Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a friend in a dog? Take from the words of Will Rogers, an American humorist, actor, and author. Who once said, "If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went." These words alone can't do justice to the life-changing abilities of dogs. A Dog is more than just a household pet, regardless of its breed, age, or sex. Dogs live only in the moment and hold no grudges. They are excited about every experience. They love jumping in the car when they see you are about to leave for work. They also like to go for a walk. They love dinnertime even though it's the same thing they've eaten for years. They love chasing squirrels, yet they've never caught one and never will. They love sleeping when they're tired, but if you wake them at 6 in the morning, the tail will wag, and they'll follow you anywhere. They are unbelievable pets, and a dog's ability to change its owner's life is unparalleled; what an incredible life-changing experience we have in our friendship with dogs.

I was not, at least consciously, a dog lover. Indeed, I never expected to own a dog. But Coco happened; she wasn't a planned addition to the family. I saw Coco on one of the adoption pages. Somehow, I fell in love with her; she has a glowing white fur with little sharp teethes. She was three-week-old and cute. I had no doubt Coco was meant for me. It was love at first sight. However, it took some conviction before my parents agreed to adopt her. On the said day, we when to the adoption office, filled the necessary form, and took Coco home. I never had a dog before her, so her no-stop licking made me uncomfortable, and then she would always hug me and want to sleep on my bed even though she had her bed. It was a rough start because I lacked every fundamental dog care knowledge. But things gradually began to change after a few months. Coco became my child, and my parents appreciated me because they never thought I would be able to pull through with her care. I gradually learned how to take care of her, and I stayed committed to the course. My commitment to Coco has helped me realize I could stay committed to a goal or purpose, which has changed my life drastically.

As a young boy, I was sometimes scared of taking a walk in my neighborhood because of the gang and crime-related incidents. But I could be very dull at home, and I would love to take a walk. On that day, my mum felt I could use a walk since I have been at home all week due to the school break. She sent me to get some household items at the local store. I was about stepping out when Coco started barking and wagging her tail. I knew what that meant; she wants to go with me. I put her on a leash, and we set out, after walking five blocks, two boys walked up to me and started harassing me, I was about running when Coco began barking, and I was struggling to keep her on the leash. I let go of the strap, and she ran after the boys, although they tried kicking her and hurt her. She kept on barking furiously till the boys started running. Since that day, I realized I was stronger than I thought. If little Coco could stand up to two hefty adolescents, I should also face my fears. Subsequently, we took a walk on that road, and we saw the two boys, but they never bothered disturbing me again. Coco gave me the courage to fight my fears.

As the only child in a home occupied by busy parents, life can be very boring, but Coco gave me companionship. I could tell Coco loves me unconditionally; she never judges me, and when I feel down, Coco was always there by my side, she has a way of knowing when I'm sad, and she knows I need special cuddles. Just by looking at her wiggle her tail, I forget about all my problems, and when she looks at me, her eyes are always saying, "pat me”. Coco has a lot of love to share around, and she doesn't hold back on sharing it. In tough times, her little acts put things in perspective, and suddenly I see hope in lost situations. The feeling is magical and inexplicable. I had friends in school, yet none is as faithful, loyal, and loving as Coco. She changed my perception of life.

While I was in the third grade, Coco became pregnant; she gave birth to six puppies. She became sick and was unable to eat, but she kept wagging her tail. Coco wouldn't let the sickness take away her happiness. When she eventually put to birth, it was a thing of joy to witness yet another set of beautiful lives created from a heavenly creature such as Coco. After the birth of the puppies, I was recommended an advisor www.bestdogfood.expert for the proper nutrition of puppies.

There are a few more significant gifts than the gifts our dogs give us. A dog, especially when treated right, would give you the gift of companionship, love, and loyalty. Adopt a dog today and care for her to experience rewards that could cause life-changing experiences.

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I'm David Jennings and I'm an owner of a pet shop in Texas. I've been running it for 5 years now. I also own 3 dogs, 2, 5 and 11 years old. Recently I've started a website giving advice to pet owners on nutrition, care and with some tips for organizing pets' living space.