My Husband Makes Me Ask For Money: My Husband Refuses To Give Money For Household Expenses

If money problems are causing a strain in your relationship and you are looking for ways to save your marriage, there are several things you can do to make your situation better. No matter whether both you and your spouse work or if only one of you are employed, you are equal partners in your marriage and it is imperative for you to work on your financial issues together to come to a resolution. Here are some simple tips to get started on saving your marriage from money problems.

Choose The Right Time

Trying to discuss problems while the kids are running around, dinner is in the oven, and the television is on would not be a good time to talk. Find a time when both you and your spouse are not stressed from the day's activities and can have some quiet time to actually talk uninterrupted.

Make A List

To help you stay focused on your discussion, make a list of the issues you need to cover. Your list will help you to remember everything and not get side tracked.

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Have A Plan

Along with your list, come prepared with a plan of action and what goals you wish to accomplish. Also, be prepared to be flexible because your spouse may have ideas to add to help achieve success.


Make sure both of you have a chance to communicate your thoughts and plans on the issues and what course of action to take. Be courteous and really listen to your spouse. Again, your marriage is a partnership and you both need to have a say and hear each other in what needs to be done.

Have A Positive Attitude

Getting emotional, negative and accusatory will not help you solve your problems and in fact, will only make matters worse. Remember, you are not there to fight and argue. You are there to improve the situation.

You can save your marriage from money problems and your situation will get better. Just follow the tips above to get back the marriage you deserve!

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Has your marriage been deteriorating lately and would like to get it back on track? It is quite commendable if you are trying your best to find ways to save your marriage. Too many people always look for the easy way out - simply ending the marriage without much dithering. Many people just do not seem to be as selfless as they used to be. Congrats on being one of the few people who make the sacrifices needed to maintain their marriage. I personally have been in a situation like yours where I did all I can to save my marriage - and eventually did so in the end!

Allow me to share what I have done to accomplish this. Firstly, never at any time start with the crying and begging if your spouse decides that he or she wants to end the marriage. If you have already done so, don't think twice about doing it again. Try your hardest to maintain self discipline in this regard as it only comes off as being desperate. You are more likely to make things worse than they already are. I could tell my wife was fed up with me when I carried out that routine.

So all you need to do is simply do the opposite. Don't open yourself to be vulnerable and beg continuously for forgiveness. Instead, put yourself out as someone who is independent and hard to get. The reason is that people always try to get the things they cannot have. If you appear easy or weak no one would want to have you.

Keeping your marriage in one piece can take considerable care and commitment. Never let the impulsive thoughts get to you. Be a little "hard to pin down" to your spouse at times. Heed my words - you cannot keep a stable marriage until you understand this and act accordingly.

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"I can't ever do anything right." While this seems to be an overgeneralization and certainly there is some evidence to the contrary, there really are people who do believe that they can't to do anything right. Perhaps you are married to someone like this, have a friend who says this frequently, a coworker who complains that nothing they do is ever right or you catch yourself saying those words. And while arguing the points of the matter is unproductive, what does make sense is trying to understand where such thoughts may be coming from and how they can be changed.

The fourth stage of Erik Erikson's Psychosocial Development is Industry vs. Inferiority which occurs during the prime school age of six to twelve. During this time, most learning is root memorization and children have an amazing ability to grasp large quantities of information. This is why the show, "Are You Smarted Then a Fifth Grader" is so interesting. Industry is the ability to develop some pride in the work a child does separate and apart from their parents' expectations. Inferiority arises when a child has been told the quality of their work is not good enough or they are not capable of doing as well as other children.

The Psychology. This is a time in a child's life when they are most likely to try different sports, begin to like one subject over another, develop friendships at school outside of parental involvement, and start to question "why is it this way". While they ask the "why" questions now, their ability at this age to reason has not fully developed yet. If the child feels a sense of accomplishment, believes they are capable of doing a good job, or finds value in their natural abilities then they will develop a sense of industry. If however the child believes they are inadequate, produce poor quality work, or are weak compared to others then they will develop a sense of inferiority.

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The Teenager. As the child grows into a teenager, the sense of industry propels them to work harder in the areas that they already excel naturally in doing. They may be excellent basketball players so now they work harder to achieve a goal of a scholarship and take pride in their ability to dunk a ball. The teenager who develops a sense of inferiority sometimes shuts down and refuses to perform because they believe their work to be inadequate. Or they do just enough to get by, never really trying to excel at anything because they are afraid of the pending rejection if they fail.

The Adult. A sense of industry will serve an adult well as they need little micromanagement to accomplish a task. They are confident in setting goals and while they may not achieve them every time, they still keep on trying and generally enjoy doing some type of work. A sense of inferiority keeps an adult tangled in a web of fear: if they don't do a task, they will be rejected by others; if they do a task and it works, it is never good enough; if they do a task and it doesn't work, they will face rejection again. So they opt for the easiest way out which is to do nothing and usually end up with jobs that are far beneath their level of ability.

The Cure. One of the hardest concepts for an inferior feeling adult to grasp is understanding that everyone is unsure about themselves from time to time. They have so internalized the feelings of inadequacy that they believe others really are better than them because they have more talents, gifts, opportunities, friends, and support. Ideally, the inferior feeling adult needs to realize that they do have a purpose in life and they do have special talents to match that purpose.

By explaining that God created everyone for a purpose and then equipped them with unique talents to serve that purpose, a person can be transformed from inferior feeling to productive. Once one area of their life has been transformed, the other areas will follow and the adult will have a new sense of how they fit in the world around them.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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When a marriage starts showing signs of fraying around the edges, neither spouse knows what to do about it. After all, they married in a glow of romantic euphoria that they believed would last forever, but it didn't happen that way, and now they're at a loss to know how to cope with their differences, their individual quirks, and the discord that is driving a wedge between them. Your first thought might be that they need to see a marriage counselor, but that's not the case. What they need is to find a marriage coach who will give them some free marriage advice to help them start building their relationship instead of tearing it apart.

No one is born knowing how to be married. It is, after all, one of the hugest adjustments you'll have to make in your lifetime. Learning to live with everything that makes up another person is hard work, even if you love that person dearly. You start being annoyed by things that never bothered you before. After all, how often can you pick his dirty socks up off the floor before you get tired of cleaning up after him? These are just small annoyances, but they start adding up and can get to the point where the individuals involved just don't know how to cope any longer. The situation isn't really serious, but some good advice from a marriage coach can help teach the couple how to resolve their differences more equitably.

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Stress can be another cause of marital discord. Most marriages start out fairly stress-free, but over the months, financial problems can arise, there might be an unwanted pregnancy, or maybe things just aren't going as expected. After all, just because you or your spouse graduate from college, that doesn't mean that a good job is just around the corner. Not in today's economy, that is. All of a sudden you're disappointed with your life, and that feeling can encompass your spouse. Neither of you has the expertise to deal with this stumbling block, and it can start to feeling hopeless. Once again, a marriage coach can give you the insight to get past this roadblock and get your marriage back onto a straight course again.

Creating a successful marriage is hard work, and there's nothing shameful about seeking some free marriage advice in order to get the guidance you need. Don't you think that salvaging your relationship is worth the effort?

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