I always felt that the worst part of having anxiety and panic attacks was the loneliness that I felt. Nobody that I knew suffered from constant panic, and if they did they certainly didn't tell me about it. I just remember that I felt like I was the only person on earth who was feeling so scared and panicky all of the time.

And do you think that anybody that I told about this would understand? Of course not...they just looked at me like I was crazy. People that don't have an extreme anxiety disorder do not understand it, so it's useless to talk about it to them most of the time. I felt horrible all of the time, and couldn't tell a soul it seemed.

Except the doctors in the emergency room that I would see from time to time. They always seemed a little annoyed at telling me that I was perfectly fine and that I was having a "simple" anxiety or panic attack. In my mind, there was nothing simple about feeling so freaked out.

But it was simple as it turned out. I wasn't dying from my anxiety and I was not going to die from any future anxiety attacks that I would have. Having a good doctor to talk to about this was great for me. With some really easy blood work I was able to learn that even though my anxiety was out of control, I did not have anything wrong with me that was serious in any way.

After adding some light exercise and changing my diet at my doctor's request, I did slowly start to feel a bit better with my anxiety. I wasn't cured by any means, but I did start to notice that I had much less in the way of anxious thoughts for the most part.

The chemical imbalance in my body was the thing that made me feel this way, and once I really got that into my head the changes came much faster. I learned how to cure anxiety without relying on some dangerous medication and I learned how to enjoy life for the first time in years.

It wasn't exactly magic, but I was able to do some new things that had previously been much harder when I was anxiety ridden. Just by doing some light cardio on a regular basis my body was producing more serotonin, which increased my mood because of this essential brain chemical. You hear all the time that exercise makes people feel good, and this is because it is a scientific fact, not just an old-wives tale.

On top of feeling more calm in general, the exercise also really helped me shed some weight and feel better about myself as a whole which was exactly what I needed to start feeling better.

This holistic approach to my disorder was what led me to finally find out how to cure anxiety without having to rely on a medication from the pharmacy. I learned how to change my behavior and that is why I am anxiety free to this day.

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