Very often couples come in when their relationship is already on life support. The troubles did not just rise up over night. They were there all along. It's just that either neither partner wanted to acknowledge them, or both were just blind to what was happening until it was almost too late. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, you had better recognize some of the warning signs of a relationship in trouble that I have seen over the more than 30 years of being a psychologist.

Criticism - When you find your criticism of your partner has increased, or your partner's criticism of you has increased, it's time to examine what has been going on. It means you and/or your partner have become dissatisfied with the other person. Often time people are in denial they are being critical. This may even present a problem by spilling over to work. It often stems from the next sign.

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Needs - A need is something that is very important to you. It's different than a want because people, consciously or subconsciously, begin to gravitate toward ways to get their needs met. Certainly, while no one can meet all of another's needs all the time, a healthy relationship means you are getting most of your needs met most of the time.

Trust - Here we are not talking about the obvious, flat out breech of trust like with infidelity. That's not a warning sign. That's an explosion. This is more like spending too much, or always being late, or forgetting important occasions. Good partners trust each other.

Change in Communication - I like to call this "empty conversations." Instead of talking about anything of substance, you find yourself communicating really about nothing. It's just idle talk. The generalization is that women tend to talk more than men, but there is usually still substance to men's conversation. Beware of "empty conversations."

Separate Socializing - There is nothing wrong with socializing with friends alone. However, when it becomes the overwhelming majority of time, it means you'd rather spend time with others than with your partner. Not good. You have begun to lose interest in your partner.

Reduced Intimacy - Let's first clarify. Sex is only a part of intimacy. Sex and intimacy are not the same. When there is reduced intimacy, it often leads to couples drifting apart. The need for closeness and touch has been well established. It's a need, not just a want. Often people get busy with the rest of their lives and forget to inject energy into their relationship.

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Unintentional Weight Loss or Gain - There are many reasons for either, but one of those reasons is dissatisfaction within a relationship. When people are depressed for whatever reason they often turn either to food or away from food, the former leading to a weight gain and the latter leading to a weight loss. If there are no medical or other psychological reasons, it may very well be a result of a relationship on the skids.

Keeping Score - In relationships there is always give and take. It's called compromise. However, when one or the other party pushes the "all-or-nothing" button, it results in keeping score, meaning a winner and a loser. If there is one loser in an argument in a relationship, both people are losers because that loser will begin to keep score. No one likes to lose all the time. This leads to the next issue.

Resentment - People in general resent being taken advantage of. When it comes from a partner, the resentment turns to anger. That anger can be passive aggressive, as is the case with not doing something, or it can be directly aggressive by acting out.

Personality Change - While changes in personality can be a soft neurological sign, they are also signs that a person is changing. When the change is environmentally specific, that is the changes only take place in the presence of a partner, there are problems brewing.

Mirror of Others - Listen to those close to you. When people start asking if you (singular or plural) are okay, it's time to realize that they see something rather clearly that you either don't see or you are ignoring.

Red flags in a relationship are certainly not limited to this list. Ignore the signs, and your relationship will definitely disintegrate.

The next step would be to address the identified problems. Professionals are the often the best way to help because they can be objective.

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No woman wants to look desperate when she is trying to get back together with her ex. She instinctively knows that looking needy will turn her ex off. This is why she should go about getting her ex in a manner that is subtle and clever. These secrets will make you very successful in drawing him back to you.

Look desirable and unavailable to him
Don't beg for his attention. The best thing for you to do is to ignore him and look like you don't care at all. The fact that you are looking stunning and more desirable now will irritate him no end and he will get jealous and envious of the fact that you are no longer available to him.

Get other guys to chase you
What you should do is try to flirt with other guys. If your ex sees you always surrounded by other males vying for your attention, he is bound to wonder if he made a terrible mistake in giving up a girl who is so obviously attractive and irresistible! So go out there and get other guys to chase you.

Flirt in such a manner that he can't resist you
Once you are sure that he has begun to notice you again, you have to be as aloof as you can so that he is goaded to try and get your attention. When the time is right, you can begin to flirt with him in a subtle and sexy manner so that he will find it really hard to ignore you and will be attracted to you again.

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Jog his memory and make him reminisce about the past
Do little things that will jog his memory and take him back into the past when he was madly in love with you! Wear a particular outfit that will bring back memories of shared passion as fresh as though it were yesterday. Make him notice these little lovable things and he will find it hard to resist you.

