My Husband Never Takes My Side: Husband Is Never On My Side On Anything - What If My Husband Doesn't Love Me Anymore

You love your husband and naturally you want him to feel exactly the same way you do. Once the honeymoon phase has passed and you both have settled into married life, those declarations of undying love may not come as frequently from him as they once did. It's natural and normal to start experiencing some doubts about what he feels, especially if his behavior is beginning to suggest that something has changed for him. The question of how to tell how much your husband loves you is one you may be searching for an answer to. Fortunately, there are some ways for you to tell how much he adores you just by his behavior.

If you want to know how much your husband loves you think about where his priorities lie. Even when a man is buried beneath work, if he loves his wife, he'll still find time to devote to being with her. Does your husband make a point of getting home for dinner each night? Does he always try and spend the evenings with you? If he's working hard to be with you, you shouldn't doubt what he's feeling. He loves you and his wanting to be with you is proof of that.

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You can also get a glimpse into your husband's heart by paying attention to how often he asks about your life. If he seems genuinely interested in what's going on with you be it at work or even the goings on at home, that's a great sign. He finds you fascinating and wants all the details because he loves you. If your husband ignores you when you're talking about your problems or struggles you're facing, that's a very bad sign.

Husbands are known for pushing the to-do list aside in favor of watching a ball game on the weekends. However, when your husband really cares for you he'll do the things that make your life easier. That doesn't mean that he'll be willing to tackle all the household chores, but he will be more than happy to help you solve a problem you have with your car or help you with the kids. Men want to be the person their wife turns to when she has a problem. If your husband is that for you, you've got a strong bond.

Does he still reach out to touch your hand or does he offer to massage your feet or shoulders after a long day? If he does, you've got a spouse who loves you very much. Physical contact is important to a man when he's in love. He'll want to touch his wife and offer comfort when he can. Embrace the opportunity to be close to him as it will help you two to stay connected emotionally as well.

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When you feel that your husband doesn't love you as much as you love him, if you go on and tell him about it, he will surely deny it. But you will know that it's true. It's obvious - you do so many things for him, and you are not seeing any returns. Not that you help him so he'll help you - but you want his love. So, you want to know how to make your husband love you more. And this is the right thing to do - because things are (or will be soon) just painful. Any solid marriage is based on mutual love and respect - so you are doing well for your marriage by searching for methods on making your husband fall in deeper love with you. And there are a lot of things you can do!

Now - you feel that he doesn't love you as much as you love him, and what you should do is to restrain yourself. Yes, you have to fall back and yes, this is the advice people give to young girls who feel that their boyfriends are neglecting them. But it works nonetheless.

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It is the common theme in everyone's psychology (more so for men than women) that you simply want what you can't get. I bet your husband showed much more love towards you when you two were just flirting, didn't he? It was because you weren't completely "his" by then. And he wanted you so much for it. But once you got married, you were already his, and he knew that he didn't need to do anything else since you were, as I said, already his.

You want what you can't easily have... think about that for a minute and how to make your husband love you more will just flash in your eyes. It can be a massively successful tactic to just restrain yourself from showing your husband a lot of love, care and attention. Surely that doesn't mean that you will be totally ignoring your husband. Rather, it works very well to just focus on your own life instead. Pick up a hobby. Go out with your friends until late night.

Why is this the answer on how to make your husband love you more? Because you are shifting your "attention" and "caring" towards yourself and you are taking it from him. This will definitely bring him to his senses and will remind him that his wife is not to be taken for granted. He will see the need to do something to make you pay as much attention to him as you did once. Trust me - this works all the time!

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You most probably woke up suddenly to the harsh reality that your spouse is very controlling. In the dating phase and even in the early years of your marriage you were probably not keenly aware of how controlling your spouse really is as you thought that they were simply very self assured and confident. This is the reality of the saying 'love is blind' as your view of their bad traits or faults is minimized or distorted to be a good thing by the tinted glasses of new love that you wore. And like one waking up to a bad dream you have come to the scary realization that your spouse is very cont trolling but you really love them and do not want to leave them but how do you stay with them without losing yourself or resenting them?

Is he really controlling or are you super sensitive? Take time alone and analyze whether your partner is really very controlling or if your perspective of him is jaded? Who are you comparing him to when you say that he is controlling? Define what you mean when you say that your partner is controlling. Is it that he has strong opinions or that he wants you ALWAYS to do what he wants? A controlling partner is one who treats you like a child that must be herded and guided in the right direction. This will be a partner who dismisses your opinion and believes that the only way to do things is his way and so he constantly tears down your opinions in a bid to get you to do ONLY what he wants. Is this is your situation? If it is then he really is controlling and you must now buckle down so that you can survive him.

What if your spouse don't love you anymore? Here's how to get them addicted to you like when you fell in love for the first time

Take a step back and look at your situation critically. You are very close to the situation and you need to take a step back and analyze what is really going on between you and your partner. To handle a spouse who is very controlling you need to understand your spouse's motives or fears. How does his controlling behavior manifest? In which situations does it occur and how does it progress? Has he always been controlling or is it a recent phenomenon? Most controlling behavior is driven by fear and you need to step back so that you can understand the fear that drives your partner. If you can get an understanding of what is really going on then you will be better equipped to handle the situation. If you understand what his fears are then you will be able to find ways to minimize those fears so that they don't always come to the forefront and make him retreat into controlling behavior.

