If you’re shy, dating girls will definitely be something you have difficulties with as a man. Girls are likely to be less outgoing, but men need to quit being timid if they expect any sort of success in dating.

Don’t stress, I am aware where you’re at. I myself was once quite shy. The truth is, I used to be so shy that most of the people I attended high school with do not even know who I am. Almost everyone just saw through me back then. Things got a little bit better in college, but I didn’t really begin to stop being timid until I found myself dumped by my girlfriend with only one friend on the earth.

Something needed to be done.

This is what I did, and I’m going to advise you do it too if you would like to quit being shy and once and for all get some social confidence:

You’re going to start off pushing yourself out of comfort zone. We’re going to make this gradual so do not be nervous about getting cast in over your head too soon.

The first thing I did was I decided that I was going to only say “hey” to one hundred strangers in a week. This seems like tons of effort at the beginning. In reality, if you’re as shy as I was, this can appear to be quite a horrifying thing to do. But i beg you bear with me.

Keep a little index card on hand to keep track of the number of people you say “hello” to. The very first several times will feel very unusual, but do not throw in the towel. After a few times, it'll seem easier.

Talk to people going for walks down the street or waiting for a bus or in line at the deli. Simply say “hi” without the anticipation of how they could reply. How they act in response means nothing at all about you. You are simply being nice. Do not forget that. How they reply simply shows you what type of person they are. If you say “hello,” then think of it as a win however they react.

What we’re doing here is slowly getting used to the thought of reaching outside yourself and interacting with others. We are also teaching you one of the more important considerations you’ll discover so that you can give up being timid, which is to detach yourself from how strangers respond to you.

When you’re completed with the first week, make your objective for the second week to begin a discussion with 20 strangers. Keep the same mindset and just strike up something simple by making observations about stuff you see. You could try “Do you know where First and Main is??” or “Hey, that is a very nice shirt. Where did you get it?”

Once again, we are getting you to give up being shy by reaching outside of your personal comfort zone. Do not worry about approaching women that you want to date. Talk with anyone and everyone. If you can master this skill on guys and senior citizens, then you’ll be prepared to be outgoing and social when it matters–when you notice a girl you would like to meet.

This is how I taught myself to give up being shy. It can really work if you don't give up. So commit to taking two weeks to start reaching outside of your comfort zone. It may seem daunting at the beginning, but I swear to you that the anxiety goes away completely after a short time and, believe it or not, it will actually become exciting to meet new people.

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Brian Broderick used to be a shy "nice guy" that was totally clueless with women. Now in a relationship with his perfect woman, he enjoys helping other men reach their dating goals.

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