My Husband Left and Won't Talk To Me: My Husband Moved Out and Won't Talk To Me Anymore

My husband left me! Oh no, what am I going to do now? I don't wish to become another statistic of divorce, I do still love him. Please, oh please don't go I do love you, "sorry" don't give up we can make this work.

There are many different reasons why your husband may have left you, it may have been for another woman, he may have left because he won the lotto and didn't want to share it with you. But the deep reason for a spouse to leave is generally always the same. Your loving communication has broken down.

It happens, life is so difficult at the best of times, remembering who to love the most can quickly get forgotten, when you have so much other drama effecting your life. A husband wants to be your "No 1" if you are one who does observe those couples who have lasted and are still in love at their retirement, then you will notice that this is the case. My husband left me, be the woman he wants to see! Is a simple process of personal spring cleaning, and regaining that spirit he couldn't get enough of when you first fell in love.

He has left you, OK! You want him back, and well that's love, it ain't easy. However the first part of healing a marriage is often the hardest, but the most simplest. That is to accept the fact you husband has left you. At this point you have got to let him be, give him and yourself time out.

And for you the same, it is time to do the spring clean bag up whatever baggage that has contributed to why your husband left, and get that inner happiness back, that makes you so irresistible.

Your Husband loves you, and all he wants to see is that your happy, plain and simple you just need to find that courage to get you back there.

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If your husband left you for another woman but you still love him, you're in a tough spot. Probably most people in your life are trying to be supportive. They tell you that you're better off without him. They say that if he's willing to cheat on you or leave you for someone else then he doesn't deserve you. And they tell you that you will make it, that you're strong and you can move on and be happy again.

But if you still love your husband, these things can be hard to hear. Even though you might even believe them, and need to hear them at some point, part of you still wants your husband back. It keeps you up at night that he left you for someone else. What could she have that you don't? And then there's the nagging thoughts that maybe you drove him away. That if you could just get him back you'd change things and your marriage could be saved.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. If your husband left you for another woman and you want to get him back, where should you start?

First, let's talk about what won't help you get him back. These things include: crying, begging, pleading, bargaining, blackmail, manipulation, lying, or trickery. Even if they seem to work for the short term, they won't help you keep your husband. He might pay attention to you for a little while longer, but he'll still go back to the other woman at the end of the day.

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Now let's talk about what WILL help you get your husband back from the other woman. The best thing you can do right now is show him that you don't need him. After all, he's going to expect you to beg and plead with him to come back. He's going to expect you to be uncooperative about a divorce or separation. And he's going to expect you to be there with open arms if he decides to come back.

That's why the above list of things won't work. They leave you wide open to his control. He will always have the upper hand and he knows it. If you show him that you don't need him, that you're strong and can move on without him, it will drive him crazy! He will wonder why you are moving on so easily, and it will hurt his pride and his ego.

The secret is, if your husband left you for another woman, he still wants you to want him to come back. If you act like you don't, he'll start calling you and making excuses to see you just to see if you'll fall into old patterns and show him you still love him. So it's critical that you don't do it. Be as strong as possible. Even if you are dying on the inside, don't show him!

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Marriage becomes a fragile bond at times. In this relationship of man and woman, woman is a more sensitive agent. She often faces extremely difficult situations when her husband leaves the house. Men may leave the house for many reasons. Sometimes he gets angry over some issue, sometimes as a consequence of some fight; husband wants to put an end to the marriage. In most occasions, the reason is misunderstanding. In any case, you should try to uphold your relationship and get your husband back.

Mostly, when your husband leaves the house, both the parties are very emotional. For this reason, you may not like to hold your husband back and allow him to leave in anger. You may also worsen the situation by telling him that you are happy without him and things of the sort.

You may not even like to contact your man if he leaves considering it as an ego issue or feel that by doing so, you may be degrading your dignity. However, to save your relationship, if you have to do things like this it is not about ego at this point. This is more about being mature and handling the situation in an intelligent way. Even if the fault is at his end, contacting him or even apologizing monetarily can help him to calm down. Once he is emotionally stable, you can talk and discuss the issue like grown ups.

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You should show genuine concern about him. Yet at the same time, you should not act as a weakling. Men regard those women who are strong and confident. You need to remain strong and at he same time, let him know that you care for him as he is your husband. He is your strength and you are his.

Marriage is about mutual love and care. If any of the partners leave the house, the other person should try and make the situation normal. This relationship requires patience as well as understanding.

Most people lose their spouse in emotional fits. Man is more aggressive by nature and can easily lose temper. In this situation, woman should act more calmly and try to get him back. It will not be her defeat but her victory.

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It might seem like a lifetime ago when you said "Til death do us part" but now the reality is that divorce will come before death. Now you ask yourself "Can I stop divorce?" If you know how to go about it you have a very good chance. It is very easy for you and your spouse to drift apart with all the day to day responsibilities like housework, work, and kids. Things like this can suck all the energy and romance out of your marriage. You need to communicate with each other to rekindle that fire you once had. Know that you are not the only couple to go through this and that it is fixable.

You both need to sit down and have a serious talk. Be open and honest with yourself and each other. Set some ground rules that both of you can agree on like:

1. Let each other talk for as long as they need to, without any interruptions except for the occasional question, and without getting mad or defensive about what is said. No fighting.

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2. When it's your time to talk you will talk in a way that is respectful. This is not a time to verbally attack your spouse or bring up old arguments or resentments.

3. You will put the kids to bed, turn the T.V. and cell phones off and any other distractions. You need to have 100% of your focus and concentration on each other.

4. Plan a time to talk to each other. Don't try to be spontaneous, make sure that both of you will be rested and relaxed.

Use these rule to help communicate more effectively because lack of communication is the number one issue that many couple have. If you both are willing to communicate in a way that you're able to actually hear what the other has to say there is a greater chance of working out your problems and you won't have to worry about how to stop a divorce.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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