Yesterday my wife had a precognitive experience… one that was very interesting.

Yesterday morning while sitting at her computer my wife all of a sudden felt like she was having a heart attack. But at the same time, she knew she was not having a heart attack… it was a good friend who was having a heart attack.

And today we found out that at that very same moment or just before a good friend did have a heart attack and did survive. You might say that’s just coincidence, but I say we are all connected to Great Spirit.

If we would open up to what we have going on all around us, we would be more aware and able to connect the dots as to what life is all about. We are not here just for pleasure and enjoyment. We are here to help people in some special way.

It’s time for mankind to wake up to the fact that we are one entity divided into billions of entities. That the heartbeat of one person is not just a single heartbeat… but the heartbeat of the cosmos.

Even with random number generators 2 weeks before 9-11 all the values of chance dropped to almost nothing. While at other times those numbers consistently ran 50-50 which is normal. People knew something was about to happen, even before it happened… and they influenced the random number generators around the world.

Every single one of us has precognitive experiences but we take them for granted and ignore them. Our gut and our sense of perceptual understanding go way beyond our skin… we can even know about experiences billions of miles out in space.

This has been told to us in all the spiritual texts… that we are ONE with everything. Yet we don’t want to know our great power… in fact, we are afraid to know our great power.

But when we take our power and understand that power for what it is “A Great Gift from God” and embrace it…


Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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