My Husband Wants Nothing to Do With Me: What Can I Do To Make My Husband Want Me

If you have marital problems, there is nothing unusual or abnormal about it. Problems in marriage are as common as marriage itself. But some problems may be difficult to solve because the issues underlying them may be complicated. It is not uncommon for married people to attend several counseling sessions before they identify the key issue that has ignited the problem. Identifying the issues behind a marital problem helps you understand the cause of the problem. Getting the love back into your marriage, however, is an entirely different issue. The question, "I want my husband to love me again. How can I do this?'" crops up at this stage. The purpose of this article is to give you three simple tips, which, if sincerely applied, will help you get what you want.

Buy him interesting gifts:
Everyone likes gifts. Gifts make people happy in any situation. Once you give a gift to a person, an instantaneous goodwill for you is registered in his mind. You may hesitate that giving a gift may be perceived as an attempt to entice him. This is quite a possible reaction. But the feeling of gratification will be already registered in his mind. Any resistance that comes arises only subsequent to that but it will be there only for a short while. The goodwill registered initially will resurface after a while and work in your favor.

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Fix a date with him for an evening:
One way of showing your husband how you love him is to be alone with him on a date for a pleasant evening outing. Choose a place where you had been earlier during a happy period of your life. The nostalgic feelings kindled by the place can work miracles. Use your charm by showering him with your love and affection. Have a delicious dinner in his favorite restaurant. If you have your own sources of income or savings, use that money. If he had been treating you to the good things of life all these days, it is your turn now. Going to a movie after the dinner will make the experience more memorable. Choose a film with romance or comedy as the theme. Laughing out together or watching the love pair in the film in the act of love is bound to rekindle the love dormant in your spouse's mind. Simply put, this should be an exercise in reminding your husband how you have been loving each other till recently.

Talk to him about your feelings:
Nothing can be more effective in making your husband love you again than pouring out your heart. Tell him how much you love him and how unhappy you are about not getting his love.

The above three tips will definitely help you to make your husband love you again.

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Yes your marriage may have started off wonderfully well, but there are likely to be times when problems do occur. What you need to remember is that you are not the only person who has been faced with such issues. But thinking that there is no way that even common marriage problems can be solved then you should think again.

If you are someone who is unwilling to look at ways of tackling these problems then of course the chances of your marriage surviving in the smallest problem is greatly reduced. What you need to remember also is that many problems arise in a relationship because the couple have become used to each other's ways and so they find it boring. Below we offer some tips that you may find useful and keep the excitement in the relationship that was there when you first got married.

Tip 1 - Communicate

If you want your relationship to remain good then it is important that you speak to each other on a daily basis. It doesn't have to be for long just when you are sat at the table having breakfast or dinner. By talking to each other it enables you both to gain a better understanding of the other person. However, make sure that you listen to what your partner is saying and allow them time to have their say.

Tip 2 - Take Care Of Yourself

In most long term relationships many couples become lazy and will not be so concerned about how they look to the other. By ensuring that you exercise regularly, eat healthily and dress to impress you will find that the attraction your partner felt for you when first dating will remain.

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Tip 3 - Love Making Is A Two Way Street

Once in a more stable relationship many men will not consider their partners needs when it comes to love making. By understanding more fully what it is your partner needs when it comes to this aspect of your marriage will help to ensure that yours is a more exciting one. However, you shouldn't press your partner to make love if they just want a hug then provide them with this.

Tip 4 - Keep The Romance Alive

Again when couples have been married for some time they forget that being a little romantic is important. Remember how it felt when you were dating and how special they made you feel. So don't be afraid to regularly make sure that you go out for meals alone or just for a walk in the park to bring back the memories of your time together before the marriage.

Tip 5 - Show Respect To One Another

Again a lot of the common marriage problems we see today are as a result that couples don't actually show respect towards each other. Initially it will begin with them ignoring the other when trying to discuss any important matters and lead to them becoming disrespectful in front of others. If you continue to respect each other including their funny little ways it can help a marriage to become much stronger. Should you find anything your partner is doing or saying as being disrespectful towards you then immediately tell them.

