My Husband Loves His Friends More Than Me: My Husband Always Wants To Hang Out With His Friends

A separation from one's spouse is a trying time for any person. Being estranged from the person who means most to you is a heart wrenching and downright painful experience. I would like to provide a little hope - not all has been lost - it isn't too late to reconnect with your husband and get your marriage back on track. With a bit of effort and some deep introspection on your part, you and your husband will be back together in no time.

One of the first questions you must ask yourself is what caused your husband to walk away from the relationship. Take time to asses both your and your husband's culpability in the dissolution of the relationship, and you must be willing to take your share of the blame for the demise of the marriage. It takes two to break a union, no matter what the circumstance. You must be honest with yourself and willing to see the error of your own ways if you wish to emotionally reconnect with your husband.

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Don't make excuses. Look at the marriage as objectively as you can and see the areas that you can work to improve yourself, which, in turn, will help your improve your marriage. Was there something that you did that helped drive your husband away? What can you do to change that behavior? If you don't fix the problem behaviors, the marriage is doomed to fail again - maybe sooner, maybe later, but at some point, if the real relationship killers aren't addressed, the marriage will suffer.

Work on self-improvement in as many areas as you can think of. Take responsibility for actions you took that have worked to sabotage your marriage. Swallow your pride and apologize for the things you have done. If you want to reconnect with your husband, you are going to have to be open and honest to both yourself and him.

Once you have apologized and he can see the positive changes you have begun to make in your life, being able to reconnect with your husband will be a cinch. Don't waste anymore time on pride, if you want to get your husband back, be honest, take stock, fix what you can, and you'll emotionally reconnect with your husband in no time.

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It's about establishing key actions and patterns to get your individual life back on track, so you may learn to be more at-one and whole with your spouse.

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How to live a happy married life is not about tricks and manipulation to get your partner to give you what you want.

No matter how seemingly irretrievable your marriage may seem, seek the right techniques and attitude, with exercises and daily practices for using the keys to a good marriage which many courses offer.

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The right approach will offer insights and information that will heal the flow of negativity and wrong-minded ego-based fear, self-doubt, and judgement.

The spiritual metaphysical principles of the Course in Miracles teach that, "The ego always attacks on behalf of separation."

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How to live a happy married life takes some work, but it can be pleasurable with the right course that takes individuals and couples on a journey of self-examination.

Yes, I mean getting to the heart of what is really happening in bringing out the signs of a bad marriage which you want to heal.

The Course in Miracles states, "The first obstacle that peace must flow across is your desire to get rid of it."

It's about both of you healing by undoing the problems and obstacles behind your marriage crisis, and on to what you do want in life, like peace and happiness.

This is about much more than your love relationship.

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Every year, there are more than 2 million divorces. With so many married couples facing divorces, there are more professionals providing marriage counseling services. However, I have seen marriages got even worse because of counseling. One reason is because both parties will usually try to get the counselor to be on their side. This will not solve the problem at all. Apart from this, marriage counseling is expensive. You may not want to spend that much of money on it.

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Today, there are professionals who offer extensive home courses to help you save your marriage and their results and testimonials are very promising. These home courses are usually very affordable and have produced proven results to solve a broad range of marriage problems.

The best thing about these home courses is that you do not need to get your partner to agree to go for counseling, which is a very difficult thing to do. These courses are designed in a way that you can work on it alone and save your marriage.

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One sure sign of a strong marriage is a couple's tendency to glorify the struggles they have been through together. In relationship counselling, the couple's way of describing their marriage portrays the health of their relationship.

During the first session in relationship counselling I ask the couple to share the story of how the met and tell me about their marriage. One partner starts by telling their version and the other partner listens. This in itself is an interesting exercise for couples to listen to the other partner's view. After that I ask the second partner to fill in the gaps or add any of their stories.

Many couples have shared with me after that initial interview that they were moved by their partner's way of sharing their story, which already supported their willingness to give the relationship another go.

John Gottman, in his studies of marital success, found that stable couples describe the marriage in terms of a worthwhile journey that brought them closer together. It is not that the couples that spoke highly of their marriage actually faced more troubles than less stable pairs, but they seem to gain more meaning and inspiration for their hardship then others.

Exercise: Tell Your Story

You and your partner can use this exercise to help you find more things to glorify in your marital story. The aim is to reinforce positive beliefs and feelings about your marriage. Remember that in this exercise seeing things in a positive light is what we are looking for.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Answer the questions for yourself first and then share with your partner.

1. How did you meet? What was your first impression of your partner? What did you most enjoy about the 'honeymoon' period of your relationship?

2. What do you remember about your dating period? Highlights, difficulties?

3. When and how did you decide to become engaged/married or move from dating to a more serious relationship?

4. How do you overcome differences?

5. What do you remember about your first year/years of marriage? How did you deal with getting used to being a married couple?

6. What moments stand out as fantastic times in your marriage?

7. What moments stand out as challenges and how did you manage to master them together?

8. What is different now than it was at the beginning of your relationship/marriage?

Use the answers to these questions as a base for a discussion between yourself and your partner.

Make this a game of finding the highlights in each other and the relationship.

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