There are no 100% perfect relationships. It doesn't matter how many people you date, there will always be a few issues that come to light. Whether or not you know how to fix a relationship is often the determining factor in determining if your relationship with make it. Don't panic if you think there are cracks forming in your relationship. Don't assume that your relationship is going to end in breakup. Countless coupled have moved past their differences and gone on to enjoy a happy and successful relationship.

The first step is to accept the fact that there are parts of your relationship that could be better. Pretending everything is fine isn't going to make it all better. This is the first thing you need to do to save a relationship. It could be that one of you has changed since you started dating. Indeed, people do change over time. These changes take time and rarely happen fast. You can find yourself waking up one day a completely different person than you were years before. Think back to the last time both of you just laughed together about something for hours. Are there things that either of you do that you feel are tearing the relationship to pieces? Sit down with each other and have an truthful conversation.

There are so many things that can turn sour when you put two people together into a relationship. Is something different since you two happily hooked up? Have you moved? Or started a new career? Or maybe there's just a lot of stress at work these days. These seemingly insignificant things can snowball and before you know it, there are all sorts of issues in your relationship. Keep in mind that fighting and cheating are not the only things that kill relationships. Boredom and consistency can do just as much harm. To repair your relationship, you need to take a hard look at it's current condition.

The most critical thing you can do to repair your relationship is to simply listen to each other. Don't forget that relationships require two-way communication. You can't blame one person for the problems in a relationship since the state of your relationship is based primarily on how the two of you communicate. Get in the habit of simply talking to each other without trying to justify yourself or your values. Just take the time to hear each other out and you'll begin to understand each others needs. Remember that small fights and arguments are often a sign of something more serious. Dig a bit more and see if you can find something more substantial such as a lack of respect.

After you figure out what you need to improve, develop an action plan that the two of you can follow. Don't forget that both of you are in this together so you both should work at improving your relationship. You can't demand that your partner be the only one that changes. Sometimes things will just get better if you simply voice your feelings.

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Sarah Scott was dumped by her boyfriend while studying abroad in Italy. When she returned home to the United States, she studied the secrets on how to get your ex back. Now she enjoys helping others save their relationships.

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