Among the different women’s clothing and fashion trends, finding the right swimsuit is a problem especially if you are not beach body ready. Since summer is fast approaching, most women make plans on getting ready for that summer look.

One of the few things we usually look forward to during summer is wearing the most comfortable, bedazzling, and perfectly fit swimwear for us; swimwear that enhances those curves we have and expresses our personal style and fashion.

Aside from the fact that your family, friends and some strangers will be seeing you in your swimsuit, wearing your favorite swimsuit can boost your confidence and self-esteem. Well, except if you are not feeling beach body ready.

The mainstream industry classifies swimwears to plain solids and unflattering fits. Nevertheless, finding and buying the perfect swimsuit that can increase your confidence and help express your personal style and fashion is crucial.

What To Look For In A Swimsuit?

When buying your stunning swimsuit, you should consider the kind of style you are comfortable in and its fit on your body. Before buying any swimwear of your choice, you should try adjusting it on your body to make sure it suits you.

Pick a swimsuit that highlights your curves and spectacular parts of your body and hides the not so good parts.

Sometimes small bottom coverage is better than bigger bottom coverage. Moreover, swimsuits with high leg cut make your legs seem longer. A thin woman can wear pretty much anything because many types of swimsuits can easily fit them.

Moreover, plus size women should search for swimsuits with a design detail that gives you an attractive shape and good support where needed. A one piece kind of swimsuit that attracts the waist in or has cut-outs that give an optical illusion of a slimmer waist would be a better option.

For a bottom-heavy woman, swimsuits in solid colors are preferable. Moreover, it would be better if it has a clean-cut bottom to make you slimmer. You should avoid detailing, busy prints, and excess fabric on the lower area because any additions might make your bottom look even bigger.

For top-heavy women, because of your great cleavage, it would do good to flaunt that asset. You should try wearing a good one piece with a plunging neckline to emphasize your cleavage. It can also be flattering to wear a bikini with a halter-top and thick strap to give the needed support.

If you are comfortable, it would also be better if you shop with someone like a close friend, sibling, relative or someone who’s opinion you trust and will honestly give you feedback.

We all know that no one can push you to wear such daring swimwear except yourself. Whatever your swimsuit of choice is the key is to be confident enough to wear it. The beauty of the body comes in different sizes.

It doesn’t matter if you are thin, fat, or slim, as long as you know how to confidently and beautifully carry your body.

Current Trends in Swimsuits

Getting ready to plunge in and do a summer spree? Here are some of the trending summer 2017 swimwears:

  • Bridal Type of Swimsuit
  • There are so many weddings organized these days; it is indeed natural to call for swimwear options that can be worn during and after the honeymoon. Certainly, wedding inspired swimsuits are colored white with lace pieces.

    They come in double and single pieces, halter top, off-shoulder, and a more modest type. At the end of the day, what you choose from depends on what totally expresses you.

  • Sheer Cut-outs Swimwear
  • This type of swimwear trend, where sheer cutouts are ranging from nearly transparent to opaque, do wonders for this particular summer. Graphic shapes and bold colors are the iconic parts of the swimwear.

    Such swimwear made an innovative turn from the traditional one piece to a sexier turn with combined base cuts at the neckline. You can also choose a black colored swimsuit with sheer cutouts. It gives a stunning image around the waist.

  • Wrapped Around Top
  • The wrapped around top kind of swimsuit gives off a bedazzling effect that emphasizes your cleavage. Moreover, it showcases the breasts elegantly.

    The tops also serve as a support because it pushes the right amount and holds things in place for diving and swimming. There are also designs that come with spaghetti straps and halters in various colors.


A swimsuit is still as important as any other clothing in your wardrobe. Each woman has her right and privilege to create fashion swimwear so that each piece she puts on is an expression of who she truly is.

Fit and form are two important things to take note when looking for the perfect swimsuit. In the end, the most important aspect when buying your perfectly right swimsuit is that you can enjoy using it and you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

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Rachel Minahan took Interior Designing in college and obtained a degree. She also has some fashion taste up in her sleeves. During her free time, she writes for French Connection and she often travels around the world to look for inspiration for her next design. She also browses some magazines to know the latest fashion craze worldwide.