My Husband Says I Am A Burden: My Husband Told Me He's No Longer In Love With Me - My Husband Called Me A Burden

Some women, after getting estranged from their husbands, wonder "Will my husband ever love me again?" For some this becomes a pining leading to pain and sorrow. This question is being asked not only by those ladies who have been separated from their husbands but also by others whose marriage still continues. People on the verge of a break up are more likely to be haunted by this thought. Any woman, whether she is a wife, divorcee or only a lover can get their ex back if they make a serious attempt at restoring their love.

The situation can be classified into two categories. One, where the man still seems to love you but not to the extent that he did in the past. You wonder what has come over your man. The second situation is the more serious one, where cracks have developed in the relationship and the break up appears imminent. Before discussing what you need to do in order to win your love back, it is worthwhile to examine what things you may be doing wrong, because if you stop doing the wrong things, the situation will turn to the better.

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One of the things men want from women is encouragement. They like their women giving them confidence, encouraging them and inspiring them. Some women, out of love for their men, make them feel nervous and fearful, with the intention of making them improve the way they do things. But this often ends in a negative result. You will be able to make your man feel confident only if you are a confident and cheerful person. Men like women who are relaxed, laughing and jovial, giving an appearance of being in control. This kind of a cheerful attitude is instantly contagious and will make your man feel good about him too.

So, first groom yourself. You don't have to attend a workshop for this, paying a hefty fee and spending a lot of time trying to be trained by professionals. You can improve yourself just by observing others and emulating the good things you like in others. By focusing on just one or two traits at a time, you will soon be able to reshape your personality as a vibrant and lovable person.

If the love in your relationship has dried up, it might be due to your unconsciously changing your personality into a serious person. There can be several reasons why this happens but this happens to many women. The good news is you can change your personality and stop worrying, "Will my husband ever love me again?"

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It's disheartening to know that there are lots of unhappy marriages out there and many end up in messy divorces. The fact is, getting is a divorce is not the usual solution when a marriage hits rock bottom. There are many ways to save marriage. If both partners are committed to save their relationship, they can always seek help from a reputable counselor.

Aside from counseling services, there are other practical tips on how to save marriage. Take note of the following, for this will help you.

* Learn to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Every relationship has its own share of problems, and there are those that are so massive that it will threaten your relationship as a whole. This is all very natural. A couple must learn how to overcome all their problems and keep the marriage intact. Those couples who seek perfection will be doomed to deep disappointment. People will always make mistakes and they must learn how to fix them, especially if they are in a marriage.

* Good communication is essential. Couples who can't communicate openly always experience problems in their relationship. Being honest with your partner is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to saving marriage. Issues of all kinds can be resolved with the right amount of communication.

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* Learn how to compromise with your partner. There is a reason why compromise is considered an art, and for a good reason. It's not easy finding a middle ground between two people and their principles in order to come up with something that both of them can live with. Marriage is all about compromise, actually. You can't afford to be selfish when you're married. There are times that you will have to give way, and there are situations that your partner will have to do the same.

* It's all about commitment. Remember that marriage is like having a car. If the car breaks down, you just don't say that you want to get rid of the car, do you? You will do all you can to fix it, of course. Getting rid of a car is usually the last resort, and this is only done when the damage is truly beyond hopeless. How to save marriage relies largely on the amount of commitment that both partners put into it. It just won't work if one is disinterested in making things work.

Of course, there are marriages that can't be saved no matter what measures are taken. There are issues that can't really be solved no matter how much help is extended by counseling. In these cases, divorce can be considered. Just as it's not good to dissolve a union, it's also not a good thing to keep two people who are at odds with each other in a relationship. It's great to know that there are many ways to save a marriage, but again, some things can't be resolved and such relationships are meant to be dissolved.

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If your spouse desperately wants out of the relationship, but you are strongly certain that you want to keep it together, there is nothing more than you can do but develop a plan of attack to make certain that the outcome results. It is not as difficult as it may seem because you are not trying to attain the love of someone you have never met. You are merely trying to rekindle a relationship in which the other spouse at one time loved you deeply. You're merely re-awakening the relationship. You must be persistent, tenacious, and forthright in your plan of attack and not let anything get in the way of you restoring the relationship, and this may require you carrying the load for both parties. You can't change your spouse's behavior, but you can control how you respond to the situation.

