My Wife Is Always Mad At Me: My Wife Gets Angry Over Little Things - Why Is My Wife Always Upset With Me

Are you in a marriage where you're always feeling like my wife is always mad at me?

Well you're certainly not alone.

I actually was in your exact situation but figured out how to deal with the problem and now my marriage is better than ever. Here's what helped my marriage.

What to Do When You Have to Constantly Say to Your Self "Man, My Wife Is Always Mad at Me"

It's a tough position to be in I know. You feel bad and almost like a failure of a husband because you feel like you can't do anything right. No matter what you do your wife seems mad at you, and it just feels horrible.

But things can be turned around. There is a fix and you can not only return your marriage to where it once was, but actually make it better than ever. Of course some people in this position will simply quit and file for divorce, but that's not the answer to this problem.

First of all we have to figure out why your wife is always mad at you. She may not be very transparent about this actually. A lot of times a wife won't talk about her problems, and actually figure that you'll just know what the problem is. But you and I both know that it's not easy to figure out right?

So you may have to read in between the lines a bit. You may have to do some investigating. Could have been something you said. Could have been something you didn't say. Could have been something you did, or didn't do.

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The best way of course is to simply ASK...and then shut up and LISTEN!

Listening is the key! But don't just listen to your wife's words. Listen beyond the words. Listen for clues in her words that explain how she's feeling. That's the key to truly finding out how to solve your problem of "my wife is always mad at me".

Second of all you have to do something else that's going to seem a little bit counterproductive. You're going to have to stop worrying about your wife so much, and start worrying about YOU!

This part is going to take EMPATHY on your part. Meaning that you're going to have to think about your actions and figure out how they've been affecting your wife. Things that you may have been doing out of habit may be having a negative affect, and they may be going unnoticed by even you.

I did this exact thing. I realized that I wasn't spending enough time with my wife. I would come home from work, go sit in front of the TV, eat my dinner in front of the TV, and then when she went to bed I'd stay up and watch TV. So she was actually feeling neglected.

I didn't learn this from my wife, I learned this by doing some assessing of my own behavior and realizing on my own how that must have been making my wife feel.

No wonder I was saying my wife is always mad at me! She was! And that wasn't the end of troubles and problems.

I had also quit doing the things that I used to do "just because" when we first got married. I used to send her flowers to work now and then. Or I would take her out to dinner just because. Little things that showed that I appreciated her weren't being done anymore, and it was actually affecting my marriage negatively. Maybe I should have never started those things LOL. Just kidding...

The thing is that YOU are going to have to figure out what YOU are doing wrong, and then change it. It's really as simple as that. You can change only one thing about your relationship and that's YOU.

If you're saying my wife is always mad at me, then you've got the power to fix it if you're willing to work on YOU a bit.

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What makes a wife lose interest in her husband? That's the question that you really wish you had an answer to. Your relationship with your wife isn't what it used to be. There have been some changes. Maybe some were subtle and others were not so subtle. Perhaps she doesn't engage you in conversation the way she used to, or maybe she's got an endless list of excuses for why she doesn't want to be intimate. Another prime example of a wife who has lost interest in her husband is she'll work a lot more and be home a lot less. It's not hard to notice when this is occurring in your relationship but it can be challenging to know how to change it. You can begin to fix it by understanding why it happens. Once you do that, you'll have a clearer idea of what it will take to improve your connection with your spouse.

One answer to the question of what makes a wife lose interest in her husband is he starts emotionally neglecting her. Most men aren't even aware that they are doing this to their wives. They get so caught up in all that life is throwing at them that they just push their wife's needs temporarily to the side. If that isn't addressed and just continues, the wife is going to start to be affected by it. It happens in even the strongest of marriages and it's vitally important that you're honest with yourself about whether it's occurring in yours. Do you make time to speak to your wife about her life each day? Do you stop what you're doing during the day to call her and tell her how much you love her? If you've stopped doing these things, she may just feel emotionally disconnected from you and disinterested.

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Another reason why a wife will lose interest in her husband is if she feels he's being too critical of her. There's a shift in the dynamic between a couple once they make the change from dating couple to married couple. You may think it's okay now to tell your wife that she's put on a few pounds or she's gotten a bit lazy. A married woman absorbs negative comments like that just as deeply as she did before the wedding. Just because you two are committed to one another that doesn't give you free reign to break her heart or her spirit. Your wife's lack of interest in you may all be coming from the fact that she feels you're too critical of who she is.

Think carefully about what you may have done to cause your wife to pull back from you. Once you can identify the trigger you can then get to work changing the dynamic between you two. If you ignore this situation it's only bound to get worse and you two will drift farther and farther apart.

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Looking for a gift for the wife that isn't a diamond or vacation to Italy or a divorce (just kidding about the divorce one)? Sometimes it's hard finding the right gift for your wife when either she pretty much has everything that she wants or you have trouble getting her a gift that she can use and appreciate.