Can you stand up for yourself consistently? Can you hold your own with him in the issues that are important to you? He may be controlling but you do not have to agree to be controlled. One way to handle a controlling spouse is by being strong in your convictions and refusing to budge on the issues that are critical to you. Just because he is controlling does not mean that you have to give in to him but you need to deal with him with wisdom so that you do not aggravate the situation needlessly.

Choose your battles. To handle a controlling spouse you must choose your battles. Decide which issues are critical to you and which issues you don't care too much about. Peacefully and happily let him control those things that are really not critical to you as it's really not worth your emotional strength and happiness to fight the non-issues. And if he knows that he controls some things then he may more readily not fight you on your big issues.

Handling a spouse who is very controlling requires wisdom and strength of character so that you do not lose yourself in your partner or become bitter.

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Marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. It is precisely, a union in agreement, of a man and a woman to become one, live under one roof complement each other, and share things in equal. Marriage is the submission of oneself totally to one's spouse, living for each other and bearing each other's difference all though one's life time.

My first marriage advice for every newlywed couples, is that you must throw your dating overshadowing into the a waste bin or trash it in a trashcan because the stage of your dating has ended. And right now, you are into building a life-long relationship you will dwell in; and enjoy throughout your life existence. Good a thing you have now accepted your spouse without an element of double mindedness, doubt, lack of trust nor fear of any kind, but with unconditional love, to love and to behold your darling love in the best of your ability in order to create a happy and successful home than can stand evergreen in all seasons.

Secondly, you need to be ready to do everything in your might to ensure that your marriage works out as one amongst the rare marriages of emulation. But to belong to this calibre, you have to cultivate emotional maturity, sensitivity, creativity, and at the same time, be physically, and spiritually sound in order to be capable of the upkeep and maintenance of your new marriage.

Thirdly, it is my candid advice to all newlyweds, not be insincere at all, but, try to emphasize on your "attachment Bond". An attachment bond is the emotional connector that ties your hearts together as one, and deepens overtime. The attachment bond comes naturally into the marriage when both of you have whole heartedly fulfilled your first sexual relationship as husband and wife. Once this happens, both of you have to quickly readjust and queue in and commence building your family out rightly. Your "nuptial knot, or attachment bond" needs to be given every due attention to, especially, if you desire to achieve an evergreen marriage that can survive all seasons.

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Fourthly, no matter the degree of any marriage advice designed for newlywed you may have come in contact with, love, patience and respect to yourselves can never be overemphasized in your oneness, and growth as a newlywed couple. This, will help you achieve an intense respect and build trust in yourselves, thereby, keeping your marriage secure both from external and internal attacks.

As Newlywed couple, I have this as my fifth marriage advice to you: both of you need to understand yourselves as quickly as you could; to be able to know how and where to pay attention to your emotions with due benevolence and keenly pay attention to your feelings. You need not just to listen with your ear, but with your heart also. You need to hear your spouse though with your ear, but with deeper understanding in your mind as this will lead you to primary understand what your needs are at all time; both spiritual, material and emotional needs. Therefore, demonstrate the practical love above that which ordinary words of lips promises can express; but that love which your behaviours and attitudes can indepthly express. As I have said earlier, try to understand your spouse's heart, and both of you should ensure that you respect each other. Most times as you come to you to share hearts with yourselves, be free and pay due attention with love; for your attention is the paramount powerful way to quickly give you understanding, and therefore tolerate your spouse.

My sixth marriage advice for every newlywed is that you have to make earnest efforts to understand that your better-half is from a different background from you, both of you own attributes quite very unique from yourselves. I advice that you should patiently study your each other very well in order to understand yourselves very well. Bear in mind that both of you are not of the same background, as a result, what your spouse may react to could be different from what you will react to, therefore, you need to study and understand yourselves to the core. Besides, avoid anything that could cause quarrel in your marriage. Actually there is no way, you can live as one without disagreement, but I advice that you give no opportunity to any form of disagreement, argument or misunderstanding nor any form of marriage squabble that may want to threaten or overshadow your marriage.

My seventh marriage advise to the newlyweds is that you have to use one mind in harmony, to confront and solve with immediate effect, any conflicting issues that would arise in your marriage; because a little leaven, leavens the whole lump. Reserving in the cooler any unresolved conflict or misunderstanding repeatedly can mature at any time and develop into a more difficult problem that could give birth to divorce threat or outright divorce. Therefore, amicably resolve any question of marriage squabble, misunderstanding or quarrel without delay.

On my eight marriage advice to the newlywed I have this to say, instead of clinching your fists or bearing long faces, you can also opt for a marriage advice from a marriage advice expert or a marriage counsellor to help you out of difficult issues, then both of you will make up and continue to live peaceably in your evergreen marriage.

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