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How to Shed Those Pounds Once and For All

We'll need to look at two individual things: First is dropping those pounds. Second is making sure the weight stays off.

Losing the Weight -- There are two kinds of exercises you want to do to lose the weight. The first one is squats, often referred to as Hindu Squats. These are just squats that you do without all the dumbbells and other clunky weights you find at the gym. Do these squats very quickly. I know that this will be hard at first, but with a little dedication you can get to the point where you'll blast through 100 of these in under five minutes. These squats are a lot more challenging than they sound. To be completely truthful, you're going to hate these, but you'll absolutely love the results! You should start to notice weight loss in about 10 days.

The second exercise you'll want to do is jump on a trampoline. It may seem a bit childish to go play on a trampoline, but it will do wonders for your core. I used to have a professor at university that would do this every day and he really swore by it. I would just laugh at this back then, but after giving it a shot, I'm certain you'll stick with it. This doesn't take a long time either. After doing it a few times each day for only a couple of minutes, you'll start to see some impressive results. You can even do this fairly easily during the commercials when you're watching a show on TV. Now you can watch as much TV as you please without feeling like a couch potato.

Keeping the Weight Off -- For the second part of this guide, we'll cover how to keep those pounds from slowing winding back on your body.

Luckily, this is the easy step. All you really have to do is go for regular walks. Walking is perfect for keeping your body in balance and guaranteeing that the weight stays off for good. Try walking instead of taking your car when you need to run daily errands. This way you can keep in shape and get all your chores done at once. Or if you live in the suburbs where it's tough to walk everywhere, try just taking a relaxing stroll before bed. Aside from helping you manage your weight, you'll get some nice refreshing air to help you sleep better at night.

So this is how I recommend that you start losing weight and keep it off if you just can't schedule a full workout at the gym. The important key to all this is to give this a fair try without giving up. This routine is very simple, but don't use that as an excuse to blow it off and think that you don't need to follow through and do it everyday. Keep with the squats, the jumping, and your daily walking and you'll see a incredible and permanent change in no time.

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Natalie Leavenworth used to struggle with fad diets and exercise programs until discovering the secrets of effective weight loss. Now at her target weight, she enjoys helping others achieve their weight loss goals.

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