especially during the beginning of the sexual experience to enhance better sex in your marriage. It could be the back of the hand or the fingers. You can trace your tongue around their earlobe or you could give them a kiss on the back of the neck. Lick or suck around the tips of the fingers paying attention to what makes the partner's body tingle. This will prepare your partner (and you) for further erotic exploration.

3. Making eye contact with your partner will bring better sex into your marriage. When you are exploring the other person's body, you are letting them know that you want to connect with them on an emotional level along with a physical level. It's perfectly okay to smile once in a while to show your partner that you are finding exploring their body pleasurable, too. It increases trust and allows your partner to have a better orgasm.

4. Give your partner a sexy compliment if you want to create a better sex experience in your marriage. Let him or her know how beautiful or handsome they look or how much you are enjoying touching their skin. A nice compliment lets them know how much it means to you to being there with them.

5. Build them up and then back away. This brings the partner to the point of almost having an orgasm before backing away, leaving them to want for more. For some people, this technique makes for a longer and stronger orgasm. If you are seriously looking for having better sex in your marriage, you can use whichever technique you wish as long as you are paying attention to your partner's responses and know just how to tease them to the edge.

Your partners' responses may be extremely subtle; in that case, have a signal between you to let the other person know when you are close to an orgasm. Try using this better sex in marriage tips one or two at a time to see what really works between you.

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When two people get married it is a union, an obvious merge of two people now living together for all eternity. Sometimes when two people live together certain problems (more like issues) pop up. What can happen is someone doing something that bothers them and the problem gets left undone until it builds to a breaking point. Then a big fight break out. This is just one more sign that you have a better marriage if you have more thorough & clear communication.

If you have open lines of communication and set aside opportunities to discuss these things they can be avoided completely. Having a regular meal together, at least once a day for 5 days out of the week is a great way to combat this. It is so beneficial for this exact reason. Having a regularly scheduled opportunity like that is perfect. Everyone has heard that "studies prove" that couples who eat regular meals together are less likely to divorce than other couples who do not".

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Put together a trading system of complaints written down on paper and then handed to each other. Keeping time before discussing any of it with a 24 hour wait. This is a very good technique that has been proven to work for many couples and in many areas of their relationship. It keeps it a little less invasive, a lot less personal, and in a orderly systematic fashion. This helps with taking all the edge out of it, that comes with dealing with negative circumstances spontaneously.

Then after you put this in place and have had time to work on it and improve it, eventually it will become easy. You will not realize it easily though. The problems that use to spur anger and trigger arguments are stopped before they had a chance to build up into a serious issue. Stopping the problems at the root. You will just have a better marriage with a much less arguments and you will be happier.

Much of having and building a better marriage is compromise. Your a team now who has to live together, and for better and for worse. Their nothing saying you cannot do whatever you can in making it better and happier. Most successfully married couples all say the same thing. The secret to having a good marriage is being able to talk about and to talk about everything and anything with your spouse.

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The New York times printed an article back in 2006 which contained 15 questions you must ask your partner before getting married. The questions touched upon issues like family life, child rearing, health, affection, how the house will be run, commitment and more. In today's divorce filled society, it is indeed very important to ask the right questions before tying the knot. Most couples don't know each other half as well as they think they do simply because they failed to ask each other the right questions.

Think about it: we usually ask questions only on the first couple of dates and these are usually over the surface, unrevealing questions. A boss at a job interview asks more penetrating questions than most people who date. We simply continue with the relationship and learn things as they occur. That's a shame for 2 reasons: We miss a lot about our partner's past, we lack the true understanding of whether or not he or she will be right for us in the long run.

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It is estimated that 83% of divorces would not have occurred had the couples asked each other the right questions. If you know where you may disagree in the future, you should find out about it now, before marrying. Otherwise, you'll be having awful fights in the future. You might even discover some things which may show that you need to work on your compatibility. You need to do this before getting married or your chances of getting divorced will skyrocket.

Asking each other questions is also a fun way to get to know each other and grow closer to one another. You'd be amazed at how much you'll learn about your partner that you didn't know. You simply didn't ask the right questions.

Are 15 questions enough? I doubt it. If you're serious about your relationship and your love for one another, you owe it to yourself to ask all the questions which come to your mind. You'll be glad you did.

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