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A proper advice on marriage is not something born out of a certain person's experience, but something that will work out no matter what, disregarding any circumstances and any unforeseen events.

We were all raised to believe that love has nothing to do with our will, that we cannot control our feelings and our reactions towards a certain person. Perhaps that is true. There are countless couples out there who can testify that love at first sight exists, and even when you try to fight it, it still gets to your heart and your mind.

However, time is this feeling's worst enemy, and it is painful to see people watching their marriages break apart and not doing anything about it. When asked for an explanation, they all say that they stopped caring, that their feelings for their partner have died away and there is no point in staying in a loveless marriage.

While no one is questioning the truth of their statements, we can only stop and wonder: did they do anything to prevent their marriage from breaking apart? Did they take the time to apply at least one of the countless pieces of advice on marriage they must have received?

We just cannot take our feelings for granted and expect them to last for a lifetime. If we are lucky enough to fall in love with the right person, with someone who feels the same way, we should be smart enough to look after that love, to keep it burning no matter what, to help it grow and protect it from outside interferences.

For some reason impossible to understand, most men and women forget all about proving their feelings the minute they step away from the altar. They take their spouse for granted and they forget to seduce him/her, to show love, confidence and appreciation.

Assuming the other person does not respond in the same manner, how long do you think it will take before he/she gets tired of being neglected and wishes for something better. In fact, things would be so much simpler if the partners would just keep talking to each other, keep trying to get into the other's heart and, why not, pants.

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You know how important the physical connection in a marriage actually is. If you don't look after your spouse's needs and pleasure, someone else eventually will.

So, if you really want your marriage to last long and be happy, you need to take advantage of the feelings you now have, and to make sure they will never die. Giving is in fact another strategy for receiving.

You make your spouse happy, and you receive the double of what you have offered: the pleasure of seeing your loved one happy and the happiness your loved one will certainly give you in exchange.

In order to do that, you need to live every day as if it were the first of your lives together, or the first day you and your spouse met. You need to treat your spouse with the same interest, passion and admiration, and to trick yourself into believing you are just as excited for every kiss and every intimate touch.

No one is saying there won't be troubles; no one is saying there won't be times when you'll feel like leaving everything behind and moving on. But the solution to those problems is in your hands, and only you can find the way to get over them.

So, as a last piece of advice on marriage, never start the day without telling your spouse you love him / her, and never go to bed angry or without a kiss.

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"Pay attention when people react with anger and hostility to your boundaries. You have found the edge where their respect for you ends." - Unknown

CONDITIONAL love is the same as conditional respect. In response to safe boundaries some people respond by switching off their respect. Some people think that love and respect are dependent on how they feel. But effective relationships depend on love and respect if trust is to flow.

It's important to have had some relationships where our boundaries have been treated with disdain. It teaches us the difference between relationships that work for both parties as opposed to those that work for just one person. It's apparent straight away, that when relationships work for just one person, where there is respect just one way, the end of the relationship as it is needs to be nigh.

Those who disregard our boundaries tend then to get hostile when we enforce them.

There is another offender; one who oversteps the mark, continually forgetting where it was. Can we trust people who are repeat transgressors? Not beyond the realms of possibility, but there's work to be done. It depends on the person's heart.

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It is good to have the courage to enforce boundaries and to reinforce them by removing trust when respect is denied. How else are they to learn? Why would we enable their bad behaviour? Why would we make that rod for our own back?

The biggest problem with people who will not respect our boundaries is the anxiety that increases in us as we interact with them. That is our heart telling us something: 'I don't feel safe here, with this person in this situation.'

So, pay attention when your wishes attract the ire of someone who wishes for you to trust them. Neither trust nor respect work one way. They are always reciprocal. Reasonable people respect boundaries.

None of this work of enforcing boundaries is easy, but if we are to have safe, loving relationships we will use trust and respect as the barometer.

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