My Wife Is Angry All The Time: Dealing With Anger In Marriage

So, your wife is angry all the time? You may be wondering "What can save my marriage? Is there a 'save the marriage book' that will help me learn how to fix my marriage?"

Maybe your wife expresses her anger, and she uses some physical actions like raising her voice, slamming drawers, etc. Then maybe you think, "I'll show her. i can be louder. I can show my strength, etc." Likely you don't consciously think that, but underneath the surface, that competition may be set up.

Returning anger for anger does not often work. A very wise man once said that "a soft answer turns away wrath."

Men, you need to understand that controlling yourself is not a sign of weakness. Some think that "meekness" is a sign of "weakness." It can be, but actually meekness is the opposite of anger. It is strength under control. That is the kind of meekness (not weakness) for which we want to strive.

If you are wondering, "What can save my marriage, or can I learn how to fix my marriage" look at these six highly effective ways to turn things around:

1. Avoid getting angry yourself. You just compound the problem when you express anger for anger. Granted, you probably cannot actually not be angry, but you can control the expression of it in the beginning. As success in suppressing your own anger pays off, likely you will become angry less easily.

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2. Take most of the responsibility. Ideally, both of you would take responsibility, but that is not likely happen in the heat of an argument. As you step back and look at the situation, take responsibility for what is happening. You can't help what she initiated, but you can work on how you respond. Your tendency is to want to fix things, so go for it. Take responsibility.

3. Don't accept all the blame. When you are taking responsibility, that does not mean that you have to accept all the blame. On the other hand, even when she is to blame, you do not have to point it out. Just don't beat yourself down.

4. Remove the idea of divorce as an option. The easy way out is to escape. Face the problem. If you remove divorce as an option, you will find a lot of options that others miss.

5. Stop trying to win the arguments. Don't lie, but when something is just a matter of opinion, rather than fact, agree with your wife. How can things escalate if you do that? One "save the marriage book" recommends that you always agree with your spouse. While that has many advantages, again, you cannot, or should not, lie. However, you can agree and be silent when needed.

6. Look for advice as to how you can turn things around by yourself. Find a "save the marriage" book. Listen to tapes. Watch DVD's. Don't be so proud to think that there is nothing that you need to learn.

Maybe you and your wife are angry. Maybe she seems to be angry all the time. You can take steps to turn things around.

Wait, though, these six steps just deal with part of the problem.

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Your wife says she doesn't love you anymore. You're at a loss. You still love her and the thought of her feeling so distant from you emotionally breaks your heart. You're definitely not ready to throw in the towel and give up on your marriage, but what can you do? You may be surprised to know that there are simple steps you can start taking today to pull her closer to you again. Your marriage can get better and you can get your wife to fall in love with you all over again.

When your wife says she doesn't love you anymore you have to recognize that there is a difference between being in love and loving someone. Your wife may be telling you that she just doesn't feel the same infatuation and romantic love for you that she once did. Perhaps she still loves you as a partner and co-parent but her desire for you has diminished. If that's the case you need to consider why her feelings have changed and if there was a point, within the relationship, when that happened. If there was and you can identify it, that's where your focus needs to be.

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Sometimes a woman will start to feel emotionally detached from her husband because he isn't fulfilling her needs anymore. Life gets very busy once a couple moves from the dating phase into full blown married life. Not only do you have to tend to your work demands but you have a crucial job within the home being a father too. Obviously, that pulls you very thin and something is bound to suffer. In many marriages, it's the relationship between the couples that is sacrificed.

You have to put your wife at the very top of your priority list if you want to save your marriage and guide her back to feeling in love with you. You need to start planning your schedule so there is always opportunity for you and your wife to have some alone time each day. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant or costly. Set up a babysitting exchange with other couples so one night a week you have the evening off from tending to the children. Cook your wife dinner or take her someplace you both enjoy. Listen to her and encourage her to share her feelings. Make her feel adored and special again. Sometimes all a woman needs to feel close to her husband again is to know she matters most to him.

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If you are facing a possible divorce and want to know how to save your marriage, you can do it by avoiding the critical mistakes that so many people make during a marriage crisis. I know first- hand how much worse things can get when these mistakes are made and I'd like to share with you what I have learned and how you can avoid making similar mistakes. It is possible to save a failing marriage, but you need a plan. This is powerful marriage advice that will work if you follow it!

When my wife hit me with the news that our marriage was over, I was a mess. Not expecting this bombshell, I was completely unprepared to handle it. How could I be? I'd never been through a divorce before, I still loved my wife and I had no desire to end our marriage. Most of us just don't come equipped with a ready-made response or plan. And we certainly aren't calm, cool and collected when hit with news like this. That's when the mistakes happen!

As I said, I was not expecting this, I was hurt and devastated, and I had no idea what to do. But I was desperate to save my marriage and so I began trying everything I could to convince my wife to give our marriage another chance. If you want to know how to save your marriage you need to begin by avoiding these critical mistakes:

- Do not beg and plead with your spouse! This surrenders all the power to them and makes you look weak and desperate. NOT attractive qualities!

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- Do not make promises to change. They have heard it all before and now is not the time for that discussion anyway.

- Do not argue, act jealous, argue or use the kids to try and make your spouse feel guilty. This will blow up in your face.

- Do not try to get even in any way with your spouse

- Do not make constant phone calls emails or text messages to your spouse

- Do not lay around the house, moping and depressed

- Do not use drugs or alcohol to drown your sorrows

Any one of these critical mistakes can kill your chance to save your marriage! Instead you must be calm, confident and resourceful. You must be willing to take immediate action in a powerful and positive way. And you must be willing to follow a plan that might very well seem like the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what you think you should be doing!

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The staggering rate of divorce that we have all heard of by now is a terrifying thing but what many people do not consider is how many marriages that do not end in divorce are in serious trouble still! With a 50% divorce rate this means that many more than half are in serious trouble but some bring it back from the bring and fix their marriage; but should they?

As controversial as it may seem divorce is sometimes the best thing for both people in a relationship and even when children are involved it may be better to come from a broken home than to live in one that is broken too.

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Now to qualify this statement I must say that the vast majority of marriages should and CAN be fixed and rebuilt to be better and stronger than before. Before you embark on this journey you must consider if you should fix your marriage and make sure you are doing the right thing so you can commit to stopping a divorce with a clear plan of action and dedication.

How do you evaluate such things though? How can such a decision be reached? A quick checklist of things to consider follows:

- Is your relationship abusive?

- Are you being honest with yourself over the reasons you want to stay together?

- Will this make you both happy in the long run?

- Are you doing this out of fear rather than love?

- How will this effect your children both divorce and staying together?

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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