I have decided to write about why I wanted to be toxin free as much as I am able. I mention this because we soak up and absorb so many toxins into our bodies unknowingly.

All our tales regarding toxins start in the womb. Since our mothers possess all the eggs they need for reproduction for life from their birth, any toxins they came into contact with before they became pregnant with us would have had an affect on us during our development in the womb. Most statistics point to the fact that the average number of toxins in the umbilical cord of a new born baby is 200. Other experts talk about how this number is not correct- toxins are likely to be stored in places such as the brain and the tests only take into account toxins in the blood. This means that the number 200 could be quite a bit higher.

As an average child, I would have been born with over 200 toxins in my body. My mother told me that from the age of 6 months to 2 years old, farmers were spraying the fields which surrounded where we lived and I became really ill. Constant visits to the doctor only resulted in my mother being told that there was nothing for her to worry about.

I was a very ill child. As well as being allergic to almost everything, I had several foods that I could not eat because they made me ill and contracted asthma that was diagnosed as bronchitis at the time.

40 years ago, my allergies and reaction to certain foods were inconvenient, and left me feeling that I was faulty because I do not remember anyone else having allergies to food like me. Nowadays it seems that many people suffer from food intolerances and allergies. This alone should ring alarm bells about the state of our damaged health.

My mother grew a lot of fruit and vegetables without the aid of pesticides but when I think about the other food we ate, like the food everybody else was eating, there is no doubt that it would have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.

We lived in an ordinary house, cleaning it in the ordinary way with the cleaning products that existed then. I imagine that our cleaning cupboard was full of aggressive chemicals because there was very little awareness of the toxic effects of cleaning products at the time.

I began smoking at a very young age and continued to do so for a long time. The toxins found in cigarettes include cyanide, arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, mercury, ammonia, hydrogen, butane, cadmium, aluminium, nicotine, carbon dioxide and cockroach killer. But knowing what a cigarette is made of doesn't seem to put people off smoking. I am so glad that I was able to kick the habit 8 years ago.
I drank more alcohol than was strictly healthy for me too. In addition to the toxins I had built up in my body, drinking added pesticides, herbicides and other toxic additives.

I earned my living as a painter over a few summers and remember feeling very nauseous when I used gloss paint in a confined space over a number of days. Paint contains lead and other dangerous substances that make it extremely toxic. Even newer brands that claim to have reduced the effect of toxics in paint on breathing contain lead and other noxious additives. Over the years, I must have inhaled countless harmful toxins because I have always loved DIY.

I had a sweet tooth from when I was very young and at times it bordered on the obsessive. I ate my way through an abundance of sweets, desserts and treated sugar as if it was a dear friend. Given the likelihood that sugar itself is grown using pesticides and I assume that I have ingested these some how, all my sweet tooth got me was a mouth full of metal fillings. At room temperature, these fillings leak mercury which means that they leak when we eat cooked food. See my hub on mercury for a film showing how mercury leaks into our system. Mercury makes us mad - it enters your brain and short circuits neural activity making you slur your speech and get the shakes.

My family and I also drank water from the tap which contains fluorides. Studies by an Australian professor have found that fluorides hasten decay in our teeth even though it is advertised as something that will keep our teeth in good health. Fluorides are toxic by-products of the refinement process of aluminium and contain arsenic, lead, copper, barium, mercury, cadmium and beryllium...all of which are extremely harmful to our health.

I began to go grey when I was eighteen so I started experimenting with hair colour from then. I dyed and highlighted it at regular intervals and even permed it once but it is only recently that I started to discover the carcinogenic qualities of hair dyes especially the ones for dark hair.

I would suffer allergic reactions to cheap jewelery which would turn my ears and arms green. This did not seem to put me off even though it irritated my skin appallingly...what we endure for the sake of being fashionable...I cannot tell what was being absorbed into my body at that time but I'm sure that it was far from good for me.

Like most people, I had a number of inoculations when I was a child and into adolescence. Now I know that these vaccinations come with a cocktail of toxins such as mercury and aluminium as a matter of course. I also had to take antibiotics on account of the fact that I was such a sick child further devastating my weak immune system. Oh, and I also inherited an auto-immune disease which probably complicated the issue. It is interesting to note that studies show that the immune system is one of the systems negatively impacted by toxins in the body.

Like most people I used hygiene products and cosmetics that are full of chemical additives. In addition to this, fragrance, air fresheners and deodorants (recently shown to transfer aluminium directly into the body via the armpit) constitute a rich mixture of chemical poisons being transferred directly into the body via the skin.

Having come into contact with other toxic substances such as vehicle fumes, additives to swimming pools, industrial cleaning goods, nail polish and nail polish remover, garden pesticides, wood treatments, anaesthetics, medicines, passive smoking, detergents, tap water (aluminium), fire retardant on new clothes, plastics from food containers - the list is scary and by no means complete - I am conscious that most of the toxins with which we come into contact are consumed without our knowledge.

As you can guess, my health was in a sad state. I could not get rid of colds, coughs (cigarettes certainly helped there!) and sore throats, food intolerances, aches, pains and acute depression. I got so ill that I no longer had an idea of how it would feel to be healthy. I knew had to change my lifestyle.

The way we pollute our planet and ditch poisonous chemicals into our water all the time, with no consideration for nature or health of the planet, our home, had always astonished me. Since discovering "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson I had read many books on the subject and felt very strongly that I should be doing my best to help the planet. One day I was reading a book about what we do to start making an impact when it occurred to me that I could start by sorting out my own health.

I began by only eating organic fruit and vegetables and eventually managed to kick my cigarette and alcohol habits. I made sure that all my hair dyes, hygiene and cleaning products were organic and free of chemical additives. I had done a lot of damage to my body and needed to live in a very different way if I was to get better. I started to be very careful about what I ingested and tried as much as possible to stay away from places and people I knew to be toxic.

So much has changed since I started this withdrawal from toxins. I have had to change not just my products I use and the food I eat but my emotions and personal possessions too. I am now allergic to fewer things than I was in my youth, I hardly ever get colds and bronchitis and have much more get-up-and-go than I ever did. I am still getting better and the product that I discuss in my articles - Activated Liquid Zeolite - has proved to be very helpful to me. I also appreciate what a great job our bodies do in getting rid of toxins so as I have reduced my toxic intake significantly, I have seen a big improvement in the way my body functions.

I feel very strongly about spreading the word about toxins and the part they play in our health. I appreciate that many medical professionals are unaware of dangers of toxins on our health and so will carry on prescribing medication that addresses the symptoms rather the root of the problem. It is essential that we investigate this issue ourselves and take ownership of our own health.
Toxins impact on our health to such an extent that they corrupt the systems that enable the body's cells to reproduce, rejuvenate and reconstruct. They imitate the body's reactions so that the superb machine that is our body can no longer do its job effectively.

Since we are born with and accumulate toxins all throughout life, do your body a favour and give it as much help to function as well as it can. Do what you can to rid your body of toxins so that you can approach the future with a healthier, happier attitude. You are worth it.

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Written by Caroline Nettle

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