My Wife Left Me How Do I Get Her Back: My Wife Left Me but I Still Love Her

Many people are taken by surprise when their spouse picks up and leaves them. I have seen it happen all too often. The worse case scenario is when your spouse leaves and refuses to talk to you. How can you begin to make amends when one person has cut off all communication? Don't stress out if your wife won't talk to you. After a sufficient amount of time, your wife will open up again and you should be ready when it happens.

When you are able to get a hold of your spouse, I wouldn't recommend starting out the conversation with blame. It's too easy to blame one another for the problems in your marriage. If you begin your conversation with an attitude of "it's your fault," you will be right back where you started. Your wife will not want to talk to you because it always ends up in fighting. Your best bet is to speak calmly and don't place blame.

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Also be prepared to listen. Although your wife may not have spoken to you in some time, she still has plenty to say. Often times, not speaking at all is a strategy used to win a fight. This is because you have no idea what she is thinking about if she isn't speaking to you. You could drive yourself nuts trying to work things out and she probably knows this. Therefore, when she is ready to talk, your job is to listen. Let her get all of her concerns out in the open. Don't try to win the conversation because that will only start another argument.

Don't be afraid to bring up getting back together. Bringing up the topic will also bring up what changes need to be made for your relationship to work again. Your wife may give you a list of her changes and you can do the same. The important thing is that you both are talking and getting to the root of the problems in your marriage.

As far as the waiting goes, patience is a virtue. You can't force her to talk to you but keep in mind that time does heal. Time gives you both the opportunity to refocus on yourselves so that you both can speak to each other in a calm, rational manner. This is why time can actually do more good even though it doesn't feel that way when you are going through it.

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If you find yourself in a situation where your ex is gone, you're alone, and you're wondering what the heck happened - don't worry. Even if you know exactly what happened, there are ways to get your ex to contact you again that are perfectly respectable, that won't make it seem like you're a desperate fool dying for their attention (even if you are).

Petals Are Worth a Thousand Words
Don't underestimate flower power - it's not just an old hippie motto that suggests free love and psychedelics. There is tried and true power in the act of giving flowers, and you can always employ this ancient method as a way to get your ex to contact you - if only to say "thank you".

Sincerity Works
This world is filled with advertisements and sales pitches more so now that ever. And in a world where it seems everyone is only in it for what they can get out of it, sincerity is rare, and is a breath of fresh air. Be sincere in your communications with your ex, they will notice, and appreciate it by returning communication.

Send a Fun Email
Sometimes inboxes are full of junk, spam and bill notifications. Send your ex a fun, uplifting email - a funny picture, joke or story. Then ask what their opinion of it is - it will brighten their mood, and obligate response.

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Humor Gets 'Em Every Time
If you can find a way to make your ex laugh - you're in, without a doubt. However you can manage a change to churn up a chuckle - do so. You'll be associated with good times and serotonin afterglow. And she'll be contacting you for more.

If You Have Friends, Use Them
Now would be a good time to bring a few team members into rooting for your cause. Have your friends pitch in a good word about you to your ex. Have them say that just haven't' been the same since the break up, and that they, as your friends, would really appreciate it if your ex contacted you. This bit of persuasion could be all your ex needs to just give you a call.

It's an older form of communication these days, but it's still very effective. Not as quick as the phone, a text, or an email, but sending a letter with a self addressed stamped envelope nearly always gets a response. And all it will cost you is a postage stamp.

Learn How To Act - Project
This isn't saying that you don't know how to behave, it's saying that you need to know how to act - project yourself when you communicate. Practice in front of a mirror, make sure you hone the ability to project an emotion exactly the way you intend it. It will make you a far better communicator, and will without a doubt get your ex to naturally respond and contact you.

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It's not uncommon for people to give mixed signals after breaking up with someone. In fact, most of the time the break up period can feel more like a roller coaster, and emotions and interactions match. There are legitimate reasons why this happens, though - it's not just your imagination, or your ex playing you for a fool.

