My Husband Lost His Job And He's Taking It Out On Me: Unemployed Husband Always Home

Reports of lay-offs and cut backs in business appear daily in the news. Behind the numbers are real people whose lives, in many cases, are being turned upside down. And the people who so far have not been directly affected are feeling increased anxiety and fear. Times like these require emotional resilience and strong coping skills.

Here are five tips that will help couples strengthen their emotional resilience:

Tip 1. Open yourself to learning about each other and working together to find solutions

It is understandable that you will feel that you individually or as a couple don't know what to do. That is the nature of change, you have to grow as you go along. What will help the most is to learn to manage your emotions so you retain the ability to think things through.

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Tip 2. Tell each other what your greatest fear is

There is real value in getting in touch with what scares you the most. In a couple relationship it is very likely that each has a different fear. A couple that I know well had the following greatest fear: for her it was her recurring nightmare of "ending up as a bag lady" for him "without my job I am nobody". By bringing the greatest fear out into the open you can start putting things in perspective.

Tip 3. Manage your emotions

We all have choices in how we deal with our emotions. You can let them rule you or you can acknowledge that you have to manage them so you can think creatively and find solutions.

Tip 4. What truly matters to you

In difficult economic times people become much clearer about what truly matters to them. Ultimately, what you do have control over is yourself and how you strengthen your relationships. There are many ways to show love and caring that reflect a commitment to the relationship.

Tip 5. Grow your relationship

Stay away from blame and criticism since they keep you stuck in the past and scared of the future. Instead stay objective and put your energy into supporting each other and finding solutions. Be supportive of each other emotionally. Keep the focus on "how can we together weather this economic storm".

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At some stage you will face common relationship problems with your husband or wife. A marriage needs a good relationship between both partners to survive.

But a marriage and a relationship are two different things. A marriage is a lawful connection between two people and only death or divorce can legally separate them. A relationship begins long before the wedding vows are taken. It is a meaningful feeling between you and your partner that comes after marriage and will continue to develop and get stronger over time.

It's not difficult to tell if you are going through some common marriage problems although others may recognize them some time before you and your partner do.

1. You're Not Happy When You're With Your Partner.

Common relationship problems start when you both continuously criticize each other and argue about a lot of petty issues. Or, on the other hand it goes to the complete opposite and you never talk to one another. No matter what one partner does or speaks about, the other finds it dull and boring.

2. Little Or No Affection.

Other common marriage problem is a complete lack of desire to be close and affectionate with each other. There are no cuddles, no kisses and nobody says I love you. People need to be touched to feel worthwhile, happy and contented. There are some significant marital problems if there is no touching or physical contact.

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3. Jealously.

Jealousy can really damage a relationship if it is taken to extremes. The jealous person may distance themselves from being intimate because they think that their partner is being unfaithful. For the person who is being falsely accused, they can also suppress feelings because they are worn out of the continuous outflow of jealous questions. Jealousy is the root cause for many common relationship problems and has to be managed if your relationship is to get back on track.

4. Different Views On Money.

Many relationship problems happen because of debt. When one or both spend too much money and the marriage starts to drown in debt the relationship will suffer. Debt can pretty much drain the life blood from a once loving relationship.

5. Different Views For The Future.

You no longer can agree on future goals and can barely to discuss anything beyond a few days away. If you do, it ends in arguments and disagreements on what is right and what is wrong.

Clashes and arguments occur in every relationship and should be expected. At some time or another you and your spouse will experience one or two common marriage problems. Nobody said that marriage was easy but there are proven ways to fixing your marriage problems.

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Understanding men can actually be fun. I'm going to talk about a way that you can make it more fun for you and your man, even if you've been together for a long time. This is something that one of my exes did to me a while back and I've actually used it since with my wife to have a bit of fun when I'm bored. The best thing is, all you need is a mobile phone. It doesn't involve "sexting" or anything dirty like that. However, it does keep the two of you connected and will strengthen your bond.

1. The Secret Club

Did you ever do this when you were younger: text your friend when you were sitting right next to them on the train, simply because you didn't want people next to you hearing what you were talking about? I think this is something that people from Generation Y tended to do.

Anyway, there's a bit of subtle psychology that goes on behind this kind of interaction. You feel almost like you're in an exclusive club for two. You're having a silent conversation that nobody else can hear.

