My Wife Says She Regrets Marrying Me: What Shoud I Do If My Partner Regrets Marrying Me

Your marriage has seen better days. You feel that emotionally you and your wife are farther apart than you've ever been. It's worrisome and you're convinced that if you ignore what's happening within your relationship, that your marriage will be doomed and will succumb to divorce. You're right to be concerned when you realize that your wife's feelings for you have changed dramatically. You need to make your wife fall in love with you again so your family can remain together and you can have the fulfilling marriage that you dream of and want.

In order to make your wife fall in love with you again, you have to admit your own mistakes. Quite often in a marriage, a woman's feelings will change over time because she feels unrecognized and unheard. If you two have had conflicts, and she's tried to make her point in vain, that's going to impact her feelings. When a woman feels ignored repeatedly and she's convinced her opinion holds no weight in the marriage, she'll give up. You have to apologize to your wife if you've done things wrong. Take ownership for your mistakes. Let her know that she was right and that you were wrong. This will help her to feel validated.

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Many women also begin to feel under appreciated during the course of their marriage. Although you both have a lot of responsibilities, your wife may carry the bulk of the burden when it comes to certain things. Typically women are looked at as more of the primary care giver for children and they're the ones who tend to all the small, menial tasks around the house. Make an effort, everyday, to let your wife know that you couldn't do it without her. Tell her how invaluable she is and that you feel so fortunate that she's married to you. Also, lend a hand to help her more often.

Start dating her again. If you want to make your wife fall in love with you again, you must make her understand that you still desire her as a woman. Spoil her and lavish her with attention. You don't have to take her to expensive restaurants or jet her away on a second honeymoon. Cooking her dinner sometimes will make her feel loved. Also tell her you adore and cherish her every single day. She needs to know that you're just as invested in her and the relationship as you were the day you two married.

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The key to fixing a broken marriage is knowing how to set aside selfishness, pride and traditions that often times result in couples getting a divorce. You can begin your journey to save your marriage starting today by following some of these suggestions.

The following tips are practical ways for fixing a broken marriage. Sometimes, we over analyze and complicate the matter when just a few minor adjustments are needed.

End the Bickering Now

This is one of the easiest ways to begin repairing a broken marriage immediately. Whether you are a couple who seems to fight over anything and everything, or just about the big things, take a time out from fighting.

Unless you think your marriage has been getting better by bickering or complaining or constantly biting and snapping at each other try something different.

Instead of responding in a negative way or finding a way to say something sarcastic try holding back. You will be amazed at how much better you get along and may even realize that you like your marriage and home better when you aren't bickering all the time.

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Look Forward and Not Back

Fixing a broken marriage the right way requires two things. First, it's important that you take a hard look at what's making you unhappy in your marriage, fixing it and moving forward.

For example, one couple I know was constantly at odds with each other because the husband worked way too much. He was under the impression that the more money he made the happier his wife and family could be. Meanwhile, his wife believed that he no longer loved her or his family or perhaps was having an affair. The misunderstanding led to tension and other relationship issues.

The couple was able to overcome this problem after having some heart to heart conversations about the unhappiness in the marriage. Once the motives and objectives were cleared up the couple was able to bury the issue and it no longer was a stumbling block to their marital growth.

It's vital that you deal with the issue and related ones once and for all. The right way to fixing a broken marriage is to fix problems so they don't come back. It's never fun dealing with the same problems over and over again. This can lead to a divorce because once hope for change is lost it's hard to find a reason to stay married.

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Although divorce cases keep rising, it is not impossible to keep a long lasting relationship. Maintaining a relationship like marriage is not easy and keeping the marriage strong is important to save yourself from the pain of divorce.

A successful marriage is not something that will happen automatically. It takes great effort and hard work in keeping the marriage strong and healthy. Your efforts will not be wasted because you will be rewarded with a long lasting relationship. Here are some of the things couples should know in keeping a lasting marriage:

Share your negative feelings now. A marriage is bound to fail if couples are not brave enough to share their negative feelings. In keeping the marriage strong, it is important to talk about your disappointment and why you are upset on a real time basis to find a solution as soon as possible and avoid things to get worse. If you need to argue with your spouse, argue now and let your anger and negative feelings be known to your spouse now than keep it to yourself for a long time and then explode when things are getting worse and you cannot take it anymore.

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Acknowledge your faults. There is no perfect relationship and we all commit mistakes. Acknowledge your faults and take responsibility for them. Blaming each other is not helpful in keeping the marriage strong. To make the marriage last, couples should know how to accept their mistakes.

Kiss and make up. When things or arguments are getting intense, it is important that couples should know how to kiss and make up. Remember that you are not arguing with an enemy but you are arguing with the person you married and vowed to love forever. In keeping the marriage strong, there is nothing wrong to compromise, find a middle ground and kiss and make up.

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Have you finally felt the need to get marriage advice online? Are you wondering if it's a good idea to seek it out there?

Well, you're probably misguided and thinking that you need a bunch of other perspectives and points of view. But if your marriage is in turmoil and if the marriage advice you get tends to be untrue and unreliable, then this is a huge concern.

Don't feel alone in making this mistake. I myself have sought out marriage advice online and found out that it actually helped me out in my marriage...that is after I siphoned through all the endless crap and found actual reliable advice from one source.

Let me tell you I was at my wits end and that I felt that every thing was about to explode in my face, and was happy to find reliable marriage advice.

My wife and I were at the breaking point in our relationship. So every possible chance to save our marriage I took. I don't know for sure but I think my wife may have also sought out some marriage advice online too. But for the most part she was done with it all.

Is the Internet a Good Place to Get Advice on Marriage?

For the most part I believe that it can be.

Here's why.

Don't you feel that sometimes it's really hard to ask someone you know because they might prejudge you? It's difficult to say the least because they probably know you both and may jump into wrong conclusions. It's hard explaining every detail because it tends to get embarrassing.

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Some of a few also look for a marriage counselor. Personally I don't like to sit in front of a stranger pouring out all of my deepest thoughts and what's more mortifying is that I'm facing them. This also costs a ton of money as they charge by the hour.

Marriage counseling for some people works but I don't think it was for me or my wife.

And then there is marriage advice online, as most people giving the advice are people who know nothing about marriage. There are some who generally care, people who have been through it want to help out other people too.

Be wary too of people who are scammers who put up web pages that just after for advertising money. They steal articles from the people who genuinely help people. Sad to say, there are still people out there who are after your money and are not after of helping you out.

Be also on the look out for forums, they seem to include a lot of people who may make your marriage worse as it is because they don't really have the authority to dole out marriage advice properly, and they might have a marriage that is actually worse than yours.

The online counselors are vary from one source to the next. I looked in every nook and cranny online for good marriage advice, and truly found that most of the so called counselors simply regurgitate a bunch of the stuff that doesn't work.

Like I said, I only was able to find one legitimate source who's advice actually made a huge difference, and it was very different than all the other online marriage advice that I found.

Basically be careful who you trust with your marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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