My Husband Says He Loves Me But I Don't Feel It: He Says He Loves Me But I Don't Feel It

When all you can think of is, "How do I get my husband to love me again?" and your friends have no answer for you, where can you go for help? What can you do when your marriage has gone stale? You do not know why it happened, or when it happened, but you know that you need to do something.

So what can you do?

First, it helps to understand why it could have happened, and then finding a solution is that much easier.

Over a period of time, it is not unusual for women to lose respect, admiration and then love for their husbands, as those feelings are gradually replaced with hurt, resentment, and then indifference. As the woman shows less love for her husband he in turn then responds toward her with less love and he behaves as if he does not love her. Sometimes he even tells her this. On the other hand he could deny he has lost love for her but there is still that intuition that something is not quite right between them.

If you feel like this and you think your husband has stopped loving you, then you can take action to bring the love back into your relationship and even take it to a deeper more intimate level.

Think back to when you two first met and fell in love. What was it that you loved about him? What did he love about you back then? Things do change, and as we grow older, life's experiences change us and we develop in some characteristics while others disappear. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it takes some creativity to recreate some of the former spark. Perhaps your husband still longs for that first thrill, and you do not feel as energetic as you once were. This can happen especially when as a wife you go from being a career woman, to a stay at home Mom.

Talk with each other about this and work out how you bring back a bit of what you each want to make your relationship exciting again. It is not realistic for this to be an everyday thing, but plan on special occasions that you both look forward to once in a while or as a regular thing to rebuild the romance in your marriage.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Your husband may miss the career woman he married and you may think that there is nothing you can do to change that. And, you would be right to some degree, but you have a new role as a mother and that is also very important. Your husband has an opportunity to work with you in investing in your children's future by passing on values and nurturing your children's growth.

The way you can change things is to inject some excitement into your relationship by planning special times together. Other times you may go out with some of your friends or have an interest that gives you some time out for yourself. Your husband will see that you are interested and interesting and have a lot more to offer than he first realized.

Something else to consider is how have you been behaving toward your husband lately? You may have changed how you relate to him if you have felt that he did not love you as he once did, but you can change that. Try treating him the way you would like him to treat you. You may have been taking him for granted, and he may have done the same to you. This is not uncommon when you have been together for a while and with the stresses of everyday life. The way to fix this, is start relating to your husband in a loving way, and treat him with respect and kindness again, even if he does not immediately respond.

Perhaps your focus has been more on the children and you have overlooked his needs.

Maybe you have been on his case to do things around the house that need doing, but have forgotten to appreciate him for the things he actually does.

Try treating him the way you like to be treated and pretty soon he should start to respond in a like manner. When you show him that you admire, respect and love him he will soon see that you still love him, and you will become closer as a couple again.

Follow these steps and you will no longer ask, "How do I get my husband to love me again?" You will know that answer. And, so will your man.

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Have you ever wondered why you are more comfortable with some people than with others? Successful relationships can only be sustained when both partners have a unity of spirit. If a friend or neighbor with a negative spirit associates with you or your partner, the harmony you currently experience in your marriage or relationship may eventually be disrupted. Have you noticed how violently your husband sometimes react after a visit to a particular friend of his?

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After a couple has been married for a few years, disagreements between them might occur and the joy of being married might feel more demanding and less blissful. How will you realize when your marital relationship is in the midst of a calamity? As with any marriage, there are reasons why a married couple encounters problems and the relationship becomes stressful. Alcoholism, having children, either ones born between the married couple or stepchildren, finances, infidelity, sudden or large alterations in life and/or issues with fruitfulness all are causes for a strained marriage.

Whenever something occurs that causes stress in a marriage, other issues develop, like lack of trust between the two married folks, feelings of dullness, betrayal, lack of verbal interaction, an absence of gratitude, compulsive behaviors, mental abuse, lack of sexual connectivity and less friendliness. When the marital relationship is in difficulty, you may want to consider trying some resolutions as to How to Save a Marriage.

When it is clear to you that something is definitely not right with your marriage, do not simply assume you know How to Save a Marriage; however, it may be a good idea to quickly seek a resolution. Firstly, attempt to see what the issues are and look for valuable aspects about the marriage, so you can save your marriage and avoid a heartbreaking divorce. In life, no matter what the situation is, there is always reason to hope and many methods to solve problems, even troubles in a marriage. The difficulties between married couples might be a result of egos or a few simple misinterpretations.

Thus, to keep a relationship in a healthy way, you and your spouse will need to let go of some of the ego and both become resourceful in fixing the issues in your marriage. Additionally, it is important to assess yourself and your spouse should assess himself or herself. It is one of the most vital steps toward saving a marriage. You ought to be capable of thinking about all your own errors and figuring out how to improve them in your conduct, physically and mentally. Try to avoid performing those actions that could cause emotional harm to your spouse.

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There are a few helpful choices for the issue of How to Save a Marriage. If you wish to be a loving and forgiving companion, you need to have the capability of listening to your spouse and understanding what he or she says and feels. Listening is an important part of the relationship too. You ought to be capable of remaining tranquil and discussing any issues, calmly and completely. When your companion is speaking to you, you ought to be able to ask any questions necessary as to simplify all uncertainties.

Having a solid communicative bond is a very vital aspect for building a solid, robust and vigorous relationship. You ought to be able to talk about any issues between the two of you, and share any emotions either one of you has. One vital part of How to Save a Marriage and keep it healthy is to completely have faith in one another and avoid jealousy about your spouse's personal life of progression with work, payroll amount and so forth. For instance, some couples allow stress to enter the relationship if one spouse earns a higher paycheck, or they become jealous of a friend.

Your tactic towards your marriage should always be optimistic. Whenever there are a few issues or some resentment, try to keep in mind that you have been together for a while and have shared some great and content times together, and attempt to re-kindle those times again. When there are a few troubles, do not feel annoyed or become anxious. It is best to remain in a tranquil mood. Whenever you become extremely angry when disagreements arise, you normally have a tendency of saying things or doing things that you do not mean and cannot take back.

One of the greatest methods as to How to Save a Marriage is to build longstanding strategies with your companion. Try to create a few ideas, like taking a vacation together or plan a nice picnic at a romantic and favorite location. By having some strategies figured out for the future, ones you and your spouse will do together, might help to encourage more closeness. It will definitely cause your wife or husband to feel reassured and guarantee that you two are always there for one another.

Your complete behavior and cleanliness additionally affect a relationship. In addition to these tips about saving a marriage, it is vital to remain well dressed and respectable every day as well. Your spouse will notice these items and married life will feel more peaceful, and your partner will try to do the same thing with his or her hygiene and behaviors. It is important to remember that How to Save a Marriage does not have to be a tricky matter in the least.

Trying a few or all of the above-mentioned resolutions will help you have a marriage that is annoyance-free and an enjoyable one.

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