My Husband Never Touches Me Sexually: Why Doesn't My Husband Want To Be Intimate With Me

Do you have a lack of physical intimacy in marriage? Perhaps you have none at all. Is there any hope? Is this state driving you crazy?

Maybe you have not really been involved in an affair, at least not physically, but is the lack of physical intimacy causing your mind to engage in a marriage emotional affair.

Not always, but many times the greater frustration in such cases applies to the husband. If you are the husband, is the lack of physical intimacy about to lead to affair type thoughts? The same can happen to the wife.

Any marriage can experience times of cooling down, but has yours reached a serious state?

Many couples have thought of straying in such situations, but others have discovered the secret of overcoming and restoring their love lives.

Before you think of having an affair (and, don't have one, even if you think about it!), try these four remedies:

1. Think about whether your approach may be turning your partner off. Maybe you are part of the reason for the cooling down. If your partner avoids your touch, find ways to restore this aspect of marriage.

How do you do that? Here are some ways: Start with small gestures. Venture forth with small touches. Move on to holding hands, etc. Don't add pressure, just get used to touching again in small ways.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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2. Don't dwell on the past. Don't try to prove who is right or wrong. The past is past. Dwelling on it will only lead to more frustration. (However, do learn from your past. Make the changes you know you need to make.) Don't dwell on the negative. Remember good things from the past. Make a list if you have to do so. Emphasize the positive.

3. Don't blame yourself!. Even though you are the one taking responsibility, your spouse may be even more to blame. You may feel quite humiliated because it seems like your spouse does not want you physically. While you correct your past mistake, move on without any more blame--no matter how humiliated you may feel.

4. Attack this problem as you would any other problem. The tendency is to engage in denial or place blame; yet, if you had another type of problem, you would seek answers. In this case, get information. Read good books on the subject. If friends or professionals can help, get their advice. Learn from others who have overcome.

If you take these four steps, and really dwell on the last one, you will be so busy attacking the problem and getting answers, that you will have less time to even think of having an affair.

These four steps will help, but, wait, we don't even know if that is all of the problem. Sometimes problems occur in one area of marriage, but they are a result of, or compounded by, problems in another area.

All successful marriages have at least some measure of success in each of six major areas. If failure occurs in any one of them, that condition affects most of the others.

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Taking the effort to try to save your marriage is something that is quite commendable. After all, it is very easy to just give up and tell yourself that this is not going to work. You end up sacrificing the precious bonds that you would have built over the years; is it really worth it to leave that behind? Since you are reading this I have to congratulate you on taking the first step in saving your divorce. Allow me to share my personal experience in stopping my divorce.

At first, I was pretty shocked when I heard my husband wanted to split up. Soon after I heard the news I started to cry and beg him not to do this. I really did love him and although our marriage may not have been the best one out there, I loved being his wife. I pleaded with him: "Johnny, please don't do this to me. I know what I did wrong and I'll do all I can to fix it, I promise. I love you too much. Please don't..!"

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Take a guess at how this would have helped me. If you guessed in no way at all then you are absolutely right. All the tears that I shed for him did nothing good at all. I could see that he was getting quite fed up with me and everything I did could not sway his mind.

So let me tell you what you should do. After learning it the hard way, I realized that I just need to avoid following my instincts and thoughts that arise. Acting all desperate like I was only made me look pathetic so don't do what I did and beg and cry in front of him. Following your thoughts and instincts will get you nowhere.

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Watching your husband's feelings for you change over time is never an easy thing. Many women marry a man who is crazy about them only to discover that years later his feelings have shifted from a place of being in love to just loving you. It's a really difficult situation to find yourself in and if you're not ready to consider divorce because you are still in love with him, there are things you can do. If you are a woman who is dedicated to saving her marriage, you can make your husband fall back in love with you.

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If you want to make your husband fall back in love with you, you must begin by looking at yourself. Quite often when we want to change another person we don't take into account the positive changes we should be making in ourselves. Think back to when you and your husband first met and fell in love. If you've changed since then, you need to decide if those changes have been positive or negative for the relationship. Although everyone changes over time as they mature and grow, you may find that you've become too complacent in the relationship. Perhaps you've drifted to a place where you've started taking your husband for granted. If this is true you need to change again, back to the way you used to be.

You also need to put some effort into making your husband feel good about himself. Men fall and stay in love with women who bring out the best in them. If you want to make your husband fall back in love with you, you must help him see all his best qualities. Take time to compliment him on his strengths and subtly work with him to improve those things he views as weaknesses. When he sees and feels how supportive you're being he'll feel much closer to you.

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If your marriage is rather shaky at the moment, then it is high time that you figure out what's wrong, before it's too late. You need to find out how to stop a divorce, and quickly! You have obviously got problems in your marriage that need fixing, and it is also more than likely that you and your spouse hardly talk to each other any more. This is where the problem lies.

Because you just get fed up with each other, and don't talk for days, the problems get worse and worse, when they could have been solved quite easily. The thing to do is to talk about the problems as they appear, and fix them - IMMEDIATELY!

If you really want to know how to stop a divorce, then you and your spouse need to sit down and have a good talk about what the problems are in your marriage, and fix them - one by one. In other words, get the bad atmosphere in your home cleared as soon as possible.

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Start communicating with each other again. Be nice to each other as much as possible. Work hard at getting back the same loving feelings you had towards each other in the beginning. It's not too late yet, but you must do something about it right now.

Let each other know how important you are to each other. When you first got married, it was easy to do these things, so you only have to start doing them again. If you love each other, SAY SO. Get physical again - hug each other as much as possible - for no reason at all, just because you want to.

How to stop a divorce? You got married to spend the rest of your lives together because you loved each other. You did everything together, and shared everything. So, share all the problems you have, and fix them together. Start being a couple again, and work together to save your marriage and avoid a divorce. After all, it would be so sad to simply throw away all the good years you had together.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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