My Husband Never Wants To Make Love: How To Make My Husband Want Me Sexually

It is quite perplexing to a wife when she sees that her husband doesn't want sex. After all, she may hear statements like: "All you, as a wife, have to do to prepare your husband for sex is to show up!

Here are five reasons why you may see your husband refuse sex for an extended period of time. Some of them are shockingly simple, but at least one is shocking in the usual sense of the word.

1. Feelings of Failure in Other Areas

Your husband may be experiencing failure in other areas of his life, and, as such, he may be worried about his performance in this area. While we think of women viewing all of life as being related, in some cases, problems in other areas may fuel a perceived fear of failure in this area.

The solution, if you see your husband refuse sex for this reason, is to be understanding and supportive. Be careful about making disparaging and demeaning statements. He really needs your admiration.

2. Unresolved Anger

You and your husband may have some issues with unresolved anger. Even if you worked through something in the past, he may still be harboring bitter and unpleasant thoughts. He feels that he cannot get them out of his mind. His natural desire is clouded by the unresolved anger.

For you, as a wife, marriage problems related to communication failures should be something you are willing to work on. Find out if this involves an anger issue. Talk through the problem. Help him bring it out in the open. Then, work together to resolve the anger issues.

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3. Overworked and Stressed Out

Another reason you may see your husband refuse sex is that he may be overworked and stressed out. If that is the case, try to help him relax. Try not to add more stress at home. Perhaps, gently suggest that both of you will benefit from learning techniques to deal with stress.

Read good books, or listen to tapes on the subject. Sometimes time-management principles can help couples to conquer the harmful effects of stress. Principles of learning how to understand different personality types will sometimes lesson stress in the workplace.

4. Physical Issues

A fourth reason why your husband doesn't want sex anymore could be that he is experiencing a physical issue. One man went to his doctor and took some tests. His doctor said, "You must get tired very easily." It turned out that he had some low testosterone levels.

The solution is for the husband, or the couple together, to have a frank discussion with a medical professional. Sometimes a prescription will have a surprising effect in how much it remedies the situation.

5. Inappropriate Sexual Activities or Fantasies

A shocking reason, in the true sense of the word, why your husband doesn't want sex with you anymore is that he has become engaged in inappropriate sexual activities or obsessive fantasies about how he would engage in inappropriate sexual activities with another woman.

If he has truly been unfaithful, you will have to decide if you really want him back. The solution in this case is for him to go through steps of repentance, and for you to work through the issues to the point to where you can forgive him. He will have to rebuild trust, and new safeguards will have to be set up. Still, when both partners are willing, marriages can be restored. When they are successfully restored, the former feelings of excitement and passion can be rebuilt.

These five shocking reasons and solutions to the situations where your husband doesn't want to have sex can be very helpful. However, they do not form the whole answer.

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It is not too much of a surprise to hear how much marriages have been failing over the past few years. Are you aware that the divorce rate can reach as high as 87% in some places? Since marriage takes considerable time, effort and commitment; many people choose to take the easy way out and end their marriage. People do not seem to be as selfless as they used to be and I commend you for not taking this path.

It is quite unfortunate that it is not so simple to prevent a marriage from collapsing. Marriage counseling has been suggested by many people, but this only is suitable if both spouses want to keep the marriage going. If your husband or wife wants to split up it can become quite hectic for you.

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Often times, trying to save your marriage can actually be detrimental to the situation. I can tell you from my own experience that being in a relationship that is falling apart in front of your eyes can be very nerve-racking and can cause you to act distressed at times. This desperation only works against you, especially when you reach to a point of begging on your knees to avoid the divorce. What do you do then, you ask?

Immediately come to the realization that doing these things by yourself will not help you progress in getting your marriage back on track. You may even be causing more harm than benefits. What I did was seek advice from someone that is professional and unbiased.

Everyone has their own opinion and it is always good to get opinions from credible sources. Seeking outside advice is truly one of the most effective ways or saving your marriage. I have shown you the path and now you just have to walk it!

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Watching your marriage falling apart is a horrible feeling. It's even more emotionally challenging if you are still in love with your husband. We often make the mistake of thinking that we can't control how another person feels about us. That's not always the case. If you want to keep your family together there are ways you can win your husband's love back.

The most important thing every wife in this situation must remember is that her husband chose to be with her at one point. Think back to when you first met and married your husband. He was likely crazy about you and couldn't get enough of you. In order to win back your husband's love you have to work to recreate those feelings in him. You can begin by remembering how you viewed each other.

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Life often gets in the way of happiness. It's so easy to fall into the common trap of letting the romance slip out of your marriage when life's daily stresses take over. If you want to win your husband's love back you need to focus on him. You have to put his needs above everyone else's. When you two first married you likely tended to a lot of his needs. That may have changed over the years and if it did, now is the time to get back into that routine.

One thing that many women don't realize is that men fall and stay in love with women who make them love themselves. Your husband fell in love with you initially because you brought out his best qualities. If you've stopped showing him how valuable he is as a person and a husband, his feelings for you may shift. Make a concerted effort to compliment him more often. Tell him how much you value and need him. Don't make a large production of it, and don't go on and on. Just make sure each and every day that he knows that your life is better because of him.

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If you are thinking of ways to save your marriage, then you obviously have problems. Little irritating things have escalated into huge problems, and now your marriage is in trouble. You can save your marriage. All it will take is for you and your spouse to sit down and talk about all the problems you have.

Make sure that the atmosphere is very relaxed when you sit down for a chat. Take a drive somewhere, to the countryside say, where you can have an uninterrupted discussion about your marriage. Then, one by one, bring up the problems you have, and, between the two of you, fix them so that they never happen again.

Of course, there are some things that are going on in your marriage that only you know about. For instance, you might be really into some sort of hobby that is upsetting to your spouse. But, something that your partner does regularly, say going out with friends too much, is also very aggravating to you.

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In this case, compromise. You slow down a little on your hobby, and your spouse spends less time with friends. This way, you will have more time for each other. Spending quality time together is really a good way to save your marriage. You are partners, and need to do as much together as possible, and that also means getting away from it all sometimes.

Anytime a problem arises, talk about it immediately. Also, make a point of not saying things that can hurt each other. This will cause resentment, which will inevitably result in arguments. To save your marriage, all you have to do really, is be nice to each other.

Very importantly, tell each other as much as possible just how special you are to each other. Do little things for each other that you know will make your partner happy. Take a few days off sometimes and have a great holiday together. Save your marriage. You loved each other so much when you first got married. Tell your partner all the time how much you love him/her, and you won't have a reason to try and save your marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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