My Husband No Longer Loves Me: When A Husband Can't Say That He Loves His Wife

One of the problems of married couples is that they tend to lose the fire whenever they have already spent years together. It's like they only had a one-year honeymoon period, where everything was afire and they could not seem to let each other out of sight. But after that year, things start to change. They no longer hold hands and they don't seek the presence of the other like they used to.

Most of the time, it is the wife who tries to find ways on how to bring back the fire between them as a couple. While this does not necessarily mean that the husband no longer loves his wife, it can be a bit daunting for the latter. So if you find yourself in the same situation, then take note of the tips below that will help bring back that fire to your relationship and make your other half fall in love with you the second time around.

Take care of yourself a little bit more. One common problem with wives is that the moment they get married, they start forgetting to take care of themselves. They no longer go out of their way to make themselves beautiful in the eyes of their husbands. In effect, they tend to look plainer and sometimes unappealing. So if you are guilty of such, then try to take time to be kinder to yourself. If you have not gone to a spa for more than a year for that routine facial treatment, then now is the time to do so. If you feel that the years have taken their toll on your face and skin, and you would like to possess that healthier looking skin, then go for a skin tightening treatment. These treatments can truly help you look positively different and you might just elicit a "dropped-jaw" from your husband the moment he gets home.

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Get a new wardrobe. Before, being fashion-conscious is for those who are constantly in the limelight. Today however, fashion is essential, not only to give you a powerful and impressive look at the office, but also to keep your man in the leash. By getting into nicer and more fashionable clothing, you can actually bring out that beautiful and lovely look that you have quite forgotten. So after a skin treatment, head to the nearest shopping center and get yourself a better wardrobe.

Cook his favorite dish. The saying that "the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is quite true. Aside from that facial treatment, and the new wardrobe, make sure that you don't forget to cook his favorite dish. Surprise him with a nice little dinner when he arrives home and for sure you'll get lots of love for that.

Now, do all these three tips in one day and you would surely make your husband fall in love with you all over again. These are simple tips and are considered no brainers. Just make sure that you choose the right clinic for your skin treatment, the right boutique for your clothes, and the right and freshest ingredients for the dish.

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When a couple stands before the congregation to take their vows, their lives are full of joy. It is their dream that their love will last forever. It is their dream that their relationship will be different from their friends or even their parents. It is their dream to have a successful and happy marriage.

But life has a way of shattering our dreams, robbing our joy,and sapping our energy. We no longer have time to take a walk together after dinner. We no longer look forward to seeing each other after work. We just want to eat dinner, read the paper, and hope that we have enough energy to face tomorrow.

But there is something else that often happens in the life of a married couple. The very things they appreciated most about each other have been replaced by the things they hate most about each other. They no longer affirm each other. Now they condemn each other.

If you have lost the dream of a successful marriage let me encourage you. There is hope for your marriage. You can reverse the direction of your marriage. You can build with God's help a better tomorrow. Let me share with you two steps which will make a difference.

1. Affirm your spouse.

There may be things that irritate you about your spouse. But think about the time you first met your spouse. What were the things that attracted you to them? Take a moment right now to list two, three or even four positive traits you saw in your spouse.

Now this is what often happens in a marriage. Around the second year of marriage we start to focus on the negative rather than the positive. We become so focused on the negative that we forget that our spouse has positive characteristics. We need to reaffirm those positive traits in our spouse's life. Tell them again what you appreciate about them.

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When a couple meets with me in my counseling room they sometimes say this to me. "We just don't like each other anymore." I then ask them to list what attracted them to each other. Smiles usually fill their faces. It suddenly hits them those same positive characteristics are still part of their spouse's life. What changed was their perspective.

2. Spend time with your spouse.

I can think of no better compliment than a husband to say to his wife or a wife to say to her husband, I want to spend time with you. Besides you can't have a growing relationship unless you spend time with each other. It just cannot be done any other way.

As you spend time together dare to dream again. What do you want to recover in your relationship? What do you want to do differently? Take time to have fun with each other. And take time to pray and read the Bible together. All of these things will make a difference.

I know a minister who is very busy. Not only is he involved in the day to day operation of the church, he also works hard to help individuals in his church. But Mondays belong to his wife. Unless there is an emergency his wife gets his full attention on Mondays. And this pattern has kept their relationship alive.


