Let's discuss how to flirt with a woman. Flirting doesn't have to be very hard, and it's actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

Before we go any further, though, I wand to make something clear. When you flirt, it should be enjoyable. Don't take it too seriously, and don't just shout out offensive comments to girls because that's not fun. This will just be a waste of both of your time.

Keep in mind that flirting achieves two messages. First, it will tell her that you are interested in her. Plus it should also leave the woman feeling uplifted and better about herself.

This is how you should flirt with a girl:

Remember the first part is to express an interest in her. The reason behind this is that it lets her know that you want to be more than friends without being direct about it. The most effective way to get this point across to the girl is to tell her that she is sexy. Not cute. Not beautiful. Just sexy!

You can't just tell a girl that she's sexy out of the blue. If you do this you'll be just the same as all the frustrating jerks that she just rolls her eyes at. This is where the second half of the flirting formula comes into play.

Flirting should be a enjoyable and uplifting thing for the girl. You just can't guess how a woman is feeling at any given moment or how she will react to any flirting without stopping to chat with her first. She has to put at least a little bit of herself out there. Have her offer an opinion on something. Then take that as an opening to flirt with her.

Here is an example of successful flirting. If she just finished studying in France, ask her to tell you something in French. Then afterward, say something like "Okay, you can't talk to me in French anymore. It's too sexy and I can't handle it."

You see? I just told her that she's sexy and I got her to add something to the conversations.

Now she could keep the momentum going and flirt back. If it's her style she could try talking in French for the rest of the day just to see what would happen to me. That's just how simple it can be.

Another way to get even better results is to use pushing and pulling. First you say something that sounds kind of insulting. Then you turn it around by pulling her back in. This builds up some tension that will keep her from thinking you are boring.

Now let's have a closer look at that last example.

"Okay, you can’t talk to me in French anymore." -- This is the initial push. It comes across like I'm rejecting her.

"It’s too sexy and I can’t handle it." -- This is to second half, the pull. You take the primary rejection and flip in around into a compliment.

These are the basics to flirting with a woman. This is actually really easy once you've done it a few times and it seems natural. But the rewards will make it more than worth your time. Now go out and start flirting with some girls.

Author's Bio: 

Brian Broderick used to be a shy "nice guy" that was totally clueless with women. Now in a relationship with his perfect woman, he enjoys helping other men reach their dating goals.

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