My Husband Thinks He Is Always Right: My Husband Is Defensive About Everything

I am in a marriage that my husband thinks he is always right. Every time when I want to suggest something to him or the family, we always end up in an argument. Whatever I say or do, he will try to twist the thing around and say I am wrong or even put me down. Sometimes, I will feel that I don't attract him anymore. How am I going to change his thinking?

Are you in a similar situation that your husband thinks that his perspective of truth is more important than yours? He wants things done in his way and is controlling you in almost everything.

If your husband is getting across the line, let him know how sad you feel about arguing with him who is right or wrong. Talk to him nicely about the matter and if he is still trying to argue back with you, don't fight back to make things worse. Write him a letter instead and stay away for time being. This is definitely a good time for him to think about his actions, if he cares about your feelings, he will want to talk things out with you very soon.

Do you know why your husband will think he is always right? The truth is you have allowed him to behave this way from the start of the relationship. Probably you have always been the nice wife that is giving in to him all the time and as time goes by, your husband will form a thinking that he should decide everything.

In order to change his thinking, you should stop this for one time. Make him eager and don't show too much excitement when he wants to talk things out with you. If you do not want your husband to take you for granted, don't be so readily agreeable first. Let him be eager so that he will learn to respect you more.

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Has your marriage been deteriorating lately? If you are trying to save your marriage from falling apart allow me to become direct for you: you cannot maintain a healthy marriage by performing endless self-sacrifice.

I was able to save my marriage when I understood and implemented this view. You cannot solve your marital problems by speaking with your spouse and trying to settle everything through the use of compromises. This might just work when you are in a relatively stable marriage even though there might be the occasional fight every now and then. However, is hopeless to do so when your marriage is troubled and your spouse demands a divorce.

Let me explain through the use of my own situation. My wife wanted to split up with me but I certainly did not want for that to happen. Any time my wife brought up the problem that she was having with me I always tried to reach a compromise just to keep the marriage going. I made it seem that I was only in the marriage for the sake of being married. Of course, this did not work and it will definitely not work when your marriage is getting heading downhill.

What should you do? You need to play the game according to the rules that is set. The whole begging routine is out of the question. You simply cannot revive the way things used to be by just begging and in fact, you will only make things worse. Just remember that people always try to get the things that they cannot have. I was ever so grateful to have learned this piece of information as it provided me with the foundations for me to save my marriage. As long as you understand this concept you will be well on your way to saving your marriage.

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If you want to live a successful life with your man, you have to understand that relationships are not as strong as we think. They are very fragile, even a small misunderstanding can ruin them forever.

You have to strengthen your relationship with your man in order to avoid severe sufferings in the future. Especially, you need to avoid those actions that weak your relationship and put you in a position where there is nothing but hatred in the hearts. Here, I am telling you some ways through which you can make your life a bed of roses and live a successful life with your man.


Disputes tend to shake the foundation of a relationship. Couples often dispute on those stupid things which don't exist in the actual life and ruffle their home environment. Especially, men have a profound effect of dispute, because it adversely affects their thinking in marital life.

Men never easily accept their defeat - it's in their ego. It's in their nature to prove themselves good and right in every situation. That's why, whenever a dispute happens in the relationship, they don't listen to anybody. It becomes difficult for them to surrender to a woman.

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In order to avoid disputes, the best thing you can do is to play the victim card. Make him feel that his actions are so painful for you, and he deeply hurts you. When you play the victim card, disputes change into love, and he easily acknowledges his mistake. He not only admits his mistakes but also expresses more love for you.

It's in his nature to protect those things which are under his control. When he sees that his actions are hurting you, he makes every effort not to repeat those actions again. So, play the victim card, because it will turn disputes into love and increase your man's interest in you.


In a relationship, your bad behavior will never let you live a successful life with your husband. That's why, it's necessary for you to adopt a behavior that can melt your man's heart with love.

Whenever a man comes home, he wants a loving atmosphere; he wants to spend time with his family. However, when you behave in a bad manner, he gets angry and take the fight on that level where the return is not possible.

In other words, it's not possible for him to easily tolerate the bad behavior/attitude of his woman.

According to men, the best behavior of a woman is her shyness - and her way of giving respect. You have no idea how much your shyness attracts your man. Your shyness, and way of giving respect, highlights your feminine aspect which is extremely desirable for a man. Your feminine aspect/attraction makes your man fall in love with you, emotionally and sexually, and compels him to treat you like a desirable queen.

So, if you want to live a successful life with your man,

- Play victim card during disputes for melting his heart.

- Give him respect and use the power of your shyness.

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