Those of you who are new, Welcome. To those of you who have been with me and have had little windows into this journey of vastness, thank you for your love, support, and kind posts. My house is alive with flowers mostly from a dear friend who decided that the holy days were going to come to me.

You have come with me as much as you could on this amazing Journey my daughter led me into and now through. I have tried often in the last few weeks to write, but it was not, nor is it really now the time to write. It is the time to allow what is being given to assimilate into my very bones. For me that is requiring a lot of quiet time.

This is a definite rebirth for me. I truly knew if she decided to go through instead of returning, that I would get to go, too. There was no advantage to any other scenario. In a meditation she had asked me how far I would go with her. I said all the way or however far you will let me go with you. I had no qualms about going. I knew I could take care of all of you even more totally from another plane of existence. It is much more of a challenge not having gone.

She created in 36 years what it takes most people to create in a lifetime and often never do. She touched and uplifted the hearts and souls of everyone around her. Even the staff at Mayo and Kindred Hospital fell in love with her. They all wanted to be part of her. Many nurses at Mayo came by to visit her even when they weren't on her wing. Her grace, innocence, and love was transformational.

There is sooooo much to say, but yet nothing I can say can touch the amazingness of the journey. I can best describe it as a 2-month spiritual journey. We were in this cave of meditation and service only to find out that we were the ones who were blessed, served, and transformed.

On Guru Teg Bhadur's anniversary we went to Gurudwara (temple). Guru Teg Bhadur gave me a mantra that I am just beginning to understand the power of.

I wanted to leave you with a meditation if you are experiencing stress and sudden shock.

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Gurutej Khalsa
The Energy Guru
This moment is your chance to see the infinite dance.

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