My Wife Is Not Happy With Me Anymore: Unhappy Wife Solutions

Your wife says she's not happy anymore. That's difficult to hear. If you love her, it's an even harder pill to swallow. You feel as though you're doing everything in your power to afford her a satisfying, comfortable life. Yet, she tells you frequently that she's no longer fulfilled or that her life hasn't turned out the way she imagined. It's impossible not to feel emotional pain when she expresses thoughts like this. You have to be strong though and determined. If you want your marriage to be mutually gratifying, you obviously need to make some changes. You can ensure your wife is happier by just taking a few small, but very important, steps.

Her own lack of fulfillment as a woman may be the reason your wife says she's not happy anymore. Many women, after they become wives and mothers, feel a sense of loss. Although they relish their position in the family, they feel saddened by the fact that they gave up their career or that they haven't chased their own dreams. Talk to your wife about her own personal goals. Let her know that you're supportive of whatever she wants to do. Make it clear that you'll take on a more present role in the family if she needs more time to herself to pursue her own dreams. This will help her feel validated as a person and will also show her how much you truly care for her.

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If your wife has expressed unhappiness that is related directly to your marriage, that's another story. She may be feeling neglected or under-appreciated by you. Couples fall into a pattern fairly soon after the wedding. All the romancing that was there before the "I do's", is replaced by worrying about schedules and finances. By backtracking and rediscovering your own romantic side you may see a noticeable change in how happy your wife is. Starting today do the things for her that you used to do when you were trying to win her heart. Bring her flowers, write her a love poem and give her back massages. Make her understand, through your actions, that she's still the woman you most desire and love.

Telling her you love her more can help immensely if your wife isn't feeling as close to you as she once did. We sometimes forget to express what we're feeling for our spouse. Make sure that you tell her on a daily basis. Hug her and kiss her and hold her whenever you can. If she feels cherished and adored, she'll also feel much more content.

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Your relationship with your spouse is in shambles and you need to fix the marriage. You don't have a single thing in common. You hardly talk anymore. Every chat becomes a big fight and ends up in frustration and tears. Things are so bad that one or both of you are going to the divorce lawyers soon.

So what can you do to fix a marriage that's falling apart? There's a lot you can do, starting with any one of the following 15 fix marriage tips most marriage experts would recommend --

1. Recommit to the marriage

No marriage will work without a commitment from both of you. So make a commitment today to each other that you will work things through, no matter what.

2. List out all the good things

By now, you've probably forgotten why you got together in the first case. So make a "good things about our marriage" list and stick it up somewhere where both of you can see everyday.

3. List out the bad

No point being in denial. List out what's not right with your marriage and start figuring out what to do.

4. Compromise

Any partnership or relationship will work so much better if both persons involved have the spirit of compromise. Learn to meet halfway or give in more to your husband's or wife's wishes.

5. Give in

Where a point of disagreement is a small matter, learn to give in altogether. Many things in life will not matter tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. Learn to take a long term perspective of all things.

6. Agree to disagree

When all else fails, just agree to disagree. Some things don't need to be agreed upon. Who's a better actor, Travolta or Pitt? What to have for the kids' party, pizza or pie?

7. Find new things to do together

When you do things together, you bond and create good memories. Find new hobbies, activities you can do together.

8. Give yourself a makeover

How many of us let ourselves go after marriage? Lots. So don't be afraid to spruce yourself up for your spouse.

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9. Allocate alone time

No married couple can fix marriage without giving themselves time to enjoy being together and being intimate. Work and kids tend to eat into our time. So allocate time for yourselves.

10. Get sexy

Put the spice back into the marriage and get sexy. That low-cut dress he will drool over, that cologne she loves, use your imagination.

11. Surprise your spouse

Nothing heightens the senses like a pleasant surprise. Take your spouse out on a high school-style movie date. Go for a horse carriage ride. Get her a small brooch.

12. Listen to friends and family who are positive yet objective

You need all the support you can get so be open to hearing advice from friends and family who can help.