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2. The Connection

I think that it works best when you're in the same room as the other person but you aren't with them or looking at them. Ultimately, they aren't talking to anyone else but you and you feel connected to them through your texting conversation.

It's also that feeling of waiting and expectation that you get from waiting for someone to reply. If you ever were into instant messaging, you would know about the feeling that I'm talking about.

3. A Warning

Don't do this all the time. It only works when you do it once in a while. I don't know, it seems rather simplistic, but doing it makes you feel as if you're dating again and it's essentially a mini-game of playing hard to get.

When you're waiting for the text, the person has to respond. When you're writing the response, you have the power to make them feel a certain way. Also, when you have this "text chat", it tends to be more fun and light-hearted, which is great to keep things interesting in a relationship.

See us men like to have fun as much as you do. If you think that understanding men is difficult, hopefully this changes your perspective. Whatever you like, we like too usually. Don't hesitate to start a "text conversation" with us and start playing hard to get at any time during the day!

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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First Things First

First of all, you do not just suddenly approach a person of the opposite sex and blurt out that you are looking for love the way comedians do on the television or in the movies. That tactic does not really work quite well. No, that tactic does not work at all. It is just something to add up to the laughter ratings of a comedy movie, and really, it is something totally laughable once done in real life.

So what you must do first is to start small. Just say hi and greet the people you know or whom you have just met in a specific event. Sooner or later, you will have yourself busy with conversations with different people at a time. Thus, your scope for a prospect widens.

Once you have already met someone you think is "the one", then you have to show him or her kindness. As everybody might already know, people, of all genders and ages, respond more to kindness as opposed to rudeness. So if you are nice to your prospect, then, of course, he or she will pay you back with kindness as well.

Be Active.

You can join certain clubs or organizations where you think you will be seen a lot. This way, your scope widens even more since you get to meet new and more people. Thus, your chance of meeting a partner you think is right for you is made even more possible.

If you are not interested in joining an already existing club, you can create one of your own. You just have to think of something, like a theme of some sort that you think will be found interesting by many so that many people will join your self-made club. Actually, it does not even have to a club; it just has to be a group of people with common interests who are comfortable with sharing their life stories or whatever it is that they would like to share.

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Do Not Be An Open Book.

Let us say that you have now progressed to the next level with your date. Yes, date, because you should take him or her out to somewhere where the both of you could just talk and know more things about each other. However, once you do get the conversation going, you must not be to open about your life. It is fine that you mention stuff that happened to you at work, your hobbies, your interests, but it is not fine when you start blabbering about the number of times you got divorced.

It is flattering for them to know that you feel comfortable with their presence since you feel open when it comes to sharing about your life's secrets. But you want to be a magnet for love, don't you? Doing this will only make your potential lovers run away from you, thinking that you are a creep who has a knick at getting divorced.

Love Yourself.

You might think this is cheesy, but it is actually true. You want to attract people who could possibly love you, but this can only happen once you have learned to love yourself. Other people would find it very difficult to get to love you if you cannot find anything to love about yourself. For sure, there are traits or characteristics that you appreciate in yourself. Appreciating yourself is a way of showing that you love yourself. So love yourself and other people, as a result, will love you back.

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Groom Yourself.

By this, what is meant is simply putting on the right clothes and being comfortable in the clothes that you wear, and not just putting on your most expensive outfit. You have to dress comfortably, but of course, presentable in public as well. If you are going to take a brisk walk by the seashore, you must wear beach clothes that shout Hawaii, and not wear slacks that could give you a heavy feeling, literally, since the hems will be gathering the sand you would have walked on.

You have to have a style of your own. Uniqueness is an important factor because it will be a differentiating factor that separates you from the other fish in the sea. Just be confident in how unique you are and how you show your uniqueness. If other people ridicule you for showing your personality in the way you groom yourself, however appropriate, leave them be. They are probably just envious that you actually have the guts to contradict the dictates of society and totally show who you are.


Everybody knows that the mind is the erogenous zone. If you did not know this, now you do. Therefore, you have to know a little bit about everything. You do not have to memorize an encyclopedia from cover to cover. All you have to do is at least know something about almost every topic.

This way, when your potential partner talks about one of the topics that you do not know much about, you can still say some things about it and your conversation does not die.

Now Listen Carefully-

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