In 2005 I lost my partner in a tragic car accident about 4 miles from our home. We had just moved into our beautiful new home one week earlier. Though I have experienced many difficulties in my life, this was by far the most traumatic and unexpected event to occur. I began intensive research over the next year trying to gain some answers and ways connect with him. During this time I began seeing 11:11 everywhere, so much so that it wasn't just coincidence.

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What I realized is that once you become more "aware" and open, synchronicity becomes a part of your daily life. My future husband was brought into my life, then my future business partner, all of us on very similar paths. Over the next year, the 3 of us had a tremendous calling to create a website that we could share our experiences and knowledge, which ultimately became known as Token Rock


One afternoon I had decided to hop on my bed and begin sketching a website layout for Token Rock. Instead of a website layout, words began to flow effortlessly. I began writing them down, not questioning, but in awe at the whole experience. I have since then continued to write. I've never asked who I channel, as I feel it is all from a divine source and names are not important, but I can tell when different energies are present. I would never have guessed that writing would become such a large apart of my life.


As the years have passed and I continue to write, these channeled messages have grown from pure and simple sentences to incredibly prosaic, fluid, and powerful messaged from the divine. It is a wonderful experience to be able to grow from within and share them with you. Read all of them on Token Rock. I hope that they may provide you with some insight and inspiration.

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So I'd like to share my very first channeled writing from July 31, 2007

Hardship, Trials and tribulations, loss - are not always what they seem. Look for the deeper meaning in your life. These are the moments that effect change to allow you to truly see ''you'' and all that you are. A time to awaken the self and express that love that everyone is made of. Love as a whole.

Opportunities are all around you. Open your eyes and see the gifts that are right in front of you and experience the endless joys of life and being human. Know that you are the source, the source of all that is. Little fragments of stardust just wanting to reconnect and shine the brightest light imaginable. For that day is coming and there are many of you already becoming aware that will help those see their true selves and destiny.

Getting caught in any given moment is merely an illusion, an illusion that shades the truth and the connection to self. Allow all that is to happen and move forth with what life presents to you, for you will have a smooth passage. One of fulfillment and experiences to share, teach and empower the world around you.

Don't forget we are here to help each and every one of you. You are our family. No judgments are made. Giveth of oneself and understand the simplicity of life. Trust in one's self to find the answers. Share your experiences and the profound message will surface for all to hear. You are the key. Connectivity is the answer. A connection to all things. Consciously living in the now.

Do not worry as to what will come. All will be taken care of. An inception of light will infiltrate this earth. Proceed and all will be well. Reclaim your peace within and spread the seed of empowerment. Live. Love. Eternally. Come forth to hear your true calling. The one you have awakened to. See the light leading the way. Follow the path of your guide and I will lead you to the depths of your soul.

Tis the eve of a new beginning, the shedding of the old. You will be no more. Emerge as the life you are. Listen and you shall receive all. Interpret not. Just listen. You have received your answer. Complete your task. Experience the frozen moments in time while your spirit travels. Unveil the mysteries and share the experience. You will not be forgotten among the angels.

Awaken the minds of the false prophets, for they too shall see the light and wisdom of God. Connect that, that has gone astray and rekindle the memory of what should have been, this divine place called earth. Brave the road less traveled and forge new ways for all to follow. This is your calling. You have set this in motion, a shift in waves. Embrace all. Forgive. The divine likeness of Christ. Continue.

Things have now changed from what they once were. Grids have realigned and forced a change to take place on earth. A continuous flow of movement is need to progress. Shapes will affect the grid, the thought of mankind is reshaping. Forget what you have learned, for you will open up to the truth. An incomprehensible earthly truth. The feeling will connect in order for understanding. We have waited for you to call upon us. You have opened the channel to connect. Express your new found knowledge and lead the way. More will come. You have chosen the path. Embrace it, Listen to the voice. Trust in yourself for the awareness has come.

Open the mind to receive that of which you will also share with those around. Spread the word for the like mind as they too will grow and learn the ways of spirit. Trust the voice as we have told you before. Doubt is unnecessary. The light shines bright, welcome your new found gift. Others will follow. Information will come. Do not worry about the next step trust in thyself . For you shall receive what needs to be heard. Do not force. All is the way it should be. Growth is the key. Spread the light throughout the world and watch the change. They too shall spread the word. A great affect has taken place in their lives and will continue to grow as they all awaken. Share your knowledge and be there for inspiration. Many are amazed and search for that key to expression. You shall help them find it. Divine intervention.

Some shall stay and some shall go. They too will one day awaken, though their time is not now. Know that the seed has been planted and will grow in time. They must meet their challenges and be prepared to let go of what they thought was reality. You shall show them the way. Life is made up of lessons and your experiences will give them hope to reach a state of peace within themselves. Touch each one of them, as they will do the same for others. It will spread, the love of God.

Force not those who are not ready. Positive will prevail. That is where change will have its greatest effect. Show there is no need for hate, negativity, sorrow. They are not alone in this world. They are connected. Unplug them and watch their energy flow. Happiness shall reign. It is the only way. Great happiness has spread throughout the angels. We are here. Teach them to ask and they shall receive. Teach them the simplicity of connectivity. They shall learn from you. Things are in place. Continue down your path. Combine the knowledge. They will come. A new awakening amongst all.

Continue to write my words for they are the teacher of wisdom. Help them remember who they are. Those will be provided to continue with your venture. Worry not for who they are will come. They will find you. We will lead the way. A joining of like minds is what will occur. Your group will be an inspiration to all. An understanding of what is being shared with them will ring true in their souls.

All will come in time. Let it grow. No need for rush, it is on its way. You and many others shall shine your light for all to see. A collaborative effort. A life changing experience for all involved. People will be in place to help. It will flow like water on the shores. The joining of you was in design. A master plan of greatness. Synchronicities will be abundant. Those will be your guides. Awake the synchronicities in others. All in your own doing. Share the forgiveness with others and they will learn the same. Many will enter your life. Know there will be change. This must occur for progress. Your team is one strong in bond. An eternal bond of like minds.

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Carrie-Anne D'Angelo, co-founder of Token is an example of the power of inner connectivity that exists in us all.

The amazing journey of discovery through her own life has led to her becoming a visionary writer and a spiritual life coach. 'Notes From Within,' a collection of her channeling's, have inspired and transformed the lives of many on their quest to find inner peace, happiness, balance, and their own answers to life's questions.

Born in Rhode Island, United States, Carrie-Anne spent her early years living in Rome and Milan, Italy. She was educated in the Roman Catholic schools and had personally met the Pope twice by the age of ten....Read More: