My Wife Blames Me For Everything: Things To Do If Your Partner Blames You For Everything

Problems in marriage can arise for a ton of different things.

A good friend of mine the other day was venting on the phone and said "my wife blames me for everything". Thinking he was just being sarcastic and sort of joking, I joked back "of course, that's what wives do, that's her job"...

But he was serious. He said no Jay, my wife really blames me for every little thing. Problems that I don't even have anything to do with. Everything bad that happens is my fault and she never takes any responsibility or blame for her own problems.

What Not to Do If Your Wife Blames You For Everything...

Usually when a wife blames a husband for everything, it becomes part of a cycle of criticism in the marriage. Criticism is a major marriage killer and it usually goes hand in hand with complaining.

Now of course you have to be aware that there may be some truth to some of the things that she blames you for. A marriage is usually 50 - 50 and therefore some of the problems might be legit.

But a) if she's taking no responsibility for her own problems then she's using as a scapegoat and b) there are better ways to express her criticism that don't cause problems in the marriage.

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What you shouldn't do is shut down. A lot of time when a wife constantly complains and barrages you with criticism it causes a man to shut down. You might feel like escaping by refusing to ever talk about the problem. This will deepen your marriage problems so it's important that you resist doing so.

What You SHOULD Do if Your Wife is Blaming Your for Everything and Causing Problems in the Marriage...

First of all you need to try to explain to her that it's bothering you that she'd doing this, but in a way that's not going to cause an explosion on your part. In other words, if she becomes defensive and starts blowing up at you, don't let it get you to the point where you're debating her to see things your way.

No matter what you say, especially in that setting isn't going to allow her to see things that way.

Another thing you can do just so there is no chance of interruption is to write her a letter, expressing the situation and really letting her know that you don't want it to cause anymore problems in the marriage.

Next stop arguing about it. Like I said you will get nowhere trying to make her see things your way. Nobody can change someone else's mind, it has to be done internally by the person themselves.

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Remember that I said that some of what she's blaming you for may be legitimate. Of course she shouldn't probably express it the way she does, but that's not the point here.

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Successful marriages have a few common ingredients but there is one thing your marriage can't do without if you want a great marriage. Understand this and your marriage problems will be easier to overcome.

Marriage is a splendid thing and each marriage is unique and has its own challenges and successes and failures. It might be safe to say that every single marriage has a problem or two. Some have small problems and some have problems that would make you cringe and cry just hearing about it.

There are some couples who break-up and end their marriage over what many would consider minor or petty marriage problems. There are other couples who are able to overcome infidelity, or substance addiction, or physical or emotional abuse. Marriages have survived even after a spouse has spent time in prison as a result of an error in judgment.

So why is it that some couples are able to succeed and remain married, despite the huge obstacles they need to overcome? Let's delve a little deeper and see if we can find out what's keeping these marriages together. Here are some common traits you will find in the folks who seem to be able to press through despite the problems in their marriage.

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Unselfishness - If you take a close look at marriages that are for the most part going strong I believe you will find that one or both of the spouses have unselfish characteristics. It's really a key ingredient to helping couples stay together.

Resilient - Being married sometimes feels like being in a boxing match to some folks. You have to take a few hits, sometimes you get tapped lightly and sometimes you get knocked down. You can choose to get back up and continue on or throw in the towel. The married couples who stay together are generally good at realizing that it's worth staying in their and not giving up.

Content - I think a lot of folks who can't seem to stay in their marriage end up not being content with their situation and feel as though there is someone or something better for them. Being content doesn't mean that you have been beaten down and now have accepted the fact that your marriage is what it is. The married folks who are content understand that no marriage is perfect and as long as your key needs are being met it's worth it. If their key needs are not being met they are willing to keep working together to make it happen.

So what is the one thing your marriage can't succeed without? Ok, in my humble opinion it's a Covenant.

