Do you sometimes feel that your children are driving you nuts? Maybe it's not them. Maybe it's what you're doing, or better yet, what you're not doing.

Are there times that you sit down and think to yourself, I wish I was a better mother, or I wish I was a better father?

Do you know that studies show that children and teens only want one thing, and that is for you to be a part of their life.

We drag our children around with us in our life, but why not stop and join their life once in a while.

Children are more likely to succeed if you follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Catch your child doing something right every day. Give them the praise they deserve for it.

2. Do something your child like to do for 10 minutes a day. If you can't spare 10 minutes a day maybe it's time to rebalance your life. Taking them to the grocery store with you doesn't count. It's 10 minutes of you joining their life.

3. Make your child feel smart, loved, proud, and worthy. Make this a daily habit.

4. Avoid critizing, belittling, yelling, & cursing. These types of actions drive your children into the areas of life you don't want them to go.

5. Give your child a hug and kiss twice a day. Don't forget to tell them you love them too.

Simple steps, just 5 simple steps to enjoying life, giving your child(ren) a life they deserve.

Author's Bio: 

Rhonda Neely is a Certified Christian Life Coach specializing in marriage and family coaching based on Christian values. She has helped many families successfully restore their marriage or other types of relationships. As a Life Coach, Rhonda provides an ongoing partnership with her clients, designed to help them produce fulfilling results in their personal life. Rhonda helps people improve their own performance with forward movement action steps to enhance the skills that the client already has. Sign up to receive her monthly “Commit” newsletter and receive “5 Ways to Keep a Marriage Healthy” at her website at