My Husband Makes Me Feel Sexually Inadequate: I Feel Inadequate Sexually

It is a rare occurrence for a woman to be the one in control in the bedroom and that is a shame. Instead of letting your man always be the one in control and to be the one who decides how you make love, don't you want to be the one in charge for once? Don't you want to take control and show your man what he is dealing with?

Now is the time for you to become a different woman in the bedroom and that you learned how to make love to a man. You want him to lie back and to enjoy the type of pleasure that you are capable of giving to him. You want him to be "wowed" and shocked by how good you are in bed. You need to learn some lovemaking techniques for women.

First of all, you need to get on top of your man in the bedroom. The woman on top position is a position that all men are dying to have done to them, but women just don't want to do it. The reason is because women are too concerned about their bodies and their appearances to let go and to enjoy sex in this position. However, that was the old you. Now you are ready to learn the sexiest and most seductive ways to please him in bed and being on top is one of them.

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Of course, there are more lovemaking techniques that you can use. While making love to him, you can kiss him passionately and allow your lips to linger on his. Plus, you can hover your mouth above his and allow the warm of your breath to hit his lips. If you are able to achieve an orgasm and you keep your lips in this position, he will be able to feel your body release and it will be an experience he won't soon forget.

As well, you shouldn't be afraid to be a little rough with your man while you are making love to him. He wants to feel your nails dig deep into his skin and he wants to feel you thrust your hips into him deeply. Men like it rough because that is when they feel the rawest passion. The more passionate you are in the bedroom, the better the entire lovemaking experience will be and you both will be left completely satisfied.

Be the woman he has always wanted you to be and allow these lovemaking techniques to take your sex life from great to amazing.

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Ending a relationship can be one of the hardest things that a person can do. The emotional strain and the feelings of loss can have an enormous impact on anyone going through such a predicament. So, why do men leave marriages?

There are some men, who don't want to be with just one woman for sexual reasons. There are some men who feel they have outgrown their wife. This happens often where the wife is at home with the kids and he finds that he is no longer attracted to her and would rather seek the attention of a work colleague. This is an awful situation, but sadly, it is more common than you would care to imagine.

It is not the easiest thing in the world for two people to live with each other and go on and forge a happy life together. There are many couples that have done this and have had wonderful marriages. Sadly, there are many couples that have tried (and tried hard in some instances) but have failed and the marriage has ended.

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If you are having marriage problems and don't want to wind up in the divorce courts, you should take steps to make sure that you don't find yourself ending a relationship that could have been saved. Why men leave marriages is because they haven't been able to fix what was wrong in the marriage. This is where the right help can enable you to determine why the marriage struggled and what is needed to overcome your problems. Many relationships end because the parties simply don't work hard enough on the root cause of the problem.

In cases where the problem is detected and a plan put in place to overcome the problem, couples are well placed to move forward especially if their love is strong. It is a great tragedy that many good marriages have fallen by the way side when they should not have.

In summary, there are two types of men - those that are contented being in a monogamous relationship and those that aren't. Those that aren't are constantly restless and prone to having affairs. They generally will struggle to commit to just one person and will have trouble remaining married. They really do have problems and need help to work out what they can do to be more contented in their married life. If you are in this position and you have a fair idea why men leave marriages, the quicker you seek this help the better.

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Despite the ease of obtaining a divorce, if the foundation of love still exists in your relationship with your spouse, it is essential to try and save your marriage. Consider the following five points as a way to start:

1. Decide together that whatever the problems in your marriage, you will make an effort to try to work things out. A simple promise to "try" can be the first step to look objectively at your relationship and see if it is salvageable.