It's a Period of Adjustment
Everything in life that constitutes change comes with a certain period of adjustment. More often than not, this period resembles the mathematical representation of just that - you get an oscillation patter until equilibrium is reached.

After Stones Fall In, Ripples Take Place
With every change that takes place in life, there is a ripple effect to some degree. Your ex giving you mixed signals could be just that ripple effect after the break up. And like ripples that stop as the water settles again, your ex will settle down and the signals will become consistent -eventually!

It Just a Part of the Healing Process
Break ups take time to heal from, and during that time, there is bound to be a jumble of emotions that require sorting through. If your ex is sending you mixed signals, it very well may be that they are just healing, and figuring out exactly how to act towards you that is comfortable with them, so those mixed signals are just representative of that process.

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When Emotions Run High, Signals Get Crossed
Anytime people are in a situation where emotions run high, there is going to be some sort of misunderstanding at some time that is all due to a simple misinterpretation and action(s) taken based on the misinformation. Maybe it was sent incorrectly; maybe it was received incorrectly - whichever it was - signals can simply get crossed when people are in highly emotional states.

Everything Is Subject to Interpretation
Your ex may in fact feel that they are sending the same message. Everything, especially interpretation of body language, is subject to interpretation. Could it be that your ex is sending out the same signals (however subtle), ones that you just do (or don't) want to know about? Maybe it is just your interpretation, or maybe your ex is misinterpreting what they are sending.

Your Filter Is Off Kilter
There is always the possibility that it is just your perception of the matter that is being misconstrued in your post break up state of mind. It's nothing to feel ashamed about - everyone goes though similar times after a break up. But it really could be that you are just oversensitive and reading into subtleties that aren't meaning what you're hoping they mean.

It's All A Conspiracy To Make You Crazy
If you are sure it's not just you, and you're sure it's not just shock or anything else that can be leftover from the breakup, then it very well be a conspiracy of your ex to make you crazy. This is especially true if your ex was the one who was "dumped".

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There are many situations that after many people have been through a breakup that they actually end up in a relationship again. Though it may take awhile to work through some issues, you could find yourself right back in the arms of an ex. For most people that have experienced a breakup, they have trouble moving forward. Rather than meeting someone new, you possibly could find yourself searching for ways to read your ex, to see if they want you back.

Does Your Ex Really Show A Desire to Be with You?
It is important to search deep into what emotions an ex is presenting to you. There are many men and women that simply have the desire to make you obsessed with them. They may show signs that they want you back, but in reality just enjoy having all the attention from you.

Who is Your Ex Talking To?
Whether it be directly speaking to you, or even talking to a friend or relative, your ex is attempting to get a hold of you. He/she may call at unexpected times, most of the time with an excuse as to why they need to talk to you. If they cannot get a hold of you, they may turn to your family and friends.

Do You Find Yourself Running Into An Ex?
This appears to be a common event throughout the day. You're walking down the street, and there your ex is. You're looking at a shirt while shopping, then turn around, and there is your ex once again. Your ex is pretty much following you around, but in an attempt to be closer to you.

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Is There Any Physical Touching?
Your ex may try many things, just to be able to touch you. Maybe just a friendly hug, or even as much as a kiss. Though physical touching is something you should consider, you should also remember this could just be attraction. If they are sincere, the touch will be just the way it was when you first met.

Has Your Ex Made Improvements?
If an ex wants to get back with you, they will make improvements. This not only means with their appearance, but also with personality. Your ex feels the need to change what could have caused the relationship to end.

Is Your Ex Sorry?
Have you had your ex come up to you and apologize? This means even if it was only for something small. There may have been disagreements while in the relationship, that your ex wants to make right. Apologizing is a sure way to tell that an ex wants you back.

How Interested is Your Ex?
You could find your ex asking about what is going on in your life, or even just asking how you are. This shows you that your ex is still interested in the things you are doing. If your ex wasn't serious about getting back with you, there would be no need for them to ask about you at all.

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