13. Get rid of friends and family who only see doom and gloom

On the other hand, there are folks who will drive you to the divorce courts sooner rather than later. Guess who you should avoid if your goal is to fix marriage

14. Dump the lawyers

If you're already seeing the lawyers but are serious about fixing the marriage, dump them. Meeting up with the lawyers is putting yourself on the sure road to separation and divorce.

15. Get help

A marriage that's in trouble is not easy to save so be open to getting expert and professional help. Obviously, these can be expensive so look for alternatives like online ebooks written by these experts. You can click below to check out some of these materials.

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Do you know how sometimes you are so frustrated with a situation that you feel you cannot put up with it any longer? At times that this, it might be tempting to give your spouse an ultimatum. Is this the answer to your problem?

"It's Me or the Cat!"

Jenny liked cats well enough, but she would never describe herself as a "cat person". Craig, on the other hand, was crazy about his cat, Tiger. The problem was that Tiger ruled the house. He sat on the counters, slept on the bed, and clawed the furniture.

This starting driving Jenny insane! Finally, Jenny told Craig, "If this cat is not gone by the end of the week, then I am leaving and I won't be back. It is either me or that cat!"

Even though Jenny had some legitimate complaints about the cat, an ultimatum is rarely the best way to deal with conflict. There are only a few extreme situations when an ultimatum might be justified. For example, if your spouse was having an affair, you could be justified in saying, "It's either her or me!"

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If you are frequently giving ultimatums, then your relationship may be lacking several things:

1. A Lack of Respect

An ultimatum tells your spouse that you do not respect their point of view. You only care about what you want, not about what they want.

2. A Lack of Partnership

Ultimatums do not give your mate an opportunity to have any input into the situation. You are not working together as a team to find a solution that is equitable for both of you. "It's either my way or no way." You are the one in control.

3. A Lack of Commitment

An ultimatum tells your partner that the issue is more important than your marriage. Jenny was giving Craig the message that she was not committed to working out the issue. She would rather leave the marriage than work on finding a compromise.

4. A Lack of Trust

This goes back to a lack of commitment. How can your spouse trust you if you keep threatening to leave? Eventually, they might challenge you to see if you are bluffing. Are you really ready to give up your marriage over this issue?

5. A Lack of a Solid Foundation

You may get your way initially, but it comes at a great price. The other problems that we have discussed can cause significant cracks in the foundation of your marriage and can eventually destroy it.

A Risky Game

Demanding your own way with ultimatums is a dangerous game similar to Russian roulette. Only you play this game at the risk of destroying your marriage. Is it really worth the risk?

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Being married is hard enough when you and your wife get along well. But when you can do absolutely nothing right in your wife's eyes, it feels like you are left in a hopeless struggle all by yourself. If your wife is always mad at you and now she wants a divorce, then this might be the most important article you ever read!

Nobody can appreciate your situation better than I can! I went through several years of my wife acting like she hated my guts most of the time, no matter how well I treated her. It seemed like the nicer I treated her, the more mad she would get at me. Then one day, she told me that the marriage was over and that she wanted a divorce.

You might find this hard to believe, but I still loved my wife and didn't want a divorce. My guess is that you feel this way too about your own situation. The problem for you might be very well a problem similar to mine. There were things about women and things about marriage that I just didn't know. In fact, I found out later, after my marriage nearly ended, that I had been doing almost the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what I should have been doing!

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You see, there are a number of very common mistakes that nearly all men make when facing a divorce that they didn't see coming. I made some of these mistakes and I'll bet you may have as well. As a matter of fact, there are very specific things, you must do and say, and very specific ways you need to act around your wife to save your troubled marriage. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this information when I did, while there was still time to save my marriage.

Time is definitely not on your side right now. The best you can do at this point is to buy yourself as much time as you can and there is a way to do that. The other thing you must do is take powerful and specific action right now! Your behavior over the next hours days and weeks will make or break your chances to save your troubled marriage.

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