My Husband Won't Grow Up: How To Make Your Husband Grow Up

"I do everything by myself with NO HELP! I work all day, cook, clean, look after the kids, pay bills and make all of the decisions in the home. While he sits around watching football, playing video games or wanting to hang with his friends. He is so immature and won't help me with the kids or do anything around the house. When I say something to him about this, he sits there being quiet; he won't say anything! The kids love him but he is sorry and so immature! This is driving me crazy, Help!"

Does this sounds familiar too you? I'm sure if you have kids, you may have this story personally or know someone who does. What if I told you that once the kids and dad are interviewed, you will often get a totally different story?

"Mom comes home yelling because things around the house are not done right. We clean up but it is not a good job according to her. She yells at dad but when he yells back, she starts crying, screaming 'no one helps me around here' and calls him names and goes to the bedroom. When he cooks, she says 'The kids shouldn't eat that stuff and it was not cooked right.' The rooms are cleaned and beds made but it is not done right, Dad did not help the kids with their homework right, he did pay the bills but it was not done right because he forgot to do this or that. Dad took us to get ice cream and when we got back, mom was mad because our rooms were not clean. Mom is always upset."

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Do you see a pattern here? There is one word that should stand out to you now and that word is "RIGHT!" If it is NOT up to your standards, it is NOT done right! The way you envision things to be must be exactly that way or mom is NOT happy!

Ladies, it is NOT that he is immature; a man just knows how to cope with the stress of life and create outlets. He can relax and let things go undone. You can't because you feel that your work is never done and it requires a certain standard. It's the standard that stressing you out and affecting the relationships not so much of his non-actions.

Men will shut down if they feel NOTHING they do is right. It means he is NOT winning. An unhappy woman is the worst things EVER to a man. Once he feels he can't make you happy, usually he will plan his escape or do dumb things.

As for the home; when you have kids, your work really is NEVER done. There is always something to do; you will finish one project, only to be faced with another one immediately. The laundry will never be done, dinner must be cooked and there will always be some dirty dishes to wash.

Learn to let some things go for another day. Enjoy yourself regardless to circumstances or what you have to complete or accomplish. When you reflex back on life later, you will realize that it was NOT that serious! Your Karma is NOT off! Karma can be created by shifting your thinking as to the importance of your role as a mom and wife. You should enjoy this time in their life and laugh more. Appreciating and recognizing effort is the key to correcting and improving standards. Change the meaning: Instead of: "I do everything by myself with NO HELP!" Say: "I play an important role in the lives of my kids and husband and will enjoy this precious time I have with them." It is more empowering and works!

P.S. Yes, there are men who are fussy too but they are NOT the norm.

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Step 1

You have to change your behaviour first. You will have to behave in a very pleasant and mature manner. If the problems have gone too far and your husband won't even talk to you or forgive you, you have to stop the begging to him that you might possibly be doing now. That includes the texts and emails as well. This behaviour does not help you at and in fact does the opposite. You have to remember that no one wants to be with a needy person.

Step 2

Ask your husband to give the marriage another chance. You will have to focus on the positives of being married to your husband. Think about the good moments you have spent together. Tell your husband how you about the divorce in a nice way. There should be no shouting or pointing fingers.

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Step 3

Tell your husband the plans you have for the marriage and the relationship. You have to tell him that you want another chance to save the marriage and stop the divorce. You will have to admit that no one is perfect and that you are responsible for them wanting to get a divorce. If you want to stop your divorce then you must take responsibility of your mistakes.

You must be able to forgive and leave the past behind you. You will need to have a positive mind. The more positive your mind is the more positive results you will get. You have to remember that your husband loves you and that is the reason is giving you the second chance to save the marriage.

Stopping your divorce and saving the marriage sometimes needs you to look within yourself and you have all the answers needed.

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With the economy plunging, money troubles are killing marriages. Money is causing more stress than ever before. Also, the lifestyles we lead are wreaking havoc on our marriages. You simply can't deal with problems when they arise, when both of you go to work all day, then come home and take care of the kids and house. What time is left?

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When situations become difficult, our natural response is to run. To get away from what is hurting us. That's the main reason the marriage suffers! When you are married, you simply cannot run away from the problems - you HAVE to make time to face them, and deal with them. Too many couple just won't take the time to do this, and their marriage falls apart. It doesn't have to be this way!

To learn how to save your marriage, you have to make time to sit down with your spouse and talk about things. Try to see it through their eyes. Sometimes seeing things another way will enable you to see what the problem is, and enables you to remedy the problem.

When couples work together, you will learn new things from each other - new ideas on how to change things around for the better. For both of you.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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In any marriage there comes a time when, for whatever reason, things become strained and arguments develop. In some ways it's healthy to have disagreements, but when they start to take over the happy marriage you once new then it's time to do something about it.

Below are six things that can cause a marriage to disintegrate:

- Spending too much time away from home and each other, either working or mixing with friends, doesn't help a relationship. It's inevitable that a spouse will feel neglected and start to wonder what the attraction is that keeps you away from home.

- Sex is important in any marriage as the intimacy between two people binds you closer together. If the sex becomes less and less then the chances are your feelings for each other will diminish and you will feel isolated.

- Financial problems are often a major cause of disharmony in a marriage. However, if you don't try to work the issues out together your marriage will not survive. The first thing to do is assess the situation and see where the problem lies. Help each other to overcome the problem and face up to whatever needs to be done.

- Don't let yourself go. A scruffy appearance and unclean habits can be a big turn off. It really doesn't take that much effort to keep yourself looking good and it's as much for yourself as your partner. By making the effort every day to look your best you will feel more confident and happier inside. A disciplined daily routine can be achieved no matter what your situation and will keep your interest in each other alive.

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- Being affectionate does not always come easily to some people, but if you want to retain that initial feeling you had for each other it's important to show affection. Everyone likes to feel loved, and it's not enough to say 'well you know I love you'. As the song from 'My Fair Lady' says....."show me!".

- Arguments are inevitable in any marriage, but to carry the grudge around with you, and perhaps sulk for days on end, is very destructive. It builds up even more aggression and makes it impossible to let go. It really isn't that difficult to say 'sorry' and that one little word can make all the difference in the world.

A happy marriage is built on compromise, talking, listening, being prepared to not always be right, and sharing problems together. No problem is insurmountable if you face it together and work to ease the burden of it as one.

Marriage is not an easy institution, but then nothing that's worthwhile ever is. You cannot expect to be happy ever after if you're not prepared to put everything you have into the union and face up to whatever comes your way. It's easy to lose sight of your hopes and dreams when life becomes difficult, but together you can overcome most things if you really want to.

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