You know you are running out of ideas when you resort to cash, gift cards or take her with you when you go shopping for a present.

Then there are the wives who say to you, "you don't need to buy me anything". Those are the words husbands dread hearing. For one, you are rarely sure what this statement really means. Does it mean, don't buy me anything or does it mean don't buy me anything expensive? You fear not doing anything because you will feel guilty and risk hurting her feelings and putting her in a foul mood for a couple of days or weeks.

Now, don't get me wrong by thinking that I'm saying that your wife is materialistic and shallow. By no means is that my intention. What your wife is though is human and just like the rest of us she likes to feel as though she is loved and cared for. How she is shown that she is loved and cared about could be shown via a gift for the wife or perhaps other things she would appreciate.

So, you could buy your wife some fine jewelry or clothing or just maybe gift her the 3 best gifts you could ever give her as noted below.

#1 Gift For The Wife - Commitment

What I bet your wife wants is to see that you are committed to your marriage and family. With over 50% of all marriages ending in divorce and infidelity gone wild, what your wife would probably appreciate is, knowing for sure that she can count on you. Being committed is more than just helping to provide a place to live, food and stuff. Make sure your wife knows that she has all of you. Show her in meaningful ways that she has your mind, your body, your heart, your soul, your love and commitment. Don't leave her guessing or wondering and you will be giving a continuous gift to your wife.

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#2 Gift For The Wife - Physical Intimacy

Ok, before you skip over this one because you think you have this gift under control, please don't assume that all is OK in the intimacy department. Obviously intimacy means different things to different people and often times there is a difference between husband and wife. One of the best gifts for the wife that you might be holding out on is just being physically intimate outside of the bedroom. Maybe she just wants you to hold her hand walking in public. Perhaps she wants more than a hug that looks like 2 football players patting each other on the back after a game. A passionate kiss just because you love her might be a gift for the wife that she appreciates. Could your wife appreciate just sitting warmly wrapped in your arms during a Lifetime Movie? If you get this gift for the wife right you will be well on your way to a blissful marriage.

#3 Gift For The Wife - Communication

It's no secret that women talk more than men. Some chalk it up to the fact that women are smarter than men and thus have more to say. Others note that because women talk so much men have been trained to just nod, smile, frown listen as intently as possible. Regardless of why men and women have problems communicating, your wife would probably appreciate the gift of better communication. What I bet your wife would like is for you to make yourself available for meaningful conversations. I'm sure that she would like to feel comfortable bringing up topics related to areas you both need to work on to improve your marriage but avoids doing out of fear of pushing you away or making you resentful or angry.

The key is that she probably would like to have a 2 way conversation from time to time where you both are expressing thoughts, feelings, opinions etc., instead of her speaking and you looking agitated, bored or present in body only.

Your marriage should be the best gift for the wife because it's something that can become more valuable and precious and rare as time goes by. You can buy her nice things if your finances allow for it and I'm sure that she appreciates it. However, I would also bet that she would really like to have your commitment, intimacy and communication. You can give her all that she needs and wants in marriage.

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It is one thing to see your marriage heading for a divorce, and it's another thing to say "I want to fix my marriage." Lots of people just let their marriages go and don't really act to stop the divorce. The fact that you are trying to fix your broken marriage means that you are already halfway there - now all that remains is to find the right marriage advice, and follow it. I have personally been in this situation and it took me a lot of time to filter the "right" advice from the "wrong". But when I did, I made a lot of progress very quickly and saved my marriage. So I want to present this "right" advice to you right away so you can start repairing your marriage as soon as possible.

When we see our spouses are not in love with us anymore, or they simply don't feel as strongly as they once did; we start blaming them. And blaming your spouse for everything makes things even worse. Whatever the reason, stop blaming your spouse. Stop nitpicking. Stop picking on the wrong things your spouse does - instead, focus on the good in your spouse and be supportive. Do small things for them - making their morning coffee yourself, constructively helping them in small things around the house even when you don't need to; those all go a long way in fixing your marriage. It shows them how much you appreciate them, and that you don't take them for granted.

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I always thought that to fix my marriage, communication was the key. And it is - however, it is easy to misunderstand this. "Communication in marriage" doesn't necessarily mean "sit down with your spouse and argue with them about every small or big issue your marriage might have." In fact, this will often exaggerate the issues and lead to quick fights which will damage your marriage even more. Distinguish the "core" issues from the "trivial" ones. "Why did you leave the oven door open?" is not an important issue in your marriage; yet discussing it might lead to even bigger fights than "real" issues. Repairing your broken marriage is not that hard when you realize the fundamental rules in which you can make progress. It is as easy as putting yourself in your spouse's shoes and not doing things that would cause a strong reaction, and doing things that will make progress instead.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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