2. Commit to communicating effectively. Whatever the basis is for the breakdown of your relationship, the starting point to rebuilding it is open and honest communication. Feelings and perceptions are sometimes hard to express, but so important to explore. Agree on ground rules. Let one person speak without interruption. Instead of being accusatory, begin sentences with "When this happened, it made me feel...". Try to listen with an open mind and attempt to understand your partner's point of view. Often miscommunication breeds resentment and hurt, and just calmly talking and patiently listening will get to the bottom of some of the misconceptions that are affecting your relationship.

3. Be willing to compromise. Look objectively at what you are demanding, try to step outside of yourself and see what it looks like from your partner's perspective. One of the biggest components of love is the ability to recognize your own faults and strive to improve them and the other most basic foundation of love is to recognize your partner's faults, and tolerate them. Choose your battles. Honestly assess your resistance to your partner's point of view. Is his opinion really that unrealistic, or is your opposition an effort to exert control rather than save the relationship from a bad choice.

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4. Forgive and move on. Many difficulties in a marriage occur from a betrayal of trust from one partner that is discovered by another. Anger and resentment can stagnate a relationship. It is impossible to move forward when you are constantly looking back over your shoulder and bringing up the transgressions of your partner. Forgiving does not minimize or erase the hurt. In fact, the first step should be to verbalize in a calm manner the effect that your partner's behavior has had on you as a person and both of you as a couple. That done, it should be released and put in the proper perspective for your relationship. Forgiving is not so much for the person who has caused the pain, it is more to free the offended from the pain.

5. Explore and implement the changes necessary to change the behaviors that cause the difficulties in your relationship. If necessary, seek the help of a counselor or professional therapist to help you work through your issues. Face what went wrong, dismiss blame, and concentrate on how to improve the situation. Look objectively at your role in what happened and how you can change yourself, or how you can change how you react to your partner, to correct the problems.

A relationship begins with love and attraction and despite all the fairy tales, marriage is hard work. Building a good relationship does not always come easy. There are many days that are blissfully happy and others that are trying and difficult. The complications of life often blur the love of the parties. There are periods in every marriage that are trying, and often you may be tempted to take the easy way out and end it. But consider the above points as a way to open a dialogue to save your marriage. The challenges are many, but the rewards are even greater. As your relationship grows and matures, the richness of the first love and attraction settles into a solid, loving life partnership.

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Have you ever asked yourself, "Can I stop my divorce?" It's not an easy question to answer as everybody's case is different, but you can usually put if off for a time.

Divorces are great business for lawyers, as more than half of marriages end in a divorce and meaty legal fees. A lot of couples marry before they are really ready. The result is that they are asking how they can save their marriage almost before it has started.

It would not appear that generally people are marring too young, as a large number of the divorces come after some twenty five or so years of married life. The show business stars who spend their time stepping into and out of marriage on a regular basis can be ignored from the statistics.

The fact is that you usually want to stop your divorce, not because you married too young, or that the marriage was a loser from the start, but because you have grown up moving away from your partner. It is good in the sense that there has been growth, as this normally comes from a marriage where there has been love and care. As time has gone on, one or both of the partners' has taken up activities away from the other partner. The result is that the two live what are almost two completely separate lives in isolation.

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One of the partners feels left out by the other; there can be jealousy and envy, as one partner is successful in what they are doing and the other feels that they are excluded. This is probably the time that you should be seeking some counseling and guidance.

Another alternative is to get interested in the some of the activities your spouse has taken up. If your interest is appreciated by your spouse, all the better; if it is not you should stop. Your real problem shows up in the widening gap that each of you have created in your own activities.

When your partner is happy in the interest you are taking, it probably means he didn't know how to include you in the first place. So start to show some real interest in their activities, as far as you are able. Get into conversation with your spouse and show them your interest is real.

When you are asking yourself, "Can I stop my divorce?" you must do everything in your power to make things work out. You are trying to rescue your marriage, so, even if your spouses interests mean little to you, you have to learn not to show it.

Who knows, your spouse may see the light and start asking about and getting interested in activities that are dear to you, and so suddenly you both find yourselves getting back closer one to the other.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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