My Husband Lies To Me About Little Things: What Should I Do If My Husband Keeps Lying To Me

There are a lot of reasons why men lie to their wives. Even though these lies usually wreck a relationship more than anything else, men seem to believe that white lies can save them or even fix their broken relationships. So, as you can see, no matter how much you might want your man to tell you the truth at all times, he tends to have his personal reasons as to why he does so. Here are some of the most common reasons why men lie to date.

Reason Number One: They have something to hide.

Men believe that lying to hide something shouldn't be considered as an actual lie. However, it isn't the truth, either, now, is it? While lies happen to be tantamount to real lies, but they are still dishonest. Sometimes, men choose to lie in order to save a breaking relationship, but lying is still against a healthy relationship's foundation, so it really is tantamount to lying in the end.

One of the most common examples for reasons why men lie is when they are out drinking and think you don't want them to. So, instead of coming straight out and saying that he is spending time with his friends, he chooses to tell you that he has important work-related things to do and therefore couldn't come home on time. Men happen to hate women nagging them for the things that they do wrong, as well. So, instead of owning up to something, they simply decide to lie. It's as simple as that.

Reason Number Two: They are cheating.

Naturally, men who are cheating have to lie to their partners because they weren't able to keep their promises of loyalty and faithfulness to them. However, there are cases wherein the man really can't be help responsible for his disloyalty, though. Men don't always cheat for fun, after all. A lot of the time, men actually choose to cheat because their own relationships aren't going too well and because there are problems that you choose to ignore instead of address.

Now you know the two most common reasons why men lie. So, if you think your man is lying because he is being unfaithful to you, do make sure to try and handle things as maturely as possible. Talk to him, ask him why he did it and find out whether the problem can be fixed if you are willing to forgive and forget.

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As a woman you desire to protect your marriage and make it work the way you want. You must have the power and ability to understand your man well. You must be mindful of the things that scare and frighten him. If you want to protect your man from panic and daunt in order to be able to enjoy your marriage, please read on!

Regardless of the fact that a man likes to be on the fore front of things and dominate his territory, he is often faced with some trivial challenges. These things will help you know how to assist him.

Secret #1
Some men are scared of losing their power and ability. Your man can be afraid of losing his recognition and worth in front of people. He feels like a loser and big failure. He fails to obtain honor and regard where ever he finds himself. No one is willing to submit to his authority and thereby making him feel humiliated.
If your man is in this condition, make him believe in himself no matter what.lend your countenance to him. Inspire and motivate him. Reassure and encourage him to move on. Show him love and honest concern. Let him look beyond the things he is seeing and think ahead. Believe in his personality and self worth.

Secret #2
If your man is afraid of losing or he is scared of being misunderstood and even making an error in his action, judgment, impression, expression and even in speech. If he does not want to act mayhem or cause havoc with standards or endanger his allegiance and dedication through the things he do. If he feels he will be contradicting himself even when he hasn't said anything. Maybe he feels he can't get to the points he dreams of.

This is the time to be closest to him. Make him see things from the positive side. Be the best at making him see the best in what he is doing. Encourage him to be hopeful and not to lose focus. Impact him with the power of doing things right.

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Secret #3
When your husband feels he is not appreciated and distinguished. He may feel his opinion and ideas to as regards to issues doesn't count anymore. The efforts he makes towards things might seem to be as nothing and even cause a state of dissatisfaction and hopelessness in marriage. This makes him feel inferior and belittled.

When you see him in this condition, fill him with quality of mind and strength of purpose. This is where you have to support and motivate his personality. Admire his unique nature. Build his reputation through your patronage and advice. Make him see the greater side of his personality.

Secret #4
If your man is afraid of taking decisions, he may not feel determined to pursue a set goal. He feels he can't get what he wants. He may even feel things can't work out the way he thinks. He doesn't make commitments to important issues, because he thinks the wont be accomplished. He feels reluctant to take the bold step as the man. He then feels comfortable with the where he is and the state of things around him, without making plans and being able to execute them properly.

