I need to say straight off the bat stress is a killer and I don't intend to be a victim anytime soon! I am a sixty years old, hard working single mum of five adult children, eight grandchildren plus a great granddaughter. I still have two sons at home all of which means I do know and understand stress. I have been widowed,divorced and have spent many years stressed out while struggling so I believe I know what stress is.

I am not an expert but feel I have had plenty of life experience and over the years have now found that life is too short to have to spend most of it worrying about it all. So you are thinking get on with the suggestions aren't you? Ok so I have found I have spent over the years lost time worrying about everything from my children, to debts and work so that I have gone grey with the stress of it all. Is it worth it?

My suggestions really are common sense. When things get bad, no matter what they are breathe deeply because if it is something you can change then you take the steps to do it. Seek advice from an expert and follow it whether financial, health or even children. If it is something you have no control over then you have to let it work itself out. I have learnt that life is too short and I have spent and wasted so many days, hours even years of sleepless nights and for what. It hasn't helped me.

Now I look at things differently and I know that everything does happen for a reason whether a good one or not, it does! I know my path has been rough in many places and I have always wasted my energy fighting and got nowhere so now I go with the flow. If I can change anything I do but for the most part I think about things and if I can work them out in my head I usually know if it is something I can deal with then I do but if not I work out a plan and move forward.

Life is what you make it and how you deal with it says a lot about the person you are. So although my only suggestion is breathe and think it does work. I have a friend who is constantly stressed even before anything needs to be stressed about and her answer is pills or drink. Does it help? No, it doesn't! It makes health issues worse so more to stress about including ulcers.

I found my own stress releaser which is my Waste King Waste Disposal unit. I know when I am stressed I can put the food waste in the sink turn on the tap and flick the unit on. I take great pleasure knowing my food waste is being pulverised and ground to nothing quite often imagining it is the person causing me stress which saves me having bad thoughts of wanting to punch someone. So when I get uptight I take my coffee and go into the kitchen where I know I can release any stress easily. As a woman of a certain age stress doesn’t help me at all but while the Disposal unit is on I get a few minutes that really helps me to be contemplate my problems and chill. Try it, it does work!

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I am an older woman who has seen and been through quite a lot so take my advice that life is too short for any extra stress. Try my idea and get a Waste KIng Waste Disposal unit so you can grinf up the food and pretend it is the problem annoying you. http://www.waste-disposal-unit.com/