If a husband and wife understand that they were married under a covenant and not just a contract they also understand that loving their spouse unconditionally is not an option but a requirement. In this sense, it puts all of the marriage problems and difficulties in the proper perspective.

To succeed in making your marriage great (and not just barely tolerable) I would recommend you be committed to the covenant that you made, be resilient, content and practice being unselfish on a daily basis.

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Even marriages that are extremely firm and strong have a mediocre chance of working out because the statistics are placed so firmly against them. Marriages are hard to maintain, and they're not trivial enterprises. Even the most dire commitment from both partners cannot be enough to hold a marriage together. Conflict can cause it to be very hard to stay in a calm and positive mood. This is much harder when your spouse leaves you. However, if you have the steps in place of what to do when your spouse leaves you, then it can be easy to get your spouse back and save your marriage.

The first thing to do when it seems a relationship is going downhill is to acknowledge it. Let the nature of the situation take its course, and don't fight the flow. Going with the flow can be the thing that saves your marriage even if it seems counter-intuitive. A trial separation can be the best thing for keeping the marriage intact and making sure it stays together. Once the marriage is put together firmly again, then it can be a good learning experience that you've had a trial separation. A separation doesn't mean that the end is near. Far from it.

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The old slogan that grass is greener on the side will apply to your separation. Your spouse will miss you so much that he or she will want you back no matter what. They'll remember what they once had and do anything at all to take you back. In essence, the trick is to let them break up with you and don't fight it, and then they will regret it in the future and come rushing back to you. This trick always works if the marriage was a good match in the first place and minor difficulties caused the trial separation

It is best to recreate the things that sparked the romance in the first place by literally re-creating them. Your spouse will then feel the same way they did toward you when you were first flirting with each other. It can be thrilling to re-ignite that spark that got the marriage going in the first place. Some things are wonderfully good about romance, and it is best to re-create these things.

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Your wife doesn't want a relationship anymore. The ironic thing is you do want a relationship with her. For many married men, hearing their wife say she wants to separate or divorce is shocking. They don't see it coming and it leaves them completely dumbfounded. If you're experiencing this now and you spend all day feeling as though your life is spiralling out of control, you need to gain your bearings again. You can do that if you understand what is required to change her feelings and get her to want to stay with you. It may feel akin to climbing Mount Everest right now, but it's actually not that challenging once you see what needs to be done.

One important thing to remember when your wife doesn't want a relationship anymore is that she's probably feeling just as confused as you are. Sometimes when a woman becomes overwhelmed with all the stress in her relationship she pulls back because she's emotionally exhausted. She may actually be feeling as though she wants out of the marriage because she sees no other solution. If she's tried talking to you about her feelings and all she's ever greeted with is you telling her everything is okay, she'll become frustrated and see no purpose in trying anymore.

The future of your marriage at this point truly rests squarely on your own shoulders. Unless you make some dramatic changes in yourself and in how you interact with your wife, there really is no hope for the two of you.

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Putting her needs before your own should be your first step. You need to be consistent with this. The very fact that she doesn't want to be married anymore should be enough to persuade you to start tending to her needs.

Talk to your wife. Explain to her that you recognize that she's not feeling fulfilled in the relationship right now and you respect that. Let her know that you are committed to changing that and to helping her understand how deeply you love her.

Getting her to communicate what she's feeling and what she needs is crucial to rebuilding the relationship. In order to do that you have to change how you are handling communication. You have to be engaged in every conversation you have with her and there can't be any distractions. You must listen openly to what she tells you and learn from it. Some of what she'll share with you will be painful, but it's all part of the process of healing your marriage.

She may be reluctant to talk about the problems you two face. If she is, encourage her in very subtle ways. Share a bit about what you feel and ask her opinion. Write her a letter or email describing why you are so grateful you two are married and then tell her that her happiness matters more than anything to you. In other words, ensure your actions back up your words. If you can do that, you'll help her to feel comfortable opening up to you again.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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