Use little tricks to make him jealous
The idea is to get him to notice you and become curious about you again and then make him a little jealous so that he loses control and lets you know that he still has feelings for you. Date a handsome guy or be seen in the company of admiring alpha males. Look cute as a button and ignore him completely. This really works.

Catch his attention and make him curious
Sometimes you don't have to say a word. Just hang around the same old familiar places but look like someone different - sexier, more beautiful and definitely more popular than you used to be! He will soon be dying to know what it is that is making you so happy and gorgeous.

Let him see that you are not averse to the idea of making up
If you feel that you have teased him long enough and it is time to get back with him, then it is a good idea to let him know in a frank, honest yet subtle way that you are not averse to the idea of kissing and making up with him. If he has been unable to tear his eyes away from you recently - it only proves that he is ready to get back with you.

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A break up is always not an end of a relationship, there are lots of people who have got together with their ex because the emotions invested in the relationship cannot just disappear with a broken relationship. How would you know if your ex wants you back, especially if they are not forthcoming with their feelings? These helpful tips will guide you.

Your ex still calls you
When your ex calls you for no particular reason at all and is always finding excuses to get in touch it tells a lot about his/her feelings and intentions. An ex who wants to move on will not make such attempts to make contact.

Your ex makes inquiries about you
Your ex is asking your best friend about you, he/she is checking you out to know if you are seeing someone or are still single. This is a big sign that your ex is interested in you and wants to know if you are available.

He/she is confused
Your ex wants you back but at the same time tries to ignore his/her true feelings for you. He/she is facing these conflicting thoughts, but this is a positive sign as they are still thinking about you but not ready to admit their love for you. It shows that with time they will be ready to get back to you.

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You see your ex wherever you go
Though they try to behave nonchalant, their just being in your vicinity is a give away of their intentions. Even though they hide their feelings, their body language and the way their eyes seek you give away the way they feel for you.

He/she is flirting to get you jealous
When you see your ex flirting outrageously in front of you, be sure it is a ploy to make you sit up and take notice. They are hiding their true feelings of wanting you back behind the mask of being a flirt.

They ask mutual friends to chip in
They may ask friends to organize a party or some such things and include you in the guest list, making it feel that they had no hand in your invite. They just want to be near you and take this opportunity to get closer to you without seeming too eager about it.

They try to be part of your group
They might join gym if you are a member or take up a hobby in which you are involved, don't get fooled by their new found interests; it is a tactic to be near you. All these are signs that they want you back but are a little wary to be open about it.

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Till now you will have heard or read a lot about what to do in case of a breakup and how to make him/her chase you once again. However, it is time to turn everything on its head and approach this situation with a new angle. Here are 7 incredible steps that will definitely ensure your ex begins the chase in right earnest.

First reform yourself
No ex will miss you let alone chase you, if you disappear without making the changes your ex wanted in you. Therefore make the changes in yourself and reform yourself before you do anything else.

Look smarter than before
The next step is to look smarter than before. Change the way you dress and do your hair differently. In short get that hot new look.

Get a life
Now begin to socialize with people your age and start having fun once again. Although it is difficult to have fun without your partner but you will have to do it as this is the only way you can make them chase you. This way you will meet a lot of new guy/girls and this will keep your spirits high.

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Get yourself a new friend
Now comes the interesting part. Get yourself a new close friend and act as if he/she is your boyfriend/girlfriend. This will make your ex a whole lot insecure. Act as if you are in love and make your ex jealous to the point he/she goes crazy.

Spread a rumor
Discreetly spread the rumor that you are now thinking of moving on and settling down with your new friend. To do this use common friends to pass on the message, however, do it in an indirect way so that your intentions are not second guessed.

Play hide and seek
Time to play a small game you once played when you were a kid. Be seen with this new friend regularly and at times be seen alone as if things have gone sour between you and your new friend. This will confuse your ex and he/she will start thinking of approaching you.

Disappear for a while
Now do the disappearing act, however, before you do that make it known that you have patched up with your new friend and things are hunky dory once again. Disappear for a few days and your ex will begin to conclude that you have finally moved on. However, when you come back make it known that you are still single but won't be single for very long. It will finally dawn upon your ex that if he/she does not do anything you will be gone forever... and the chase will begin!

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There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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