My Husband Never Touches Me Sexually: My Husband Doesn't Touch Me Anymore

"My husband doesn't want sex. Will general techniques help?" It may surprise you, but actually, "Yes!" Read on to find six techniques that improve things across the board. These often improve things in the area of physical intimacy too. Then read about one special thing you can do that will make you irresistible to your husband.

First of all, we need to recognize this is a problem that is probably much more prevalent than you realize. I recently heard that "sexless marriage" may range as high as 20%. Even more surprising is that it is often the husband who doesn't want to engage in physical intimacy.

That may surprise you. After all, when you first got married, it seemed like that was all he thought about. This may also surprise him. He never would have dreamed that his interest would wane.

Actually, some very ordinary things can cause such distractions that his interest in this area lessens.

- Pressures outside the marriage may affect him.

- He may feel like he is failing in some areas, and he is afraid he will again in this area.

- He may feel put down rather than respected.

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Here are some things that contribute to marital bliss. When they are all put together they improve each of the individual areas of marriage.

1. There needs to be a "leaving." Each member of the marriage must leave past relationships behind. They must also leave their past failures behind. They also have to put the baggage of the past that their spouses bring into the marriage in the past. Failing to do this can affect the area of physical intimacy in marriage as well as many other areas.

2. There needs to be a commitment to "overcoming." This is one of the things you both need to overcome. Be careful how you approach the subject, but get to where you can discuss the problem and attack it together.

3. There needs to be a commitment to "valuing." This can really help your husband. One of his major needs is to feel that you admire and respect him. He needs to feel valued by you. Also, if you have differing values of some sort, this may cause conflict in your marriage. Work through your differences the best you can.

4. "Intimacy" is important. Of course that is what we are dealing with now. It may surprise you that your husband would like to have spiritual as well as physical intimacy. He would like to have an emotional connection with you.

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5. It is really important to discover and attempt to meet each other's needs. Maybe there is an overlooked need you could meet. That could improve your marriage in general, and it could help in the physical area too. "Needs-meeting" is very important when you wonder if general techniques will help when you say, "My husband doesn't want sex."

6. "Giving" is important in any marriage. Perhaps there are some more areas where you can be more giving.

These principles all contribute to marital bliss. If you have slipped on any of them, that may be contributing to your present problem.

7. Here is the specific principle you can follow that will tie all of these together and will help you to increase your husband's desire. That principle is to get good information on techniques you can use to make your self irresistible to your husband.

So, yes, general principles can help improve your marriage in the area of physical intimacy, and specific principles can help even more.

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Marriage is a huge step not only for the couple together but also for each individual partner. Ideally, marriage is supposed to instill a sense of family in both of you. But for some reason it doesn't always work out like this. Bumps and troubles can begin even in the early stage of marriage. This can in turn result in separation and even divorce.

This is also true even for those who are married for already quite a long time.

Do you really want to undergo such things?

In this article you will discover 3 ways to fix your broken marriage effectively.

1. The first way to effectively fix your marriage is communication. Talking about the problems in your relationship isn't so hard but it is a HUGE step in fixing your marriage. Even though it is not hard to hold a conversation with your spouse; be careful! If not done properly it can lead to arguments which is the last thing that you need or want.

Have a patient, calm and cool mind when during conversation. These are the keys to a good conversation. When the problems are laid down in a calm way then both of you will realize each of your own mistakes and the solutions will come by themselves.

If you find it hard to speak together, don't dismiss the option of intervention by a professional marriage counselor to have a neutral third party to facilitate your conversation.

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2. Another way to effectively fix your marriage is by spending together WITHOUT anyone else around. Go on another honeymoon or a vacation with only you two. During this time, the situation itself will create avenues for you to talk about what is happening in your marriage. The situation will open up to enable you to communicate.

On top of this, the time together will strengthen your bond with each other. During this time evaluate what you have done during your married life and try to come up with solutions to the problems your family is encountering. Also do not forget to relax and empty your mind of the worries to be able to accommodate your partner and live up the lost time you had.

3. Another way to effectively fix your marriage is to accommodate proper compromises. Usually, the cause of most arguments is due to disagreements to certain decisions whether it is important or not. When presented with a dilemma of opposite decision between you and your partner, try to create a compromise instead of berating each other for what they want.

Life is not always fair so don't expect to always have what you want. Instead, agree to a decision where it is favorable and amenable to both of you. Arguments and disagreements only cause more strife in your relationship, so refrain from having them.

Open communication is always the key to resolve problems. Properly and respectfully conveying your thoughts and ideas is one effective way to catch the attention of your partner to what needs to be mended. With the opportunity to communicate and share it will be sure that your marriage will be fixed. Just follow these three ways and always remember to keep it cool.

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First of all I am going to say that regardless how bad and how hopeless everything might seem, it's in your hands to reverse that and win your marriage back. I know this because I have saved a marriage from the brink of divorce when everything was practically hopeless. I believe every marriage can and should be saved - marriages are meant to be forever. So I want to help you in this.

The first thing you have to go through in order to save your marriage is to stop looking for that "quick fix" method which will magically heal everything overnight. I know from personal experience that when you face a divorce, your immediate reaction is a knee-jerk reaction; you want to do something to save your marriage as soon as possible. However, you mustn't rush anything - it might harm everything.

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Consider this situation: Your marriage has problems and marriage is a long-term institution. Your problems in all likelihood didn't appear overnight. They have been slowly building for a while. So, it's clear that anything that didn't appear overnight won't vanish overnight. A search for a "quick fix" is a desperate attempt and will most likely end up with you begging your spouse for forgiveness - and this is a really harmful thing for your marriage.

This is why in order to save your marriage you first have to take control of your emotions and calm down. You are currently in a "desperate" and "knee-jerk reactive" state of mind. As soon as you calm down and relax; you'll get rid of the wrong thoughts and enter the "marriage-saving" state of mind, which is something that I cannot stress the importance of enough!

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When I first heard this I laughed - a perfect marriage, the counselor said was only possible between a blind woman and a deaf man, where the blind wife cannot see the inadequacies of her partner and the deaf man cannot hear her constant grumbling. You and your spouse could have played deaf and blind during your courtship days when both of you dreamt of a perfect relationship. As is evident, today the dream has turned into a nightmare and you are desperate to save your marriage.

If the above anecdote made any sense to you, you would have perhaps understood where the fallacy lies. And your marriage is not the only one that has got into trouble for this reason. Hundreds of people make this mistake of looking for 'perfectionism' in their spouse. The woman has to be a super wife, a super worker at office, a super hostess at social gatherings, a super chef and finally a super mom. On the other hand the man has to have the look of Jude Law, be a winner like James Bond and love like whomever the wife fancies in Hollywood. If you want to save your marriage, come down to earth my friend. Stop looking for the perfect spouse. Your partner is real and your expectations from him or her also have to be real.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Compromise unfortunately has become a dirty word for many. This is because the true essence of the term compromise has been raped and abused for a long time by those who condemn it. Let me tell you that compromise is not about giving up your own identity for the sake of saving your marriage. If you compromise for the sake of love and nothing else, your chances of getting disillusioned are also reduced significantly. Today you have to think about how to save your marriage, because none of you were ever 'equal' partners - there was always a winner and a loser.

Any and every marriage survives on four pillars: love, respect, trust and faith. All these, not necessarily in this order should be unconditional. The less you expect from your spouse, the less you would need to think about how to save your marriage. This in no ways means that there is no place for arguments, counter-views or justifications in a married relationship. Everything can be achieved, and you can get what you want in your spouse, provided they are backed by the four pillars mentioned just a while back.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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