My Husband Repulses Me Sexually: I Feel Disgusted When My Husband Touches Me

Over the course of a few years of marriage, things shift between a woman and her husband. In some cases, feelings dramatically change and if you're like me, you may even reach a point where you don't feel as in love with your husband. Divorce isn't always an option, especially if you have children and are committed to keeping your family together. If you've been wondering how do I fall in love with my husband again, there are a few things that can help reawaken those feelings.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Remember back to the time when you two first fell in love. Chances are that you felt that your husband was the perfect man for you. You looked past his unappealing habits and you felt that you could change certain things about him. Over time those small habits or personality conflicts can become more apparent and can challenge your feelings for him. When I wanted to fall in love with my husband again I realized I had to start seeing everything positive about him, instead of focusing on those negative things.

One of the best and most effective ways to do this is to change how you talk about your husband with others. As women, we often confide in the other women in our lives. If you've grown accustomed to complaining about your husband to your sister, friend or co-worker, stop that and instead talk about what you enjoy about him. It's amazing how much you can impact your own feelings if you are sharing positive experiences with others. Hearing yourself talk favorably about your husband can help reignite those old feelings again. I did this when I was determined to fall in love with my husband again and it really did make a difference in how I was feeling towards him.

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Problems can occur at every point in one's life. This is also true when you already have your spouse with you. Although you help each other out there are still times when you have your disagreements and fights. Although it is alright to have some from time to time (believe it or not it makes a relationship stronger) but when it happens almost all the time then it is altogether a different problem. Your marriage may be compromised by these petty problems piling up from time to time.

To help you prevent a failed marriage by identifying the source, here are 3 very common marriage troubles.

Financial Problems

As the saying goes, "Money is the root of all evil." But, we all know that in today's capitalist society money becomes fuel to almost everything you do. In a family, this is very true. Without money, the family will not be able to survive for long. Always keep an eye on your finances to prevent unnecessary troubles in the family as well as disagreements and blaming between you and your spouse.

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Relative Problems.

When you got married you created a family of your own. Although you still connect with your parents, siblings and other relatives do not let them lead your life any more. Advices can be listened to and to gibe it thought but commands and assertive suggestions must be ignored especially when it disagrees with your spouse's ideas. Sometimes, to much dependence on your previous family may hurt the pride of your partner which can cause disagreements and regrets.

Communication Problems

Too much and too less communication can be a source of troubles between couples. Too much communication can tend to go in different directions and may cause the unearthing of past issues as well as create new issues.

Less communication can also lead to physical as well as emotional distance. Too little communication can also lead to misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Be adaptive to the mood and preference of your spouse to avoid unwanted arguments and awkward moments which can lead to a realization of a marriage failing.

Being aware of the probable existence of problems in a marriage can save a lot of things, more importantly your family. Knowing the problems before hand can prepare you for possible scenarios as well as solutions to the problem. Remember these three very common marriage troubles to avoid a marriage going down the drain.

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One of the worse situations in life that someone can be is to be in a rapidly ending marriage. It's all the worse if that someone actually doesn't want the marriage to end - it's impossible not to be reminded of the good days wherever you look. Like I said in the title, I have been in this situation and want to say I feel for you.

But it's not the time to be sad and cry - it's time to cheer up, because I turned the tides in my marriage and have saved it from a divorce and will help you. My marriage is very firm and healthy now! The reason I said cheer up is that doing the opposite will harm your marriage even further.

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It's not possible to be happy when your marriage is ending, but it's possible to retain control over yourself so you won't go desperate and try the wrong, desperate things. Such things would be to try to show how weak and sorrowful you are to your spouse, in hopes of a reunion. This makes you look pathetic and makes your spouse even more fed up with you, so you should avoid them like smallpox.

Saving your marriage needs careful consideration of the human psychology. The reason the "Look at me, I love you so much that I am very desperate right now" stuff will never work is that they make you look pathetic. And they make you "easy to have". Remember that people want what they CAN'T have - this is incredibly crucial to your marriage saving efforts.

This is why your first step in saving your marriage is to stay emotionally balanced in this harsh situation. Do not cry, at least not in front of your spouse. Know that this first step (which is equivalent to saying "calm down") is an absolute prerequisite for the next step: Saving the marriage.

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Being in a shaky marriage is one of the most hurtful experiences. Nobody wants an end to any relationship. If one had a choice, divorce wouldn't be it. Who doesn't want a happy ending? Or a happy ever-after? But things happen. Your partner packs up his or her bags and threatens to leave. And all you want to do is to convince your spouse to stay in the marriage.

People have been on the same boat. Partners hurt each other, ruin the relationship and shake the marriage. But many couples have solved the problems and got back together. They aren't extra-ordinary people. They are normal human beings like me and you. What am I trying to say? I am trying to say that if others have done it, you can too!

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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There are probably many ways to convince your spouse to stay in the marriage, but let me tell you one thing that won't - "trying to convince" him or her is not the IN thing for this! I guarantee you it doesn't work that way. Never use the blackmail tactics such as pleading or crying, anger or arguments, guilt or depression, threats or hurts, and alcohol or drugs. This stuff would only push your spouse farther away instead of pulling them in; and will make you look unattractively desperate. With these tactics, you are not going to convince your spouse to stay; they are going to convince themselves to leave! Yes, so sad but true.

On the contrary, you need to keep your composure. Accept their decision to end the marriage. Respect their view and let them go. Give them the freedom and space the need. It doesn't mean you agree with the divorce. It only shows that no matter what it takes you are determined to save your relationship. In time, you will be in a position to convince your spouse to stay in the marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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