My Wife Keeps Accusing Me Of Cheating: Being Accused Of Cheating When Your Not

If you've been caught cheating in the past you will probably always be haunted to some degree by that lapse in judgment. Your wife isn't going to be able to hit the reset button and forget that you've hurt her like that. She's also going to have a very hard time regaining her confidence in herself and your loyalty to her.

Cheating does so much more than erode her faith in you. It robs her of the self confidence you had helped her find before you cheated. It's a tough blow for most women and one they aren't going to get over for a while. She may never fully recover. All you can do now is work to make her better and alleviate the fears she has. The only other option is leaving but if you're looking for help that doesn't seem like the preferred option. Here are a few alternatives that might help you both in the long run.

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Make Your Life an Open Book

The more you reveal to her. The more open your life is to her, the less she has to fear. If she can find you at any time night or day there is no need for her to worry about where you are. She won't have thoughts of you with another woman because she'll know exactly where you are or at the very least know that she can find you at any given point in time.

Spend more Time with Her

Maybe her insecurities and accusations are a plea for time - the most valuable gift you can give her. Make a point of spending more quality time with her. This involves more than simply being in the same house or even the same room. It's about talking to her, doing things with her, and enjoying a little adult only quality time with her. You'll be surprised by how much this alone will accomplish.

Make Plans for the Future Together

Sit down and start making plans for the future as a couple. Nothing will ease her fears faster than this. Men generally don't make plans with a woman they are planning to leave. Set financial goals, make plans for dream vacations, and outline what you're going to do together when the kids leave home. Simple plans like this can mean so much to her and will help her understand that you're in this for the long haul and not actively looking for plan B.

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Marriage Intimacy Doesn't Happen by Itself

Many couples assume that the longer they're married, the closer they'll be to one another. They assume that marriage intimacy comes from knowing their partner well, and the better they know their partner, the more intimate they will be with one another. However, the truth is that being intimate with your partner requires you to be conscious of your actions and words - and it doesn't happen magically. The good news is that there are some simple tips that can greatly improve your marriage.

If you've looked for ways to improve your marriage, you've likely read plenty of articles encouraging you to communicate more openly with your partner. This is certainly good advice and can lead to being closer. Yet, many couples talk and talk their problems out, only to find that each conversation leads to each partner feeling even further away from one another. They find that the more they say, the more anger and resentment they feel toward one another.

Use an Economy of Words

Many couples assume that when it comes to communication, the more words the better. It's understandable to think that the more you tell your partner about what your issues are with your marriage, and the more you share with them about your hopes for the future, the better your communication is. In some instances though, the opposite can be true.

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Two problems can arise when you share too much about your issues with the marriage. First, you'll say so much that it will be difficult for your partner to come away from the conversation with a clear idea of what they can do to fix the situation. For example, if you list off 10 problems you're having in rapid succession, your partner can feel so overwhelmed that they simply won't know where to start, or will feel that they're doing everything wrong and will be completely discouraged.

Keep It Simple

The other problem that can arise results from being so specific about a problem that your partner makes the adjustment in the wrong area. For example, if you wish your partner would pay more attention to you when you're in a group setting, and you use a particular party you went to as an example of when they weren't paying enough attention to you, their response will likely be to defend themselves in that particular situation, as opposed to realizing that it's an overall problem and not an isolated event.

To avoid these situations, next time you sit down and want to discuss ways to create more marriage intimacy keep your words brief. Before you start to discuss your problems, have a clear idea in your head of what you want to address. Then think of the best way you can explain the problem in terms that are as simple as possible. Be specific about what the problem is, but avoid giving an isolated example. This will lead to your partner having a better understanding of the actual issue, and will put them in a better position to be enthusiastic about finding ways to support you in creating the kind of marriage intimacy you want.

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First things first, you need to ensure that you never ever do the typical begging routine with all the heavy apologizing. If you have already done so or are doing other desperate actions you need to stop it at once! I know how much they can be tempting to do because you don't seem to have any other options; but you do have other options!

You need to do the opposite of that because it only does more harm than good. Instead of making yourself open to your spouse and doing all of the crying and begging, you should play hard to get. Why? Because people always want the things that they cannot have.

To save your marriage you need to be careful of the actions you choose to make. Always try to stay away from impulsive actions and be more elusive to your spouse. Trust what I say - you won't make much progress unless you realize this and act accordingly. Don't forget that people want the things that they cannot get!

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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If the truth were known, most couples do not want to get divorced. It means an upheaval in their lives, a loss of property and financial security, split custody of children, and the strain of being out on their own again. They talk about getting divorced when things can't seem to be worked out between them, when in reality they would prefer to rebuild their marriage. If only they knew how. That's where a marriage coach can be invaluable. What most ailing marriages need are techniques they can use to overcome the problems and build a compassionate, loving relationship instead.

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Maybe you've tried talking with your spouse about the problems but never seem to get anywhere, or it could be you've already had couples counseling which always resulted in fights when the two of you talked about your feelings. A divorce can take months to finalize during which time your financial and mental resources are being depleted. Naturally, the strain of it all is wreaking havoc with your children. Their grades are plummeting, you hear them crying in bed, you may see some bad behaviors, and they act lethargic and angry and sad, all at the same time. Divorce is never any fun for anyone involved, and no one really wants to do this to their children.

You may not believe it, but there are ways to revitalize your marriage without any help from your spouse. You probably don't know how to stop a divorce from happening on your own, but with the help of a professional marriage coach, someone who has been in the same situation and learned from it, you can acquire the skills you will need to know to succeed. If you realize that you do still love your spouse and you'd like to resurrect your marriage, a marriage coach can be the answer to your prayers.

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