My Wife Is Never In The Mood Anymore: My Wife Never Wants To Make Love

Following are 5 ways you can stir up sexual thoughts in your wife's mind:

1. Touch your skin to her skin in unusual and different ways. For example, while facing your wife, connect the area between your wrist and your elbow to that same area on her and just hold the connection for several seconds and look at her arm(s). You can do it with both arms or just one while you use the other hand to tickle your fingertips across her forearm / underarm skin.

2. When you're tired and ready for YOU time and just don't feel like giving any more to any one else then go ahead and summon up enough extra energy to connect with your wife in a non-sexual way. Tell her that that you are exhausted and tired but that she is such a pleasure and a joy to you that you just have to bask in the sunshine of her presence for the next 15 - 30 minutes - but that she needs to turn her "sun" down a little lest she "rejuvenate" you to the point she turns you into a sex-maniac. And then, just really connect with her in a totally non-sexual way for the next little way. You might just find that the attention you've given her even when you're tired causes her to start coming on to you...and that you have "just enough" energy left...

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3. The most sexual, erotic thing you can give a person is YOURSELF. In fact, one could say that "giving yourself" is sex. And, with that thought in your mind, carefully consider what it is that you're giving your wife. Is what you're giving resulting in the kind of sex you want? Or, is it time now to change what you're giving so that you get a different kind of sex? Either way, give yourself in a way tonight that will cause your woman to have sexual thoughts - even if you have to step outside your comfort zone.

4. Be brave enough to tell your wife what you want from her sexually. Tell her at a time when she will have some time to process it alone and prepare herself appropriately - like some morning when you've got a little time and then are going to be parting ways for the day. Most people don't realize just how appealing it is to their spouse when they are straightforward and honest about what they want sexually.

5. Let your wife know that you would NEVER cheat on her as long as she is your woman. Let her know that even when there are issues that need to be dealt with - even when there are problems affecting attraction and intimacy that you want to work through those issues and problems but that you will not cheat on her because you respect and value her too much. Let her know that the relationship you have with her is far more important to you than a mere fling with someone else.

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Your wife no longer loves you. Maybe she came right out and told you that her feelings for you have shifted. Perhaps you've been reading between the lines of her actions. Either way, your marriage isn't in the place you want it to be. You two are drifting farther and farther apart as each day passes. You're worried and it's for good reason. How long can you expect your spouse to stay in a marriage in which she no longer feels emotionally invested in you? You have to do something dramatic now if you truly want to save the relationship and keep your family together.

If your wife no longer loves you it's up to you to determine when and how that happened. Unless you get an idea of what changed for her, you won't be able to repair the damage. Quite often when a couple goes through a trying time that involves a major conflict one or both partners can start to feel an emotional disconnect from the other. The ongoing tension between them starts to wear on the person's feelings until they reach a point where they feel they can't love their partner anymore. If you and your wife have been dealing with a problem and you can't find a resolution, this may be exactly what's happening with the two of you. If you believe that to be the case, you need to start finding a compromise. This may be a situation in which you need to swallow your pride and give in for the sake of your marriage.

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It's natural and expected for a couple to change the way they interact once they marry and settle into the daily grinds of life. However, your wife still wants and needs to feel that she's the only woman for you. Remember how you used to tend to her needs just to see a smile on her face? Or you'd bring her a small gift just because you loved her? Doing that again can make all the difference in how she feels about you. A woman wants to feel cherished by the man she married. She doesn't want to wake up each day feeling emotionally neglected or taken for granted. Beginning today, start doing whatever you can to make your wife feel adored by you. Just because the two of you are married, that doesn't mean the romance has to be put away. It should be an integral and vital part of your daily life.

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The scene is so familiar for many couples: they find themselves fighting more and more about the same things over and over. They often discuss their unhappiness with their families and friends. Often times they attempt to improve their communications with each other. And then, hoping to salvage their marriage, they may turn to counseling. All too often, this counseling provides little if any help and the best efforts of these couples still seem to be leading them to divorce. Can you save your marriage and get back the love of your spouse when nothing else has worked?