If life has robbed you of your dream of a successful marriage let me encourage you to dream again. Put into action the above action steps. Within time your marriage will improve. Your marriage will become better than you dreamed possible.

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Marriages nowadays are challenging couples with higher stress levels and more difficulties than in the past few decades. Couples are always faced with the many pressures and circumstances in life while simultaneously maintaining and working out their relationships with their respective spouses. Oftentimes, marriages are tested with parenting issues, pressures at work, financial concerns and other problems that start to take their tolls in the marital relationship. As individuals grow more settled in their marriages, their lives start to appear as routine. The never-ending work-home lifestyle makes it difficult to get anything else done after a stressful day at work, but you need to at least try to add some fun and excitement to your present lifestyle. A little surprise or some fun is necessary to fix a failing marriage. Here are several tips on how you can save your marriage. It is vital that you do not delay in trying these tips. A bit of spontaneity can spice up things between you and your partner and sprinkle some zest back into your married life.

Fix your marriage by doing something fresh, new and completely different. It would be easy to get under the chains of work-home routine that only deals with office work, eating and then getting sleep. With this highly modernized and demanding economy, it is fairly easy to get caught up in this routine lifestyle. You need to put in some real effort for to get back a little dose of spontaneity in your married life. Have you been thinking of something fun to do lately? Whether it is that lovely Caribbean cruise getaway or simply a romantic dinner date that you have in mind, it is always important to do things beyond your daily routine. This will give you and your spouse that fresh perspective on things. Try fresh and exciting things together as a couple!

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Surprise your spouse with a fun and exciting weekend getaway. Pack those travel bags and drag your spouse away for a weekend out of town or overseas. A new environment gives you a new and fresh perspective on your problems and other issues. This allows couples for more time together and offers the opportunity for them to rekindle their feelings for each other. This could very well be the remedy to all those marital issues.

Restore your failing marriage with a breakfast in bed service. Serving your spouse breakfast meals in bed makes him/her feel very loved and appreciated. It just shows that you are willing to work on and put effort into your relationship.

Bring out those compliments once in a while. Marriages often fail because one party doesn't feel appreciated or maybe does not feel loved by the other. Make it a habit to compliment your spouse at least once daily. This is a pretty simple task that can eventually work big miracles especially when you try to fix a failing marriage. Appreciate your spouse's efforts, love and everything else he or she brings to the table. Compliment your partner's hair, smile, eyes and tell her/him the good things you love.

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I know what you are thinking: the title presents an oxymoron. How can one possibly feel powerful and vulnerable at the same time? In actuality the strength of wives lies in recognizing how they are inherently different from their husbands. In this particular case, husbands think about things while wives feel.

Just because your husband does not express his feelings does not limit you to remaining silent about yours. All the readings that I have come across as a Relationship Coach suggest that marriages flourish when both partners accept and celebrate their differences. Consequentially, a wife is most powerful in her relationship when she reveals her vulnerability to her husband.

It is fairly easy to reciprocate hurtful words in a disagreement with equally unkind replies. However, that is a prime time to express your vulnerability by a simple sentence to show that what your husband said hurt you, and leave it at that. Such an approach reiterates the obvious truth to your husband that when all is said and done, both of you are on the same side and malice just makes the journey seem more lengthy and cumbersome.

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At first you may feel cheated of your right to express hurt the way you are used to, as almost everyone tends to mask her vulnerability by a hard exterior in an attempt to show strength. Here is a thought to keep you on track with your purpose of maintaining a great marriage: starting off your sentence with, "I feel," instead of, "You say," to your husband will instantly connect your husband to your feelings and separate him from the blame, making him more receptive towards claiming your feelings as his own. Since you are expressing how his actions make you feel without directly branding him with blame, he will feel no need to be defensive and will instead reach out to comfort. Please note that a reaction like this may not be instantaneous: your husband is likely to feel boorish for his behavior and your contrasting need for support. Once you remain consistently focused on addressing a disagreement with how it makes you feel instead of blaming him for what he says, he is bound to respond to your need for support and be more aware of your feelings with each passing day.

Expressing your feelings empower you as a wife since it evokes your husband's instincts to support you when you are in need. You will gain more mileage as a couple when you are honest to your husband about your feelings with the trust in him to respond in the best way possible.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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