If he is in this class, strengthen his ability. Contribute to his decision. Spur and exhort him to take the bold stride without looking back. Let him see the brevity in taking clear and distinct measures. Let him understand the fearless and daring ability in him.

Secret #5
Your man may lack the will to do things or even have a doubtful mind. He may be afraid of making mistakes and wouldn't want to be faulted in any thing he is doing. He doesn't want his action to be seen as wrong or incorrect. He will not like to be judged by the things he does. He doesn't believe in making mistakes and learning from it. To him in order not to make mistake, he will not dare to do the things that are necessary. This makes him feel very reluctant in doing some certain trivial things.

It is your responsibility to make him stand to his ground by boosting his ego and power. Promote and support his ideas. Build his confidence and hopes towards his endeavors. Contribute to the progress of his hopes. Inspire him to move on and let him know that one can rise up after falling down.

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Wouldn't it be great if we could cure a troubled marriage with something as simple as a couple of aspirins and a good night's sleep? But we all know that barring a miracle of some kind, that isn't going to happen.

A dose of the good old Golden Rule might, though.

Even if you didn't come from a religious home, the chances are that you are familiar with that Biblical rule that basically tells us, "Treat others the way you would like for them to treat you." In other words, if you speak cross words, expect cross words in return. Withhold affection, and affection will probably be withheld from you.

If you don't believe those words, test them out. Whine and sulk at the breakfast table tomorrow and see what happens. Leave your wet towels on the bathroom floor and see if you don't get similar treatment in one way or another.

Not a lot of fun is it? The next day, make a reverse test. Greet the family cheerfully when they come in from work or school. Put a little extra effort into making a special dessert for dinner. Thank someone when they pass the salt, or do a favor for you.

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I'm not trying to tell you that being nice to an estranged husband or wife is suddenly going to turn you both into romantic newlyweds, but if you look at your relationships-all of your relationships with the Golden Rule in mind, I think it will surprise you.

First of all, it will make a better person of you. You will find yourself thinking of what is best for those around you rather than what you think is best for you. Random acts of kindness will become second nature to you and you will begin to see the recipients of your kindnesses pass them on to others in their lives---and perhaps even back to you.

Secondly, since it takes two to carry on an argument, taking yourself out of the competition will result in a lot more peace in your home. Who could say that wouldn't be a good thing?

Finally, it may take time, but eventually your spouse will begin to see you in a new way. The old, "ready-to-do-battle," you no longer exists and in that creature's place is an agreeable, cheerful, and kind mate. When he or she does, you can start to believe that the healing of your troubled marriage has begun.

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Advice for saving a marriage can be found in a lot of places. Books have been written on the subject and fill the shelves at your local library or book store. There are seminars and classes held across communities throughout the world on the subject of saving your marriage. A quick look in your phone book will lead you to a number of marriage counselors available in your area.

These sources all provide some answers for how to best work on your marriage. There are some common ideas and advice that will be present in all of the different types of programs, classes and books

1. Communication is one of the first things you will need to work on to save your marriage. You and your partner will have to learn how to communicate with each other. Improving your communication skills is vital. Effective communication will reduce misunderstandings and actually serve to put intimacy back into your marriage if it has slipped away.

2. Spending times with each other is important but it should also be quality time that is spent together. Spending time without other distractions provides for great quality time. Scheduling a date with each other is a great way to plan for quality time in your marriage. This is sure to put a little romance back into marriage.

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3. Get help from a marriage counselor if you run into problems with your marriage. A counselor can help provide a new perspective on a problem you have probably already looked at for far too long.

4. Look on the positive things rather than focusing on the negative things. If you get upset at your spouse about something first think of the things they do that are right. You may be surprised how quickly you put this one issue in it`s perspective quickly when you look at the big picture. You will find it wasn't really that big of a deal t start with most of the time.

There are many other things you can do to save your marriage and you may want to look for some more great tips for saving your marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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