The truth is that divorce is rarely the best solution for a troubled marriage. You can save your marriage even when you are facing a divorce and your spouse says he or she no longer is in love with you. This is certainly a very critical stage in your marriage, but it is very common and if properly handled, you and your spouse will weather it and can build a marriage that is better than you ever thought possible.

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Saving a failing marriage involves three very important components:

1. Putting yourself in a resourceful state that avoids making the critical mistakes that happen through negative emotions such as anger, hurt, jealousy, fear, depression and desperation. These are common and natural feelings but they get in the way of you making calm and rational decisions and taking the powerful steps needed to save your marriage. Any one of these negative emotions can cause you to make mistakes that can ruin your chance to save the marriage.

2. Be prepared to say and do very specific things that may at first seem like the complete OPPOSITE of what you should be doing! There is a law of physics that states that "with every action there is a reaction." By taking the proper action, you will cause a reaction in your spouse in your marriage and even in yourself!

3. Love your spouse enough to let them go. This might seem counter-intuitive because it is human nature to hold on to those we love. However, the more we push during a difficult time, the more our spouses will tend to pull away. It surrenders all control and can make you look desperate which is not an attractive quality!

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So you want a stronger marriage? You feel the need for marital help? Maybe you are worried that you are on the brink of divorce. Are you far enough along that you need marriage counseling? If so, Christian marriage counseling is a great alternative.

Maybe you want to save your marriage from drifting. Is your marriage worth saving? Relationship-building makes it possible to save marriage from divorce. What if you are the only one who wants to try? Even in those cases it is possible to save your marriage from divorce.

Like most partners in a marriage, I have, at times, had insecurities about how good a husband I was being. We would have a disagreement, and I would wonder if we were in trouble.

I have helped many couples who were working on their marriages, and I discovered some surprising options for getting marital help. When you look for the marital help you need, you are on your way to developing a stronger marriage.

As I said, I discovered a secret.

Here it is: Evaluate Your Marriage and Take Steps to Improve Where You Are in the Progression of Marriage.

Here are the six surprising options you have when you want a stronger marriage:

1. See how far along you are.

You may be concerned because you are having some disagreements in your marriage. That is one thing. You may be at the place where World War III is erupting. Or, you may be somewhere in between. Depending on the frequency and severity of your fighting, you take different actions.

2. Try self-help alternatives

Say, if you were, on a scale of 1 to 5, at a 3 or less, your best start is to try some self-help alternative. While Christian marriage counseling is a good option, that may not be for you at the moment. Even if you thought you were at a 4 or 5, you may not be able to afford counseling (although your church might provide it at little or no cost). Also, your partner may not want to go to counseling.

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3. Look for resources where only one can start

If you partner does not see the same need you do, there are resources that are designed for just one partner to start to work on developing a stronger marriage.

4. Look at marriage-building resources.

Look at marriage-building resources. If you are in a job, you look for all the help you can get to improve your skills. Your marriage is more important than your job, so take advantage of marriage-building resources.

5. Work together when both are on board.

Things are even better when you both want a stronger marriage. If both of you realize your marriage is in trouble, and both of you are committed to overcoming your difficulties, you are on your way to success. However, you do need to find out where you can change. Just hoping that things will get better probably will not work.

6. If it is really serious, get Christian marriage counseling.

When you recognize things are really serious, and you cannot attack the problem because you always end up in a fight, get counseling. From my perspective, Christian marriage counseling is best, but get whatever help you can. Some say, "Counseling will be too expensive." Just remember that divorce is very expensive too.

Heed this warning: If you don't take these steps seriously, your marriage may get weaker, and you may likely be headed toward divorce.

These six surprising options will make your marriage stronger, and it is extremely likely that they will help you save your marriage from divorce.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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