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Sometimes, the relationship can get so bad that even the slightest conversation can develop into a serious argument. This is the moment when one spouse must decide if it is worth his or her pride to let the relationship continue on further. The only reliable option at this point is to compromise on each minor issue so that the core of the marriage doesn't get swept up in the ensuing arguments. If that happens, then the children may suffer, your life may suffer, and your relationship will be over from a few minor troubles. It is good to focus on the macro and not focus on the micro. The latter can crush a good relationship for just several trivial reasons. The solution must be bigger than the sum of the arguments that the two of you have about minor things. The solution to the problem will involved a good bit of compromise, but it will be worth it if it keeps the marriage together. If the marriage is kept together, and the relationship is stronger afterward, then those minor problems will be instantly forgotten.

One of the key difficulties in any relationship is in ensuring your partner that you truly love him or her instead of just letting him or her assume it. If you don't let them know constantly, and by that, show them effectively that you love them, then it can be disastrous. The other spouse will never know how much you truly appreciate them and may think that you don't care about them all. It's vital to show your spouse that you care by doing things for him or her that are considered their favorites or things that really make them happy. This can put you back on the right track with your spouse instead of letting him or her think that you don't care at all. The specific things that can make him or her think that you care include taking on the other's tasks or doing something that the other spouse really likes.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone;

it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.

-- Ursula LeGuin

We all want to be loved. We all want to fall in love. We want to be in loving relationships.

It's easy to believe if you fall in love that you will be loved. It's easy to believe that if you're in a relationship that you'll be loved.

It turns out to be more complicated. It turns out that relationships take work.

Falling in love can happen effortlessly, can happen either fast or slowly, with intention or without. Relationships on the other hand take attention and effort and time; and they can only happen intentionally.

Falling in love is mostly about how another person makes YOU feel.

Loving someone is mostly about caring how that other person feels.

That means, first of all, thinking about that other person. Then it means that you care more about that other person's feelings/wishes/needs than about your own. Finally, your choices and your behavior are now influenced by what you understand about your partner's feelings.

That's the most important part -- love is about what you DO.

Falling in love can feel like something that happens to you. Relationships are something that you make happen. To make it even tougher, relationships can only survive and thrive when you keep doing the things that make them healthy and resilient.

It's not good enough to do it right once, especially at the very beginning when it's easy.

Relationship success requires persistent consciousness and effort.

Here's the real kicker -- in order to GET, you have to GIVE. It's not just about feelings; it's about actions.

Here are five actions that you can take to nurture your relationship and to make it more likely that you will have the love you want:

SAY something loving to your partner every day.

("You look beautiful/handsome today." "You made a great dinner." "You are a really good mom/dad." "You are such a hard worker.")

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DO something kind for your partner every day.

(Bring a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or after work. Offer to pick up the dry cleaning/ get the groceries/ take the dog to the vet, etc.)

ASK about your partner's day. Also ask about tomorrow.

("How was your day?" "How did that thing go that you were worried about?" "What's your day look like tomorrow? Easy? Hard? Unpredictable?" "How's that project coming at work? At school? With the kids?" "How do you think your mom's surgery/ dad's appointment/ sister's court case is likely to go?")

[NOTE: be sure to pay attention to the answers to your questions. Those answers let you know what you should be asking about tomorrow.]

BE present. To nurture and support a relationship it is necessary to have some amount of time when the two of you are present AND engaged with one another.

Being in the same house or at the same party but not engaged with each other is not good enough. Engagement is the key to being present in a meaningful way.

LISTEN to your partner. One of the most powerful ways to nurture a connection is to listen actively and with a commitment to understanding.

Commit ALL your attention to your partner (no TV, no cell phone, no newspaper, etc.). Make eye contact. Orient your body toward your partner.

Listening is a powerful way to communicate a wish to be together. And when you LISTEN well, often, and effectively, then you also know how to SAY, DO, ASK, and BE in the ways that your partner will experience as loving.

Love isn't just something you have. It's something you do. Today, tomorrow, and every day, if you're lucky.

Now Listen Carefully-

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