How many of us suffer from having “cottage cheese” thighs? Our dimple legs are not something we wish to show off! At least, for me it’s not! Sadly, I use to have some great looking legs, especially as a former beauty queen. So, for awhile now, I’ve put off wearing a swimsuit, because of my “cottage cheese” upper thighs. I’m certainly not alone!

A few years ago, my mother bought one of those heat-ray machines to get rid of her and my cellulite. The gel and machine cost more than a hundred dollars. We tried it for several weeks, but we didn’t see much change in the appearance of our thighs. My mother was really disappointed, since this treatment was costly, not effective, and with no money-back guarantee!

Those “cottage cheese” thighs of mine kept me away from doing something I love to do, which is swimming. As a youngster, I was involved in a number of swimming tournaments. My mother had tried to get me involved in other sports, such as tennis. As a would-be tennis player, my hope to ever become successful was null, since I gain the nickname, “ball magnet.” I don’t know how many balls I managed to get hit by, before I decided to call it quits and only focus on swimming, and later on wrestling and martial arts. At least with wrestling and martial arts, I’m covered up. So, I don’t have to worry about having cellulite. But, hey, I’m not alone! It’s noted that at least 90 percent of women have cellulite.

Well, folks, my “cottage cheese” thighs have kept me away from swimming far too long! Recently, I really, really, I mean really wanted to get my lifeguard certificate at this summer camp. Instead, I had to suffer through the ordeal of working as a cook to earn some extra money. Hey, I’ve got expenses just like everyone else!

Well, despite having those cheesy thighs of mine, I put on a swimsuit and ignored everyone staring at my lumpy thighs. I got back into the water and realized I hadn’t forgotten a thing about swimming. After about two weeks of practice time, I took the test to become a license pool lifeguard. Now, noticed I didn’t say, “beach.” I’m pretty good at swimming in the pool, but at the beach with all those waves takes a lot more endurance.

Of course, it was embarrassing, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Now, I wish I had known about “My Cellulite Solution,” and perhaps I wouldn’t had to endure the humility of wearing a swimsuit with lumpy legs.

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