Getting into the best shape of our lives is not easy. Diet and exercise is the bane of existence for many Americans. For some, getting in great shape is a far-reaching goal, at least when one is trying for fitness without any guidance or training. To have just the discipline alone is difficult, but what about all the background knowledge and problem solving? Where does one start when trying to lose “love handles” or if you’ve tried everything and nothing works? While the Internet provides a plethora of resources, application of said gained knowledge can be challenging. This is why hiring a personal trainer is the only, and best, choice if the goal is getting in shape.

Let’s say you have booked your first personal trainer, and go to your first session. The personal trainer is friendly, encouraging, challenging, and you feel like your first session is going to change your life. Enter the next day when you can’t move because of all the soreness. You might slight it off as merely the growth of new muscle, but after the third of fifth session of next-day soreness, you might begin to wonder: is my personal trainer stretching me enough?

The answer is most likely that while stretching is certainly an important step in fitness, it may not be the central focus of your personal training sessions. In fact, a Manhattan personal trainer most likely is more focused on helping you build or tone muscle in your short sessions then taking time away from the workout to adequately stretch. While planking, stability drills, and stretching all have health benefits, your personal trainer may focus sessions on really building your body up, leaving you to stretch and plank in another class. For example, after a personal training session, consider yoga Manhattan to fully stretch out those tired muscles.

Personal trainers are trained in what will help you achieve the goals you make. In effect, they are taught to do what the client needs, not always what the client thinks they need. After all, trainers are experienced, educated, and passionate about your fitness. Allowing a personal trainer to encourage your muscle growth through squats, deadlifts, or other resistance training will yield greater results faster and safer than working out alone. For developing a better stretch, seek local yoga studios and request a yoga session that specifically helps recovering muscles.

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